Hi Dear

hope u are fine, well i guess i brought this on myself and all i can say is that i must now tell u about my dream,i shouldnt have told u about it in the first place , but it had to do with a conversation we had earlier or better it was my subconcious interpretation of what i said.

let me start from the end, how i woke up with a very big erection and my underpants had a very suspecious wetness to them, i knew why i can still remember the dream perfectly, i sat there in my bed smoking my first morning cigarette, it tasted better than every morning coz it tasted more like the cigarette i have after a very satisfying love making.

well, ihad an urge to go masturbate as my thing didnt grow any relaxed even after the cigarette, but i didnt , i guess i wanted to stay in bed and savour the feeling i had then, masturbation would have been too realistic and it was bound to set me back to reality which i didnt want to do.

well,i have no physical memmories of the dream but yet i have it all in physical and emotional, u wonder how i bet, when u here it u will know why.

well, it started by me waking up in a very dimmly lit bedroom, almost very dark, but i knew u were sl**ping heavily by my side, i woke up with a certain sense of serenity a feeling u get only in dreams i bet u know that.

rolling to my side i can feel ur breathing and i can sense ur breasts moving under the sheets but no visual input of any kind , all was sensory .

i moved to twards you slowly, very aware not to disturb ur sl**p, i lean closer to u and start inhaling ur breathing just with my nose close tour mouth and nose ( i admit it felt very romantic yet very erotic in a very gentle way)deep into my chest, i couldnt help tracing ur jow line with my finger all the way to ur shoulder where i realised that ( not very much to my surprise ) that u were naked under the sheets and thats when i suddenly got very horny.

i wanted to touch more of u but in the dream i had that feeling that u came a long way and u needed rest , i didnt think that we made love before that and i was very afraid to start anything that would disturb u , i knew we will make love latter in the morning , but right then u were just resting after a long travel.

any way my desire had the upper hand and i just couldnt help sliding my hand under the sheet to touch the top of ur breast and move slowly to ur nipples,all the time sniffing ur breathing in, trying to smell u taking every breath u let out in me, well, the response of ur nipples was immidiate although ur breath didnt change or anything but u too were subconsiously responding.

i dared squeeze them and u moaned and this was my green light sort of i grew bolder and wondered more till i had both ur nipples squeezed between my fingers , the way u moaned in ur sl**p just hearing u moan that way drove me crazy.

i moved my slef very slowly on top of u keeping a distance between our bodies, just on top without any more contact, once setteld there i started to move slowly under the sheets to place my mouth between ur legs and i started sniffing strongly not daring to lick u or do any thing sudden that will disturb ur sl**p , it was stuffy, ur body was very hot and i cant find enough air under the sheets , but the way u smelled in my dream made it worth the trouble .

again ur smell had the same effect of ur moans and i couldnt help but approach ur clit with my tongue surprised to find u very very wet i kept licking u so gently for a while developing an erection that grew more every time i touched ur clit.

the bolder i grew in my licking the more shallow i can feel ur breathing till i felt both ur palms on the back of my head pressing it with a very unnatural f***e against ur pussy , and then i knew u were awake just by how strong u pressed my head against u, and how u shifted ur body and spread ur legs to give me more access to deeper parts.

no words were exchanged, no giggles nothing, just very controlled moans and shallow braething ,it felt very serious , very much so, not as simple or easy going as i always expected ,in my dream it was very serious and sacred in a way.

i pulled the sheets away in want for air and more access, and u didnt mind u just took my hands which were under ur buttocks and put them on ur breasts where i started squeezing but with more f***e and with a more than wonderful response from ur nipples.all the time pressing my head to u , moving my head and moving ur body in the opposite direction getting maximum friction and giving me maximum access all the way from ur ass hole to ur clit.

i moved my hand from ur breast to ur side , a gentle push told u that i wanted u to turn over , which u did very gracefuly without even breaking the contact between my tongue and ur pussy.

i can feel ur back under my hands and i start kissing it all the way from ur neck to the soles of ur feet, bending ur legs up and sucking on ur toes slowly , every single toe taking my time then moving up to ur buttocks again where u spraed ur legs and bend ur back up so i can dip my tongue deep into ur pussy and ur ass u spreading ur ass cheaks far apart to give me more access.

i can sense ur body stiffen and i move back another gentle touch and u roll over again this time i enter u without notice, deep powerful stroke , no hesitation and no second thoughts a move so direct and abrubt that it didnt seem like the first time at all, no light no hands holding or anything, it kust knew its way as if on auto pilot.

one very deep thrust and i satayed in for what seemed like ages till u started to move ur waist amd wiggle , trying to get more friction.

i started wiggling too , moving in and out franticaly , ur moan growing louder , after a very short while and u came with such f***e and such loud moan that i almost woke up ur pussy getting tighter oaround my thing and i just couldnt stop, all i remember after waking up was that i went on ramming it into u knowing perfectly well that u already came but i went on and on and on.

what was realy amazing was the zeal and seriousness we did it with, almost religious , knowing that u are allowing me something u never allowed any other man at least not so lovingly, knowing all u had gone through to be there and then with me and feeling the burden and need to satisfy u beyond ur dreams and make this one time count forever.
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