Caught With The Mistress

My girlfriend, Sarah, had gone out to work that morning and I was left at home by myself and I was horny, so I called up Melissa, my mistress.

I often felt guilty about having another woman on the side but I was often horny when Sarah went away to work or on one of her business trips. Melissa answered her phone and I asked to come over and she did.

An hour passed until the doorbell rang. It was Melissa and she had gave me a mischievous grin as I answered the door, she knew why I called her and I invited her inside. She said that she wanted to use the bathroom to shower and she went upstairs with her bag. I had an idea what she was up to.

Twenty minutes passed when she was done in the bathroom and she gracefully came back downstairs, now wearing a maid's outfit. I looked at her and a broad smile came across my face, which I wasn't able to control and she had a coy look upon her face and I stood up and went over to her and we embraced.

My cock soon began to swell tightly in my pants and she felt it. She knew what to do and she casually fell to her knees and she unzipped my zipper and reached her hand inside and she took out my cock, which was solidly hard now, and she took in her hand and guided it into her warm, moist mouth and played with it with her tongue and she lick the end of my cock and she began to deepthroat me.

It was awesome to feel my cock being sucked and licked by such a naughty maid. She had more in store for me. She wanted me inside her and so she stood up and she informed me that she had no underwear on. I was ever more excited. She hopped up onto the table, spread her legs and I drew closer to her and my cock found its mark and I was inside her.

I could feel my cock go deep inside her wet pussy, she had been wanting me as much as I wanted her and she had been waiting for Sarah to leave on another business trip. Now I was out of control and I in a lustful frenzy and she loved it as I fucked her on the table.

Melissa moaned and screamed as I fucked her pussy. She called out for me to stop because she had other ideas. She got off the table and she bent over it. I lifted up her skirt, revealing her fine and round ass. I saw that she had already lubed herself up, anticipating our union in different ways. I saw her ass and I knew what she wanted, so I let have what she wanted, and what I wanted.

Melissa groaned as my cock entered her ass. She always enjoyed taking it in the ass. I started to pump my cock in Melissa's ass and she groaned and begged me to fuck her harder and I did. We were both lost in our great fuck that neither of us were aware that Sarah had come home early. I happened to turn my head to the side and I saw Sarah standing in the room, still holding her briefcase, watching us fuck.

I stopped and now Melissa knew that we had been caught. I thought that this is it, show's over, time out, end of the line. Sarah dropped her briefcase onto the floor. Me and Melissa were still in position and my cock was still in her ass.

"I had suspected that this was going on" Sarah said and she gave a smile that told me that she was OK with it and that she liked the idea. "Well, is your ass going to hog all the action or does my ass have a go?" she said as she took off her jacket and she began to unbutton her shirt. This made me a whole lot more excited, a maid and a businesswoman at the same time.

Sarah came over and she gave me a kiss and she bent over the table herself. "Well, what are you waiting for?" she said over her shoulder, "Now, the boss wants her share of the fun". I withdrew from Melissa's ass and I stepped over to Sarah and I pulled down her skirt, giving me full view of her fine ass. "Come on, baby, take my ass, her ass shouldn't get it all" she said with a giggle.

"You're the boss" I said and this made Melissa laugh she went with the idea and she took out the lube from her bag and she lubed up 'the boss' for me, under Sarah's orders, and I gave Sarah her share.

Sarah masturbated as she received her share of the fun. Melissa was up against me from behind and she was rubbing me and twisting at my nipples as I fucked Sarah in the ass from behind. Sarah relished in the idea of this unprompted threesome.

I was getting more and more excited as I fucked Sarah until I pulled out. I was getting ready to shoot my load. Melissa saw me withdraw and she reached around and she firmly grasped my cock and she jerked me off until I shot my hot load all over Sarah's ass.

Sarah stood up and turned to face me. "Now you have had your fill, I still need my full service from the maid" she said and she gave a smile to Melissa, who smiled back at Sarah. Melissa knew full well what Sarah meant. So, with Sarah sitting on the table now, she spread her legs and Melissa went to her knees, like she did with me, and she met with Sarah's pussy with her lips and tongue.

I was stunned at what I was now watching. It never occurred to me that either woman was inclined towards lesbianism but I wasn't going to break them up. Sarah's head went back with pleasure and she had wrapped her legs around Melissa's head. Melissa seemed totally at ease and happy to service the boss and to fulfill her maid duties.

I was rock hard again as they did the deed. Melissa had raised her arms up to play with Sarah's tits. She cupped her tits and played with the nipples as she licked out Sarah's pussy. I couldn't help but to jerk myself off to this sight.

Soon, Sarah gave a scream that meant that she was done and Melissa backed away, her face covered in Sarah's juice. She was smiling widely. She enjoyed that as much as Sarah and she could see that I had enjoyed seeing this as well.

"I didn't know that you fucked women as well" I said.

"I like to keep all my masters happy. It's the maid's way" Melissa said, with a great smile on her face as she wiped her face down.

This had been a great turn of events. This would turn out to be the first of many three ways between me, Sarah (the Boss) and Melissa (the Maid).
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