Reshma and Amit- mature maid servant and young lov

Reshma, the 54 year old maid servant felt her moist pussy widen as Amit, her 21 year old lover's thick, 8 inch cock filled her mature pussy. Her legs instinctively spread wide and wrapped themselves around his buttocks, as her hands wandered to where, she realised, he liked them to be so much- his nipples.
She felt another trickle of wetness as he suckled on her tits and her mind went back to the weekend, when he had taken her to his f****y beach cottage at Alibag on the pretext of getting it cleaned......mmmm, she remembered cumming at least twice every time she had mounted him...."haan, iska to khamba hai". she thought (yes, the boy certainly had a stiff cock), and he had learned extremely well the tricks she had learned over 35 years of affairs with the 'maaliks' (and a few 'maalkins') of the homes she'd worked ...
As she reached down, she noted that it was just his balls she could now feel at the base of her vagina. "AAhhh, Madarchod pura ghusa kar hi rahega" (the bastard won't let up till he shoves it in fully)...
No wonder she could feel those tremors rising through her cervix.She unwrapped her legs, spreading them wide open obscenely and massaged his balls- his cue to start fucking her. No sooner had she done so, she audibly gasped and let out an expletive, "arrey Behnchod"! Amit had withdrawn his fat, swollen cock 6 inches out and slowly and teasingly pushed it back inside. As she opened her mouth to moan, his tongue found it's way in and they deep-kissed lustily. She closed her eyes, her first orgasm beginning to build up as she recalled the intense pounding he had given her at Alibag, breaking a few of her glass bangles, ripping off one of her payals as she had loudly cummed, calling him dirty names she herself never realised she knew....

As she massaged her clit, she told her employer, "woh gori wali fillum chala na".(play the white-woman porn, will you?) Amit grinned at his maid. She was'nt the demure granny he had imagined her to be until she had chanced upon him masturbating one Monday afternoon when his parents were away.....But more of that later....
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lovely. Tell more