am such a slut…..16

I am such a slut…16

The warm water of the lilac scented bubble bath felt so good as I slipped down into it. My hair, now much longer, clipped up on my head to keep it out of the water. As I slid my body down into the water I felt it embrace me and warm me and how nice it felt as it surrounded my body. Finally a chance to relax and reflect. What a day I had. I let my hands slowly drift over my body. So soft. So smooth. My now protruding nipples aroused by the warmth of the water. Some small teeth marks on one from the back room at the adult theater. I giggled to myself as I ran my finger over them. Who had done that? I hadn’t a clue, but remembered how wonderful the men’s hands and mouths had felt touching and caressing and nibbling and licking my body. How many men? Who knew. I shook my head at the insanity of it all, but how much I enjoyed it. And Gordon. My new tall strong endowed black lover. Can I call him that after only one time and that in an adult theatre? He did tell me to call him again tomorrow. And my asspussy was still a bit tender from him being inside of me. God, he even came in me! My head was just spinning with all that was going on in my life right now. But I loved it. I loved every second of it. I loved being a woman. To dress myself as one and to pamper myself as one. I loved being a slut. I loved being used by men, to suck their cocks and feel them inside of me. And I loved the taste of cum, knowing that I had drawn it out of them, feeling it and tasting it and swallowing it, making it part of me. As I lay in the tub drifting in and out and daydreaming I kept thinking of what the next day, the next adventure would bring. Would it be with Gordon? Or Derek? (gee, I hadn’t heard from him for a bit) Or someone completely else? In one sense it really didn’t matter who. This wasn’t about love or relationship, but about me being the woman that I so desired and wanted to be. I wondered if women, real women really thought this way. Servicing men. Pleasing men. Enjoying getting dressed for them. All the wonderfully feminine things that we could do for them. I stifled a laugh at the thought. Why wouldn’t a woman want to service her man. Didn’t she realize that if she didn’t do it he would find someone else who would…maybe even me. I smiled at that thought.

As I eased myself up out of the water I grabbed the towel and began slowly drying myself as I looked at myself in the mirror. I so enjoyed this. I loved to look at my developing breasts and the curves of my body. I loved looking at my hair piled on top of my head, my earrings dangling from my ears. I walked down out of the bedroom and down the hall, now down the stairs to the lower level to my tanning bed. Setting the timer I slid myself in. I loved to tan naked. How it warmed my body and I liked the color of my skin. Done, I made the walk back upstairs and stepped into the shower. Taking the razor I went over my legs and my private area. I washed my body with lavender scented soap taking an extra moment to clean my tender asspussy, then having rinsed, I stepped back out of the shower. Now dry, I slowly moved over to the vanity and sat down and as I looked at myself I reached for my lip stick and began applying it. A soft pink shade. I took the eybrow pencil and redid my eyes and eye liner. A little pink blush for my cheeks, to soften them. And then some nail polish. A light translucent pink for my fingernails and toenails.....mmmmm. How soft and feminine the color pink is and it makes me feel like such a girl. Then a few sprays of perfume. Victoria Secret Very Sexy Perfume. As the advertisement said, it might draw a few admirers…giggle.

I stood up and went over to my dresser and opening the drawer, pulled out a pair of white thigh highs with lacey tops. I slowly rolled each one and drew them up my legs. How I loved the feel of stockings on me how good they felt on my legs. I reached in my next drawer and took out a matching bra and panty set, white and very lacy with some pink woven through the bra and a tiny pink bow at the waistline. I pulled the panties up over my boyclit and smoothed them out. I could feel myclit straining against the material which I always loved. And then I placed my bra over my arm and proceeded to put it on and clasped it behind my back. The material against my nipples was exhilarating. I walked to the closet and opened the door and looked for shoes. What pair should I wear? I finally decided on a pair of White 4” sandles and put them on. Walking back over to the vanity I sat back down and looked at myself in the mirror. I took my hair brush and began to brush my hair. I loved it longer but wanted to do something with it, something flirty and sexy. I would have to think on that. As I looked at myself, the woman that I was, a contented smile came over my face. In a trance now I just stared straight ahead, completely enjoying the moment. My gaze was interrupted by the ringtone of my phone and standing up I walked over to the dresser and picked it up. The Caller ID said “Derek”. Excitedly now I answered it. “Hello”. …”HI Dani” said the caller. “It’s Derek. I have a small favor to ask.”

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3 years ago
Loved your start of the evening thanks Candi
3 years ago
Your feelings are definitely very fem, I'm convinced that the path that you are taking is the one which bring you the happiness that you seek. Your emotional transition is solid
3 years ago
Great start to a fantastic evening you ahould write about thanks
3 years ago
LUV the last para of this post, especially, as it expresses the immense pleasure I always feel when I slip my girly legs into stockings and my dainty feet into hi-heels - LUV it - kiss
3 years ago
always erotic:)~ the continuing story of Dani!