I am a slut.....20

I am a slut.....20

This is the continuing story of my transformation from somewhat man to woman....my feminine journey. Enjoy :)

Having staightened ourselves back up, reapplied our makeup and done a line of magic dust, Gloria and I were off with Derek to meet his client and wife....and their friends on their boat. The ride down to the marina was not too bad, just long enough for Gloria and Derek to get aquainted and for Gloria to ask Derek what seemed like a million questions. But after all, she was a woman.

"Who are these people? How do you know them? Is this okay to do? How did you meet Dani? Did you really take photos and videos of her having sex with other people? Are you going to take videos today? Will I be in any of the videos? What happens if my husband sees videos or pictures of me with a black man?"

Her questions made me smile and giggle which was a bit disarming to Gloria. "Dani, you have it the best. They all want to see you and be with you and you just love being the center of attention and really don't care who sees you.....what a little slut you are", she said to me. My reply was a coy smile and a simple "I'm sorry Gloria. I wll try not to have too too much fun", which made her and Derek and me all laugh.

We finally arrived at the marina and Derek pulled the car into a parking spot by the dock. "That's his boat over there" Derek said as he pointed to a rather large boat along the dock. "Here, one more hit each" Derek said as he handed a vial and spoon to Gloria and I. "And make it a nice big one ladies. It's playtime" and Gloria and I each took our turn. We then got out of the car and began walking down the dock to the boat, Derek leading us, carrying his camera and video equipment. Gloria and I walked behind holding hands and giggling gently, almost in a trance, each softly smiling with our eyes hidden behind our designer sunglasses.

"Hey Derek. Nice to see you man" came a voice from a strong well built tall black man on the back of the boat and both Gloria and I did all we could do to keep from staring and drooling. The most handsome black man stood before us with just a pair of black swimming trunks on, his body glistening in the sun. "HI Roland. Nice to see you too my friend" and Roland reached out his hand and first took Gloria's and helped her onto the boat. Derek continued with the introductions "This is Dani, who I told you about...and the woman who's hand you are holding is Gloria, a friend of Dani's. I told her that there would be no problem her coming" he said with a chuckle.

"No problem at all. No problem at all. Welcome Gloria and Dani. Glad that you are here. It is going to be a fun afternoon. Come on board and make yourself comfortable" and with that he took my hand and assisted me onto the boat and pulling me close to him whispered in my ear "I have been waiting to get hold of you ever since Derek showed me that video of you. I nuzzled myself against his chest and gave him a soft kiss and whispered back,"I can't wait for you to get ahold of me Roland. I want you. All of you" and with that our kiss turned more passionate.

"Geez Roland and Dani, get on the boat first and say hello before you two start,will you" laughed Derek, and Roland and I pulled ourselves apart from each other giggling like two high school k**s caught by their parents.

Taking me by the hand he led me onto the boat and into the main living area with Gloria following closely behind. A cute little blond woman came over and greeted us. "HI, I am Paula, Roland's wife. You must be Dani...nice to meet you and welcome" and she gave me a hug and a hello. "And you must be Dani's friend" she said to Gloria.

"Yes, I am Gloria.Nice to meet you" and they shared a hug and a soft kiss and Paula let out a little "mmmmmmm...my playtoy". As we walked further in we saw a large black man much like Roland seated with a younger woman, perhaps a girl,with short blonde hair wearing a bikini top and white skirt seated on his lap. Her look was almost trancelike, obvious that she was high on something. What also was obvious was that under her skirt she was impaled on this black man's large cock, just sitting there with it fully inside of her.

"This is my friend Tyler....and our baby sitter Meaghan" said Paula. They already seem to have hit it off. It's okay. She turned 18 last Saturday" and everyone seemed to laugh except for Meaghan who's complete attention was on Tyler and the pleasure that he was giving her young pussy. "Meghan honey, I want you to show our friends how you go up and down on that cock baby" and with that command Meaghan began raising herself up and down on this cock, each thrust seemingly exhausting her. "Isnt' she going to be a good slut" Paula added and we all nodded our agreement as the young girl took his massve cock in her again and again.

"Dani, why don't you help me with something back in the bedroom" said Roland and I followed him back there leaving the others behind.........

to be continued :)

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2 years ago
More pleez Dani
3 years ago
Well i'm already getting a hard little cocklet please lets see the next instalment on this series thanks 'candi
3 years ago
3 years ago
These are all fantastic!
3 years ago
cant wait for the next adventure
3 years ago
Snuggle, they just keep getting better. Thanks!
3 years ago
Liked your start looking forward to more thanks