I am such a slut.......18

"Hi Derek. I was just thinking about you. I haven't heard from you for a teeny bit" I replied. It was so nice to hear his voice on the phone and the sound of it caused me to stir within. Something about him, about what he did to me, about what he made me do, just had me.....and I think that he knew that.

"Baby, I have a favor to ask. It would mean the world to me if you would do it. And I would be there with you, okay?" he said, and my mind raced at what the favor might be. "I have this client and his wife....and they have a friend or two. I told them about you and showed them some of our pictures and they want to take us out on their boat and play for the day. They love to get a little high and the woman is very hott. They want you to be the sexy girl that you are and to play with them and their friends. Of course they would want to film it but just for them. No one would see it. Would you do that for me, Baby?"

"Oh, of course Derek. Out on a boat. How fun! I would love to do that" and I immediately began thinking about what would I wear and how I would do my hair and what makeup and perfume, all those things that a girl thinks of. It was so exciting to be wanted and desired and I was really looking forward to this."

"Now, I have to tell you they are black, well the husband is anyhow, as are some of their friends" he said. "And I have been with them before and they are well endowed. He use to play professional basketball. They will give you quite a workover" Derek said with a small laugh.

"Mmmmm...." was all that I could reply. "Um, when do they want to do this?"

"Tomorrow, Sunday. You can do tomorrow, right?" and I acknowledged that I could knowing full well that I would have made any time work. Any time.

"Great!" he replied. "I will pick you up at eleven....oh, and one more thing. Tan a little today and wear something sexy, maybe white or pink with a skirt. And bring something to change into in case we go out later to a club or something. The boat is rather big and has a shower and room to clean yourself up afterwards." I didnt tell Derek that I had just come back up from my tanning bed. No need to. But he was right. The little extra color would look good especially if I was going to wear something white or pink.

Now knowing what my weekend was going to look like, I prepared to go out. I would call and make a hair appointment, just a cut and maybe a highlight or two. The salon had an opening and throwing on a jean skirt and a white blouse I finished getting dressed and headed to the hair salon. On the drive down I had time to think. Derek was so nice and so funny. Here he was worried about me being with a black man. If he only knew about Gordon. I laughed to myself at the thought. How fun this was. I loved being a slut. I loved being desired by men, particularly these strong black men. And I wondered when he said that he had "showed them our pictures". Who did he show them to and which pictures. My mind went back to the many times that he had photographed me. With him. With other men. With other women. Other women? Did that mean that I was a woman? I really wasn't sure at this point. My body was completely smooth. My ears and my belly button were now pierced (and I was really thinking about getting my tongue pierced too....you know why:) My nails were done in a medium pink polish, as had my toenails after my pedicure last week. My hair, well I was taking care of that right now. Most importantly my breasts were developing from the hormones. But I knew the day was soon coming that I would want fuller breasts. My only question now being how large of breasts do I get.

I arrived at the hair salon and after parking went inside. The women in their understood what I was doing and were so affirming, some even joking about doing the same to their husbands...and one in particular wanting to fix me up with her husband. "Hi Dani. So nice to see you" said Gloria, the owner. "What would you like done today? Just a cut?" Gloria was an attractive brunette in her late thirties, very feminine, always tan, with large firm breasts. She was married, but rarely spoke of her husaband.

I looked at her and smiled and said "Gloria, would you be a little bolder with my hair style and color today, just a little?" and she returned a smile and said "OF course Dani. I am enjoying making you into the woman that you have always wanted to be."

An hour and a half later I couldn't believe who looked back at me in the mirror. My hair had been cut and syled, arching around my face and stopping just above my shoulders. She had probably cut off seven or eight inches. And the blond highlights that she had added made me quiver. There was no going back now, no pretending that I was a man. "Oh, Gloria, I love it!" I replied. "Thank you." to which she replied "Dani, you are welcome. I love doing this. You are a special friend to me"

As I got up out of the chair in the now almost empty salon, I headed to the register to pay her, but she instead motioned for me to follow her back to her office. Entering her office I saw a young man seated on the couch. It was Eric, who helped out in the salon. "Dani, how about we make a trade for today's services. Why dont you sit next to Eric". Knowing where this was headed I smiled and said "Of course" and took the seat next to him. What surprised me was as I sat next to him she slid down on the floor between his spread legs and began to rub his crotch. "Dani, there is a good reason why Eric works here" and with that she began to undo his zipper and pull out a nice hard young cock and began to stroke it. "Isnt this a great cock, Dani?" She said. My slight moan was my reply and as Gloria took the cock to her lips and began to suck it and kiss it I nuzzled in close to Eric and began to unbutton his shirt and kiss him. Gloria engulfed his cock, taking it deep in her mouth. The moans from Eric was the affirmation of the wonderful job that she was doing. My hands teased his nipples as I watched Gloria suck on his cock. How beautiful she looked as the cock parted her red painted lips. Pulling off she looked up at me and offered it to me. That was the only invitation that I needed to lower my head to his abdomen and begin sucking his strong erect young cock. "Get it hard for me Dani. Get it rock hard" said Gloria. "My husband cant fuck me but Eric sure can" and I giggled to myself at what she was sharing.

I finally moved my head up from Eric's cock and Gloria quickly mounted him. Her deep gutteral moans told me that he was buried inside of her. She rode him as I played with her nipples and stroked her clit while kissing Eric. Her orgasm was fast as she squeezed his shoulders and bit her lip, but Eric continued in her until his pace began to quicken and with his hands on her ass he moved her faster and faster. "I am going to cum" he said and he surely did, shooting himself inside of Gloria as she rode his cock and smiled a wicked smile. "Yes, this is why I keep this boy here Dani" she said with a laugh.

Finally unmounting him, a large goop of cum dropped out of her pussy onto his crotch. Reaching down with her finger, Gloria scooped it up and raised it to Eric's lips which parted and he took her offering inside, savoring the taste. "He likes cum,Dani. Would you let him maybe suck you a little bit? Just a little bit?" she said so soft and sweetly. I stood up and hiking up my jean skirt I pulled down my panties releasing my boyclit. Both Eric and Gloria began playing with it, kissing it and my balls, rubbing my ass. As I became aroused first Eric then Gloria took it in their mouths. And as Eric sucked me Gloria said "Dani, you are so hot. You have become such a sexy woman. I would love to just hang with you and play with you. I really enjoy how hot and sexy you are" and with her words echoing in my head I came in Eric's mouth, shaking and trembling. But her words had given me an idea about tomorrow. After all, the salon was closed tomorrow.
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1 year ago
sploosh.... and my balls are empty. thanks for these more than exceptional blogs. im def addin you to my favs sexy lady
3 years ago
O M G that was so special getting complketely fixed up on thatsas so hot thanks 'candi
3 years ago
I wish that I was in one of your stories
3 years ago
Now you've got to tell me where that salon is thqanks
3 years ago
nice story i liked it
3 years ago
Wow! Vey Hot story. I love all your stories, you are a great writer and story teller. I so wish I could be Dani.