The Martini affair

I was having a drink at the crowbar in Chicago when I noticed her amidst all the gaymen around. After being pissed by all the rude and intrusive men I had found secluded spot at a lonely bar stool by the counter to enjoy my Martini. I was wearing a tight hip hugging jeans and a tanktop to flaunt my navel and stomach.

She came aside me and asked for a wine. "White" I heard her stress to the barman. She looked at my colorful drink and asked "What are you having"? Martini I said quickly running my eyes over her curves. "Pretty hot gurl" I said to myself. But i was in no mod to socialize. The men had put me off and I was just waiting to finish my Martini and get going. I never knew how this night was going to turn out at that moment.

She called out the barman and said" hey make it a Martini, what she is having". He smiled and agreed. I was thinking what is a girl doing at a place like Crowbar. she sat down at the stool next to me and started talking. Her talks were cute and her hands were on my thighs. Then she said you are a pretty girl. I said thanks and it must have been the Martini which made me say, "Well a different kind". She just smiled and said hey wanna go for a drive? It was snowing outside, and we gathered our jackets and got into her Audi.

Pretty big car for a i girl like her I thought. She drove around and finally drove into a subsection. Lets talk and have a drink at my place she said pulling over to the drive way of what looked like a small cute house.

As soon as we entered the house she threw her jacket on the couch and removed her top over to the table and walked to the dining area. Exposing her slender back to me strapped with a red lacy bra. I could feel my gurly cock harden right then. I crossed my leg over the other to hide my hard on and watched her in awe. She pulled out a bottle of Vodka and started blending some cocktail in her blender. She looked over her shoulder and said, "Did I tell I am a transexual lesbian?" WHAT??? it just came out of my mouth. I didnt believe her until she turned around and dropped her skirt to the floor. And underneath in her red transparent thongs was a fully hardened cock throbbing which had left a small wet drop patch. She twitched it and I could see it wriggle in her panty as she let out a huge laughter....

Did I expect this? Hell no.....

...will continue
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2 years ago
I wish that could happen to me, I need to find a good bar..
3 years ago
Wow i'm going to have to read the next chapter thanks
3 years ago
omg I'm so glad that my story is still here and did not get deleted.
3 years ago
every person's dream
3 years ago
love it
3 years ago
sweet n great start...
3 years ago
sweet start
3 years ago
Hey you got my motor going you got to write more please thanks
3 years ago
Great start,got me twitching too
3 years ago
more please