Impromptu Ass Fuck

We are both in the living room. I am at the dining table with my laptop trying to get some work done and you are in front of the TV, working out to some music videos playing and you are wearing those hot tight fitting yoga pants and training bra. You look hot as hell in those clothes, even though you are sweaty from your workout it just makes you look all the more beautiful.

I try to work but I can't help but to look over in your direction as you workout. You are jumping, thrusting, jogging, and so on. You bend over to touch your toes. I am looking at you side on but it still gives me a tingle. You look over at me as you are touching your toes and you catch me staring at you and you give me a smile. You know that I'm watching and you know what I'm thinking, so you stand up again, turn away from me and you touch your toes again. What a beautiful sight. I have always liked your ass, pert, round and whole, and as your wearing your tight yoga pants it brings out all the curves and the beauty of your fine ass.

As you work out, still facing away from me, you look over your shoulder and say, "Like what you see, honey?", out of breath but your voice is still angelic sounding to my ears. I gulp, and nod and say "Oh, yes, baby". You give me a few more viewings of your fine ass as you bend over to touch your toes.

You turn off the TV, then you turn to me. You are covered in sweat but it just makes you sparkle and glow. "You know" you say to me, out of breath, "I can think of another exercise for the both of us and as you have been enjoying my ass, why don't we do something together?". I know what this means and I shut my laptop. Work can wait.

You come over to the table and you put your hands on it and you stick out your ass for me. I stridle up to you and I push my crotch up to your ass and put my hands over your hips. You giggle and say over your shoulder, "You know what I want, and what you want".

I back away and I gaze at your ass as you casually drop your pants over your ass, giving me a full view. "This is what you want, isn't it?" you say, knowing the answer. Without looking up I nod in agreement and I walk over to the top drawer, where we keep some of the 'miscellaneous office supplies' and I pick out a tube of lube from the drawer. I feel my cock hardening already from the anticipation.

You see me drop my pants, exposing my hard cock that has its mind set on your ass, and you bend over slightly as I lube myself up and you put your hands on each cheek and you show me your tight asshole. My cock is eagerly waiting. I then squeeze the tube of lube and squirt some in between your open cheeks. I through the tube down on the floor and I put my left hand on your hip while my right hand guides my cock to your waiting asshole.

You give out a coy groan as my cock feels its way in and you look over your shoulder as my cock penetrates your ass and I see you smiling and biting your bottom lip as I enter your ass and you eagerly push your ass out more as I push myself deeper in your ass.

You let go off your buttocks and you grip the table and I am now fully in your asshole. Your ass cheeks are pressed up against my crotch and I love the feeling of having your ass against me like this, even though your skin is damp from sweat from the workout but it just greatly improves the feeling of your skin against mine.

At first I gently start thrusting and tenderly caressing your asshole with my cock, which you love and you let me know by groaning quietly and smiling at me over your shoulder. "How is it, baby?" I quietly ask as I gently fuck you in the ass. You tell me that it's great under your breathy voice. I gently start picking up the speed and your groans become more and deeper.

I soon lose control of my speed and I start thrusting harder and deeper. You look over your shoulder coyly as I fuck your ass faster and your grip tightens on the table's edge. I keep a good firm grip on your hips as soon start slapping your sweaty and naked buttocks with my crotch. You groan louder and deeper and you cry out in pleasure and ecstasy.

I find myself thrusting and pounding your ass, I look down and I see my cock in your ass and I watch your buttocks reverberate as my crotch bounces off your ass, making the slapping sound that I love to hear and you moan deeper and louder with each thrust.

You lose yourself and you are now totally bent over the table and I have one hand on your waist and one hand over your shoulder. We both are lost in this ass fuck and I find myself wanting more of this work of art that is your ass, round, pert, perky and wholesome.

You try to stand up straight. I slow down slightly, feeling the climax coming up. As you stand up straight up you look over your shoulder again at me, smiling as if to let me know that this is just as pleasurable for you as it is for me.

My hands raise themselves up from your waist, as I'm still fucking you in the ass, and they find themselves on your tits. This sends both of us into another frenzy and my hands and fingers stroke and caress your tits and nipples.

You start to scream out in such joyous pleasure as you use your right hand to play with your clit as I continue to fuck you in the ass. I feel that the climax is rapidly approaching and I try to pull out before I shoot my load but it's too late, I fire my hot load inside your ass and you finish yourself off at the same time.

Out of breath, you lean forward again so you are bending over the table. My cock is still completely erect and in your ass. You look up at me again, over your should and smile. I know that you enjoyed this as much as I did.

I keep on standing there, with my cock in your ass, wishing that we could stay like this forever, you bent over the table with me fucking you in the ass. It's such a fine ass that you have.
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1 year ago
love the anal sex story, but again, i wonder why it is labeled as Lesbian Sex?