Woodland Sex

We amble through the woods on our afternoon hike and we find ourselves tiring, so I take us to a quiet place that I know of.

It's a secluded opening in a nearby wooded area with an old log for us to sit and we sit upon the old log and we stop to sit and to eat. You take off your jacket, revealing your body under your tight fitting exercise shirt and I can't help myself to look at your protruding breasts. You then take a sip from your water bottle, spilling some on your shirt, I then find myself in a lust filled urge.

You see me looking at you lustfully and you give me a coy smile telling me that you feel the same way in this summer warmth and you lift up your shirt, showing me your awesome tits and I have to drop my pants as they are so very tight around my aroused cock and, before we know it, we are both naked in this woodland.

You drop to your knees and you wrap your hand around my cock before licking the throbbing piece and I stroke your soft hair as you gradually take my rock hard cock deeper into your mouth. Once this is done you lay back onto your back, in the dirt and grass and you open your legs with a large grin and you say, "Take me here, fuck me hard", and I do.

I guide my cock into your moist pussy that is soon very wet for me and I start off slow and grinding as I start fucking you and you wrap your legs around my waist as I star fucking you. You groan and writhe and giggle as I fuck you in these woods.

I find myself wanting more and more from your great body and whilst I was not completely conscious of my actions I find myself withdrawing, you look at me quizzically, wondering if I had finished already, I passionately flip you over, onto your front. You look over your shoulder, giving me a wry smile, you knew what I going to do and you longed for it.

I was incredibly excited and in all this excitement I got back on top of you and I penetrated your ass. You groan with joy and passion as I slip my cock into your waiting ass. You love the feel of grass under you ass I slowly start fucking you in the ass at first but it soon grows into a more rhythmic passion filled ass fuck.

You orgasm in the warm summer air as I pound your ass deeply. I feel myself approaching climax and I withdraw my cock from your ass that has just received my rock hard cock and I flip you over again and you know that I'm about to shoot my load so you take my cock into your hand and you utter great things of passion and instructions to cum, and I do. You take a massive load of my hot cum all over your naked tits and face.

I lie back next to you, out of breath. The afternoon sun is diminishing. I suggest that we start heading back soon, panting, trying to catch my breath. You whisper in my ear, "There's no rush" and we lie next to each other, still naked in this woodland.

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