A Naughty Day In Public For Emily

Emily is a young girl. She is very horny and loves a good fingering. This is Emilys 1st story of many more to come.


It was Thursday morning and Emily had just woke up. The night before had been very hot as it had been a heatwave so Emily had took all of her clothes off. All Emily had on was her white ankle socks. Emily got out of bed and put on her dressing-gown. She walked round the house to make sure she was alone. Sure enough she was. She dropped her dressing-gown on the floor and lay down on her the living room settee. Her young pussy began to tingle so she started to rub it. As she became wetter and wetter she slid a finger in her tight young pussy. Then the doorbell rang. Emily jumped she quickly ran across to peek out the window to see who it was. There stood a beautiful blonde with a parcel in her arms. Emily was expecting a parcel so figured it was the post lady. Emily was so horny she didnt want to go and put her dressing gown on she wanted to go and answer the door naked with just her white ankle socks. Emily walked to the door and opened it. The womans face dropped and just starred at Emilys dripping pussy. Emily saw "Ann Summer" writen on the side of the box. She grabbed the box of the woman and ripped it open. Sure enough inside were her toys she had ordered. She pulled out one of the dildos and rammmed it up her dripping pussy. The woman could not beleive she was stood deleivering a parcel to a young girl who was now ramming a dildo in and out of her at the door. The post lady just turned round and ran she didnt know what to do. Emily finaly cummed with the door still open. She went upstaris and got dressed.
After putting a small top a dress her socks and shoes on she walked to the mall. Of course without bra and knickers. She had one of her small vibrators with her. Emily wasted no time she found the nearest store and started to look for clothes to try on. While she was looking she felt the urge and checked to see if anyone was about. There were but she knew they couldnt see her. Emily put her hand under her skirt and started to rub her pussy. Emily knew she had to do more so she grabbed some clothes and ran to the changing room. Within a minute Emily had her top skirt and shoes off. All she had on were her white ankle socks. There wasnt a lock on the door as it was just a curtain to pull across. Emily was to hot to care she pulled out her little vibrator and started on her pussy. Within a few minutes she couldnt help let out a massive "OH YES" Emily didnt care she was in her own world the vibration through her you pussy was out of her control now. She now started to finger her pussy will letting the vibrator stay on her clit. Then because of all the banging and moaning the curtain opened. At 1st she didnt realise but then opened her eyes and in the mirror saw 3 woman standing looking at her lying on the floor naked with just her white ankle socks on with 2 fingers in her pussy and the vibrator on her clit. Emily jumped up and didnt know what to do. The woman grabbed her and told her to get out. Emily didnt have time to get changed they shouted for her to move. Emily picked up her clothes and shoes and ran out of the store naked with just her socks on with the vibrator in her hand still going. As she ran through people were looking at her she didnt know what to do or where to go but people looking at her really turned her on. The soles of her socks were getting a bit dirty now because of all the dust on the floor. She got to the doors and ran round the back of the mall. She knew she should get dressed but she had to finish off. In a minute she was squirting everywhere. Then she finally got dressed and ran home.
When Emily got home she saw her mum was back. She ran in the house and her mum looked at her and said "Had fun?" Emily smiled and said "yes it was great" knowing her mum would never find out what she had done, or would she? Emily got to her bedroom locked the door and stripped naked and just lay on her bed playing with her pussy thinking of what a day she had just had.
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