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I am such a slut.....19

Please read my other stories....They will tell you of the journey that I am on from man to woman.

"Would that be okay Derek? Would anyone mind if I asked Gloria to come? She is very fun and quite sexy and I just know that she would be open to playing." My suggestion to bring Gloria, the thirtysomething owner of the salon that I frequent was met with an immediate "Of course...the more the better" from Derek. And it would make me feel more confident too. I know that Gloria likes me and likes being with me and she has helped me so much become the woman that I now am. My new hair style was all her idea with the blonde highlights and she was the one who encouraged not only my getting my ears pierced but my belly button as well. And her revelation that she was cheating on her husband, not to mention our playtime at the salon yesterday afternoon with Eric told me that she was as naughty as me.....well, almost. Who knows,maybe more...tee hee :)

So Gloria was alrady at my house as we waited for Derek. She had looked so hott when she arrived, her red and black bikini partially covered with a black wrap around skirt. Her black heeled sandals matching, her toenails and fingernails and lipstick all red as well. I greeted her with a hug and a kiss at the door and taking her hand had led her into my townhouse. We giggled like two schoolgirls at what was to transpire today. I had told her all about Derek and all that he had me do and once she got past the shock, well pretend shock, it was easy to see that she was aroused and excited. "Dani, I can't wait for today" she replied. "I have never been with a black man before. There will be black men there you said?" and I relayed to her what Derek had told me about the planned day with his client and wife and some friends on their boat. "Oh God, I am wet just thinking about it" said Gloria. "Here, touch me". And taking my hand just moved aside her bikini bottom and slid my manicured hand over and into her pussy. It was dripping wet. Dripping.

"Oh Gloria. You are so naughty" I replied smiling and giggling and our bodies drew together as we shared what was to be the first of many kisses and touches and hugs that day. "Dani, I am so glad that you have become a woman. What a lovely girl you make" she replied. "Just look at you. There is no male left in you at all except for that little clit of yours" and we both giggled at that thought. I knew that she was right. I mean look at me. Like her, my nails and lips were a deep red. My makeup and eye liner made my already dark eyes pop. With the new style that she had given me, my hair framed my face almost to my shoulder and with the blonde highlights that she had put in I couldnt even pretend to be a man with longer hair any more. I was hairless....and tan....and the hormones had completely smoothed out my body and made my hips "hippier" and my breasts fuller. And with a black and white thong bikini, my black silk wrap bottom and my black strapless heels there was no man to be seen.

"I am a little bit nervous" admitted Gloria. So taking her by the hand I led her over to my counter where I had some special lines of magic dust laid out. Offering her the straw I said "here Sweetie. Have some of this" and her and I both proceeded to "take the edge off". As we waited for Derek we talked girl talk about hair and clothes and men and their cocks. Our conversation was soon interrupted by a knock on the door. I walked over to answer it and it was Derek who came into the foyer. Giving me a hug and a kiss he turned his attention to Gloria. "So this is Gloria huh" He said. "Dani, she is adorable. This is going to be quite a day" and giving Gloria a hug and an embrace and a kiss...and a deeper kiss. Gloria did not back away at all. In fact her hand slowly slid down Derek's stomach to his crotch, stroking him and arousing him. "I think we have time for me to get to know Gloria a little better" said Derek with a grin. "Dani, come join us" and with that offer we all walked into the living room, Gloria's hand still on Derek's crotch. The next fifteen minutes was spent with Gloria and I sharing Derek's cock...and me licking Gloria's wet pussy, with Derek eventually mounting Gloria from behind as she sucked my manclit until Derek filled her with what would be the first of several loads in her today. "Lick her clean Dani. I know you like the taste of my cum" and with that I buried my tongue and my face into my friend's pussy devouring her and stealing Derek's cum from inside of her.

"Now go get yourselves fixxed back up" ordered Derek. "We have quite a day ahead of us".

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3 years ago
Yes thats got tobe so hot both ready to enjoy yourselves thanks Candi
3 years ago
OMG nhad to take care of this rock hard cock wow i came tons thanks
3 years ago
I finally got caught up and now have nothing more to read. Talk about an empty feeling. This was great. I hope you continue the story.