The special overnight bag

I did not want to have another boaring sales trip,so I packed up my special overnight bag for this trip. All the items a gurl would need to have a special trip. Inside were a few skirts some stockings and two wigs ( I can never decide)a few items so I could get clean and my laptop and camera.
After my sales meeting I went back to the hotel,took a long bath,cleaned myself and shaved everything smooth. Put on my make up ( this time I got my eyes perfect !) put on my stockings slinkey red skirt and this time I opted for the long black wig.

I felt so slutty walking down to the bar in the hotel,and I could not wait to find a friend for the night.As I entered the bar there were not that many people in the bar,so I proceded to take a place at the bar. I ordered myself a drink and looked around the bar to see what was available.I saw 20 feet away a table of three men who looked me over as I twisted in my bar stool.One of the three kept looking in my direction,so I shifted in my stool and crossed my legs slow and deliberate so he would notice.He looked back at me again as I lifed my drink and circled the rim of the glass with my finger.and lightly placed the straw to my lips and took a drink. After a few minutes of doing this over and over,he stood up as if to walk my way. One of the others than grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him back into his seat,then whispered something to him. Then all three looked at me and starting laughing among themselves. I think they must have known what was under my skirt.

It looked like there would be no fun here tonight so I headed back up to my room. I took out my laptop and camera and decided to play online for some fun. I went to a site for some cam to cam fun....looked at some of the profiles...when an instant message came up on my screen...."care to chat"....I looked at the profile picture and it was a picture of Florida...funny I thought as that was where I was staying....I clicked on the chat box...and said " sure I would like to chat"

It was a very civil( interesting) conversation where are you from,what do yo do,etc,etc....then it got real. He (Devon)said he was on a business trip in Florida,got tired of his friend and went to his room."Very strange "I said "thats exactly what happened to me" he went on..."My friends tried to stop me from walking over to this TS in the bar I was in"....I was thinking this could not be happening......."Devon" I said " what hotel are you in ?"..."Delano South Beach"...I just about fainted....."Devon" I typed......"that was me in the bar"...he typed back...."BULL"... I said "really...that was me"......there was a very long pause and I thought he disconnected from the chat......then...."what room number are you in"....I gave him my room number and he typed back...."be there in 5 minutes"

I dimmed the lights and waited...knock knock....I went to open the door and he stepped in.
He moved in close and placed his hands on my ass and pulled me close. Lowered his head to mine and gave me a deep french kiss and his hands moved across my ass. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him close...and thought of the growing buldge in his pants that was huge..real huge......lucky me

He stripped me out of my skirt and blouse and had me get on the bed with nothing but my stockings panties and bra on. He flipped me over and gave my ass a little smack spread my ass cheeks and spit on my little hole. He took a finger and pushed it in deep and wiggled it around driving me crazy...and the he flipped me back over and put the finger in my mouth...He smiled and said..."yes....this will be a fun night"....I whispered back...."Only if you treat me like your baby"

He removed his shirt and pants and stood before me in his boxers,that had a tent shape with that rod trapped inside. He took off the boxers and I gasped...You are a very lucky boy Devon"....he said " Yes....and you are going to get lucky also"....He was at least 10 inches long and perfect on the width,not too fat,not too thin....I reached out and guided it to my mouth...and sucked in the head while circling my tounge around the head..I tried to take in more in my mouth but he kept pulling back......."Devon.....are you going to let me try to take it all in my mouth ?"....He said....." cockhead is for your mouth only....the rest of it is for your sweet" I continued to lick the head as he pushed first one then two fingers in me and moved them in and out. I was feeling as if it was a bit too dry so I reaced under my pillow and pulled out a bottle of lube and gave it to him. "Yes baby...this will make it much better"

After a while of foreplay he asked if I was ready. I said" We can try...but I dont think it will all fit in"....he leaned down to my ear and said...." I'll make it fit". Two pillows were placed under my ass to give a bit of lift..and he squeezed alot of lube deep in my ass.....and he moved between my legs and spread then wide and I placed them around his waist. He took my wrists in his hands and then moved so his cock was placed on my hole.He eased in the head then pulled it back out. And again....he went on like this for 5 minutes driving me crazy !...He looked down at me and asked if I was ready....I said......"Yessss please now....... please !" He lowered his face to mine..........let go of my wrists....he put his hands under my ass.........put his mouth on mine and pushed his tounge deep in my mouth...........all at one he pushed the entire cock in my ass....I could not scream as his mouth was covering mine......I tried to wiggle away..tried to move back but he held me there burried deep in legs were kicking......and I kept slapping his back with my hands.....and he just held it here.........deep inside....after a few minutes......he stopped kissing and moved his head back and asked......"Are you ok ?"..all could do was pant and pant and nod my head up and down indicating......Yessssssssss".....He then asked...."Are you ready?"........."yessssssss" I said"....."do me good baby"

He lifted up and pushed in balls deep hard......I reactivly tried to push him away as he grabbed my wrists again.......pulled almost out....them slammed it in deep again.....He would tease by just having the head in and then slamming it all in hard......on and on it went for 15 minutes like this....then it got intimate....he lowered down to kiss me...and the pace got was like a jack head kept hitting the board on the the fucking got faster.....he then grabbed my ass and pounded harder and harder...and then grunted loud...and a flood ( of what seemed like a gallon) of cum erupted deep in me....he reached down an pumped my girly cok....and in 20 seconds I shot a little cum..and I pulled his ass to pump me a few more times as I stated cumming..."please baby.please fuck me hard NOW" He pushed it in a few more times....and for the first time in my life I had an orgasam as I have never felt before....I yelled out " NOW .....HARD".....and it happened....I was quivering all over...I felt so good.and we were finished ...I just lay there exhausted....with a big smile.....He looked over at me....pinched my nipple a bit licked it...and said....."well now that we know each other"........This was going to be a nice weekend !

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8 months ago
Very nice
8 months ago
hot hot hot! too bad his friends were no fun....could have been a party!
8 months ago
yeh sob hot so deep so erotic I want you to invite me next time
8 months ago
Great story!
8 months ago
yes , yes, yes! great story!