I guess I have a new Job

This is my first story Ive ever written and have shared it in other spots but

its mine, real and believe me was just a part of the fun! so overlook my

grammar errors.

My ex wife(sex is most definatly not the reason we are divorced) was an amazingly

sexual woman. She is 5'10" around 130 and absolutely stunning, she turns heads

anywhere she goes (both men and women) and is just a magnet to potential fun!

There was no need to look or plan a wild time it found us.

She after entering an amature contest ended up working part time as a dancer

(which I dont know how "I" had the energy for her to do it full time) Well my

story is about a time we were in the larger city near ours club hopping and

having a few drinks and fun. Out of the blue she says she wants to check out a

particular strip club that other dancers had told her was really sleazy (mostly

common knowlege) and has been closed down since for numerous violations between

dancers and customers. My wife says she wants to see for herself what the big

deal is. Now you have to picture how she is dressed knee high platform leather

boots (like all the girls in biker magazines wear) a wool pleated plaid

schoolgirl skirt (not to short almost a real school uniform look to it) and a

thin blouse tied at her tummy with her hair in hi pigtails...my favorite look

that I always asked for and never tired of when we went out, a mix of innocent

and rock and roll chick combined! she was only 27 but that look put her right

at barely legal and walking into that club obviously the other boys approved


Since it was a full nude club there was no alchol served, which was fine by

me since we had already had a bit. It was a dim sleazy place with 4 very dis-

interested dancers hanging out at the bar chatting with each other. The DJ was

playing decent music and there were about a dozen guys spread out around the

place none by the dancers stage. So we go sit right up by the stage sip on our

sodas and talk. She comments that it looks kind of lame and nothing like how it

was described, still having her buzz and loving attention says to me "the

dancers go completely naked here, right?" and I said "yeah they did the last

time I was in a few years ago". she still had a great buzz going, stands up

kisses me and says "things need livened up a little in here, watch this!"and

struts around to the stairs and takes the stage (we had been there 20 minutes

and none of the other girls had danced or even walked around).

So here is my wife decked out, buzzed and horny on stage getting into the music

and loving the attention she got the second she stepped up. Needless to say a

minute or two several of the guys moved up around the stage to watch. She

grinds the poles opens her top and lets her doctors works of art out for

everyone to see to the applause of the crowd. She then starts working her way

around the stage to me and the other customers and eventualy is down to just

her boots in the middle of the stage and starts rubbing her tits and pussy. I'm

sure everyone was enjoying the show, including the dancers who came up and

tipped her as well (I was worried they were going to be pissed she was getting

their tips). This went on another song till she had completely frustrated every

guy in the place. When the other thing I was worried about, the bouncer/manager

comes up to me and Im thinking this giant (Im no wimp over 6' and around 200lbs

3 days a week at the gym blah blah this dude dwarfed me!) is going to give us

the boot! instead says to me when your girl is done if she wants a job tell her

to come up to the DJ booth and see me.

True to her nature as a show off when she was done comes over sits down and

slides off the stage kisses me and sits back in her chair still in nothing but

her boots. She askes me if we were getting thrown out and I told her no the

opposite you were offered a job the bouncer said to see him up at the DJ booth

if you were interested. She asked me what I thought and I said you know what

goes on here and see its a dive so its up to you (kinda hot I thought). She

giggled kissed me and left her skirt and top on my lap and after a quick

squeeze of the front of my pants strutted off to the DJ booth still naked (well

boots on).

I see her talking to the DJ and bouncer for a few minutes and then follows

the manager up front to what I would guess was the office. Now the crowd is

warmed up and the other dancers start working the room and stage so I sit back

and take in the sights for awhile when I realize its been over a half hour she

was gone and naked) I got an instant hard on knowing exactly what she was

doing. Not to much later she bounces back up to me hops on my lap and

says "well babe. Im hired and they want me to start now if its Ok with you" I

said "they?" and she says "yeah... the 2 big guys own the place" then gives me

a wink. I said "do all the dancers get such and "in depth" interview?" she

leans down kisses me puts my hand between her legs and says "well, they wanted

to be sure I could do the job and that you would be ok with it" said "and?...

tastes and feels like you got a thurough interview?"

she said "they think Ill do great and I assured them you would love it" I

kissed her and said "good girl now I guess you better get to work".

So after going to the dressing room with one of the dancers (another 20 min)

she comes out in a tiny little outfit she lent her. After another round on

stage proceeds to take each customer for a "private" lap dance. The lap dance

area was very private up a couple steps so no one could see in and thin

curtains and lattice covering the spaces that were open.

The other dancers each stopped by to chat with me and ask me if I knew "what"

was going on and then tell me what a lucky girl she was to have such a cool

husband that didnt mind what she was doing. I just said believe me I love

watching her in action and I'll get thanked properly when we get home". I didnt

have to wait that long she took me back for a "private" dance and filled me in

on everything while she rode me hard. She made several good friends that night

that we had more fun with later.

There is plenty more "100% real" adventures we had (I should write a book or a

porn film ;) thats just one that came to mind, if you all think I didnt do too

bad for a first attempt Ill share more stories...

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