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I thought that I was alone at home and I was feeling horny. I was going to wait for you to come home so I could fuck you but my cock was ready and waiting for some action and I was too horny to wait, so I turn on the computer and when it loaded I opened up the folder of our vacation snaps last year to the beach.

I browse through the photo files and I find the perfect one of you, wearing your bikini on the beach and you were wet from swimming in the Pacific Ocean. You were looking extremely captivating in that bikini that day. My lust filled mind went into overdrive and I had to jerk myself off to you, of your photo.

I don't usually masturbate but, today, I was feeling super horny and needed some relief. I was staring at your image on the computer screen with my rock hard cock in my hand, lost in the fantasy of that day on the beach, when I feel your hands on my shoulders.

"Found something you like, I see" you say, jokingly.

"You know it, baby" I say back "I thought you were out" I then say.

"I was, I've just got back this minute" you said and you spun me around in the office swivel chair, "but I guess that you didn't hear me come in".

You then look down and you see my hard cock and you give me a coy smile and you bite your lip coyly. "I see that you have been remembering our vacation" you say to me. I nod as I watch you gaze at my upright cock, remembering back to that vacation. We have such a great time in our hotel room that week. "Why don't we relive that week, here. We don't have to reserve ourselves to our vacations together".

I knew what this meant. We mostly kept our most lustful and more erotic fantasies and sex play to vacations away.

You led me to the bedroom, with my cock still at full mast and anticipation. I was fearful that I was going to be over-excited so I thought that we should settle for the lounge instead and I pulled you to me and I embraced you and as I did so you lifted up your shirt, revealing your perk tits, making me feel more excited.

As you removed your shirt I put my hands on your tits and I cupped them in my hands and I brushed my hands over to your erect nipples and you groaned with pleasure as I put some pressure on them and I pushed you up to the table, on which you then sat upon and you removed your pants and g-string and then you spread your legs, showing me your already moist pussy.

I first kissed you upon the lips before making my way down, southwards, ever kissing you along the way. You moaned and groaned as I did, until I reached my destination and then you tossed your head back in lusty pleasure, shouting "My god, yes. That's it!!!" and you tossed your legs around my head and over my shoulders as put my lips up to your wet pussy and my tongue around your clit.

Soon after, I lost track of time completely, only going on what felt right there and then, I took away my head from between your legs. You looked disappointed but I lifted you off the table, put you down, spun you around and then bending you over the table. You soon knew what I had in mind.

With you bent over, with your fine ass facing me, I looked over your fine ass with my cock in hand, planning on what to do. I wasn't sure which part my cock desired, your pussy or your ass. You looked back at me, waiting for whatever pleasures I was going to serve to you as you bent over for me.

In a moments thought, I went for your pussy, and you gratefully accepted it as I thrust my cock inside you. You let me know that I had done the right thing as I slowly started fucking you from behind but soon picking up the pace as I went further and further inside you and your moaning told me that I was picking up to the right speed as I pounded you.

Faster and faster I went and the groans of passion and pleasure fulfilled both of us. Your pussy was so warm and wet and it was such an awesome feeling as I held you by the waist as I thrusted my cock inside you.

After what could have been minutes or hours, it was hard to tell under all this lust and passion and pleasure, I felt myself getting nearer to climaxing and I could tell that you were near as well. Soon enough, I knew that it was time to pull out and I did, I put my cock in my hand and I jerked it for a few seconds and your back was covered in my white hot load.

We were both out of breath and covered in sweat. You stood up and faced me and you put your hands on my face and you leaned forward and kissed me lovingly and gratefully for this awesome spectacle of wild abandon and passion.

As you turned away, still naked and looking absolutely fine, showing me your ass, you looked over your shoulder and gave me a courteous wink and said, "Next time you have me bent over like that, maybe you could choose to fuck me the over way we do on vacation" and you slapped your ass, letting me know that you enjoy the ass fucks we have on vacation.

I was almost feeling the need to go again after this hot motion. Maybe next time.
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8 months ago
It's a bug with xhamster. It seems to use completely different categories to the ones I actually select, so that's why they don't match up with the story.
8 months ago
great story, but i begin to wonder if you know what lesbian sex is ;)