The big black cock was just right.

Sex with women is awesome, but I am open minded (I am a white bi)! After not having much luck with them, and curiosity, I figured it was time to try something new. Men! I had watched gay porn for years on the side, but had no interest in having sex with them. Than, I experimented with dildos, and other objects. Sliding them in my ass, ramming them in, and riding a big size dildo (10 inches long, 6 inches round at one point to be precise). This was good, but it came a point I wanted to try something new.

My friend admitted he was gay, and said he had a big fat cock. I was intrigued. I went over one day, but he didn't seem interested even though he said he would do it. He admitted he had sex earlier, and was done. Even after he said he would fuck me, the idiot still... never mind. I still convinced him. I jerked off with his flesh-light, and came in it. After I cleaned up, He then sucked my dick for a few, and for the first time... I sucked a dick. It was pretty nice, but after a few minutes of suck, and a little of fuck, he was done without cumming. He just wasn't interested, and it stopped. Oh, and his dick was not as big, or great as he claimed (go figure).

My curiosity was still high, so I turned to online. Met up with this guy at a hotel. He was black with an average size cock. I sucked his dick for a few, and then he popped his load in my mouth. For the first time I tasted cum (no swallow though, sorry). Not bad. After a few more minutes I hopped on his dick, slid it into my fat ass, and I started riding it. He told me to give him all I got. So I went harder, faster, yelling, and jerked off onto his stomach. After a few, he couldn't take it anymore, and popped. Once again, not bad, but could have been better.

Finally, I meet this guy online. His dick on the pic seemed nice, we chatted a little, and made a date to meet up. He picked me up, took me to his place. He laid on his bed, and I crawled on with him. I unzipped his pants, pulled down his underwear, and..... OH MY! THIS DICK IS FAT!! Right away I opened my moist mouth, wrapped my lips around that fatty, and started to suck, lick, slobber, bob my head up and down as fast as I could. It got bigger, fatter, and harder with each suck. This dick made my mouth water. Then, I got completely naked, got on all fours, and waited. Finally, he lubed up my asshole, massaged it with his fat tip, and then... OH MY GOD!! He slid in his 8.5 long, and 4 inch round, black dick into my hole, and was ramming me as hard, and fast as he could. I never screamed this loud, or got fucked this good anally. He was making my ass clap, and jiggle. I was put into positions I never was in before. At one point we did the 69, and a few
minutes I busted a nut on his sheets. Not bad! After a few minutes, he got me on my back, with my feet on his shoulders, and he folded me in half. It hurt so much, but I still took his dick, like a good little bitch! He was pounding my ass hard, while beating my dick. After a few minutes my legs were shaking, and I busted a nut all over my belly, chest, and some on my face. He however was not done!

He got me on my stomach, and continued having his way with me. After a few more minutes of fucking, pain, pleasure, screaming, and ass clapping, I told him to cum on my face. He got up, I rolled on my back, and encouraged him with nasty talk such as "cum on my face", "beat that big black dick", "cum in my mouth baby", etc. Finally I saw him make that face. I laid down patiently, and finally! He busted a nut! He released his warm load all over my face, hair, etc. He put his dick on my face, and I told him to take a pic (unfortunately I no longer have the pic). I then opened my mouth, and once again got it stretched by his big black cock. This time there was cum on the tip, and I sucked whatever was left off of it. After roughly 2 hours of sex (best gay sex) He told me I was the best bottom ever, and I was the only one who could take his dick like a true bottom. Needless to say, I said he is the best top I have dealt with.

So, there is my story. The first 2 cocks were ok, but the big black cock was just right :)
97% (45/1)
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2 years ago
got me horny
2 years ago
Nice job Goldilocks :)
3 years ago
sounds like a plan
3 years ago
u remind me that black young man with 10 thick cock he fuck me 3 time in 1 night i feel like a hungry slut
3 years ago
You know that black cock is alway better ifthe that has itknow how to use it thanks
3 years ago
great story had to jerk it after i read it
3 years ago
My apologies for any confusion. I had this story printed a few times by accident.