First Lesbian - The Bet

My husband is the one who got me started. Though I would never admit to anyone other than my husband that I read these stories and that they excite me, I never dreamed that I would be writing one.

Truthfully the only reason that this whole thing happened and I am now documenting it, is because of my loosing a bet with my husband.

Without giving too much of myself away, I will tell you that I have been with my husband for 24 years, I am 48 years old, and we have 2 grown sons, 18 and 20 years old.

Now back to what started all of this. My husband and I had purchased tickets to see "Phantom Of The Opera", so we drove the 4 hours to San Francisco and checked into a hotel making this a little mini vacation.

We showered and dressed, with me getting to wear my new black dress and heels, and of course my husband getting to choose what I would wear underneath. I actually enjoyed putting on the black garter stockings and the sexy black see thru panties and bra knowing that these things excited him.

I also enjoyed the feel of the sexy undergarments as I hardly ever dressed up, what with working all the time on our ranch in the valley.

Well after a wonderful dinner and the most beautiful play I have ever seen in my life we drove back to our hotel.

Walking through the lobby we heard music coming from the bar and as I love to dance my husband suggested we go inside and check it out.

Well this is where our bet came about. Before sitting down in the bar I had to go to the bathroom. As I came out and walked up to my husband he leaned down and kissed me, saying how beautiful and sexy I was.

He has told me this before and I love it when he says it, but in my whole life I have never felt beautiful and sexy.

I smiled and said something about being glad that he thought so. He knew exactly what I meant because we have had this conversation before. He quickly assured me that most men would agree with him.

Looking around the bar at all the beautiful young women with tight pants or short skirts, I gave him that "yeah right", look. He was totally serious in trying to make his point. He was so serious that he offered up a bet.

He claimed that if I went and sat up at the bar by myself, within five minutes I would have someone trying to pick up on me. I laughed at that, claiming it would probably be some d***k, sleazy, old guy just trying to get laid. Now he took it even further, saying that it had to be a good looking young guy.

Now my curiosity was up, and I jokingly asked what I would be winning in this bet. He simply asked what I wanted.

I do barrel racing during rodeo season, but in order for me to be very competitive I needed a better horse. I found a great horse for sale, but it was a bit pricey. My husband had said that we shouldn't be spending that much money on a hobby. I knew he was right but I wanted that horse.

Knowing that this would end this bet business I told him I wanted the horse. He really surprised me when he just looked at me and asked what he would get if he won. My mistake was asking him what he wanted. He told me if he won I would have to do anything he asked when it came to sex for the rest of the trip.

That was only tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night as we would be leaving for home the day after tomorrow. I quickly consented still not thinking that he was really serious.

It wasn't until he started going over the details of the bet that I knew he was very serious.

He told me that I was to go and sit at the bar and he would sit at the end of the bar so I would feel safe. He said I couldn't be mean to anyone who came up unless they were rude or obnoxious. The bet was that within five minutes if a younger man with decent looks didn't come up and buy me a drink I would win the horse.

If he won I was to do what ever he wanted sexually the rest of the trip. At this point I began to remember some of the fantasies my husband had told me about. Some were great for getting me excited because they were so nasty, but not something I would do myself.

My next thought was of that beautiful horse, so knowing I could win, I accepted the bet.

I walked through the entrance without my husband and headed to the bar. My first clue that I could be in trouble came as I passed a table with three college age guys. They all looked up at me as I passed, but when I looked the other way I could see their reflections in the bar mirror. I must admit that I actually felt a bit of excitement at seeing these boys with their eyes glued to my rear while I walked past their table.

As I sat down between two empty stools I saw my husband come in and sit at the end of the bar as planned. I couldn't help but smile as I saw him looking down at his watch, keeping track of the time.

At that moment two of the college guys got up and came over to where I was sitting. They both sat down one on either side of me. They weren't d***k, ugly, or old, but I could tell right away that they wanted to get laid.

The one on my left while looking down at my wedding ring asked me how my husband could let his beautiful wife come to a bar all by herself. I told him that my husband had not felt very well and had gone up to our room to lay down and that I had come to the bar for one drink before going up to bed.

I thought I had the bet won when the boy on my right asked if I wanted to dance. I quickly accepted knowing I would be gone longer than the time remaining in the bet.

Just as I stood up the bartender came over and the boy to my left threw down some money and ordered three Long Island ice teas.

Damn, I had lost the bet. I couldn't help but feel a bit irritated at the boy who had bought the drinks, but that quickly passed as I was being pulled out on to the dance floor by a complete stranger.

The music was loud and the dance floor was crowded with young bodies. There wasn't much room to move but we did our best. Someone was rubbing up against my butt so I turned to move away when I saw this very pretty young girl who was just letting loose on the dance floor. She sweetly smiled and so I went back to dancing with the boy.

The next thing I know, she is rubbing up against my butt again. I'm not sure why, maybe because of the bet, or the sexy clothes, or the attention I was getting but I was beginning to get excited from this girl rubbing her cute little butt up against mine.

This time I didn't move away. I was enjoying the feeling and I knew that no one could see anything going on below the waist with the dance floor being so full, and dark, so I just rubbed my butt right back.

The boy I was dancing with was one of those types who really got into himself while dancing. It was as if he were doing a show, and everyone around was supposed to be looking. There have always been these kinds of guys around even when I was a young girl, and they had always turned me off.

As I was watching this k** strut his stuff for me I suddenly felt a hand on my ass. When I turned my head I came face to face with the young girl. I have to admit that she was very pretty and all natural. No makeup, or hair sprays, just a natural beauty.

She again smiled while we both just kept on dancing. This was something that had never happened to me before. I have had guys try to get a feel when I was younger, but never another girl. I became warm all over with excitement as I moved my rear against her hand.

Suddenly her hand pulled away, so I again turned to see where she was. Her dance partner had turned her around and had formed himself into her body from behind while they did this very nasty looking grind to the music. While doing this move they both began to bend their knees, moving into this squatting position which was kind of hard being that the floor was so crowded.

I had turned back to my partner when I suddenly felt one of the girl's hands slide up the inside of my leg and brush across the see thru crotch of my panties. The realization that this girl had just touched my panty covered pussy immediately made me wet with desire.

I again turned my head to look at her, and saw that they were still grinding together but had stood up. Catching my eyes, she slid her hand up her body over her breast and up to her mouth. At this point she smiled again then began to lick the finger, which I assumed was the one that had just touched between my legs. I must say this was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life, and I could now feel my juices start to seep into my sheer panties.

I didn't know what to do. I had never in my life had a woman try to even come on to me let alone do what this girl just did. I had never even thought about being with another woman. Not until now.

I began to remember certain stories that I had read on the Internet and my mind started to wonder. What would it feel like to kiss another woman? How would it feel to touch another woman? Could I actually bring myself to let my lips and tongue explore a woman's body, and what would it taste like? I was getting extremely aroused and curious.

The music changed and went into this wonderful Latin conga beat. The next thing I knew my partner had fallen into the conga line that was forming and pulled me up with him.

With my hands on his waist I fell into step. Someone grabbed my waist from behind and pressed their body up next to mine. From the feel of the breasts pressed into my back I knew it was the girl. When I looked back, we both smiled now, which must have given her even more encouragement.

The line began to twist and turn while everyone hung on trying not to break the connection. As the line began going through the darkest side of the dance floor I felt the girl slide her hand from my waist around to my stomach then up over my breast. I felt her gently pinch my hardened nipple.

As the line danced out of the corner she brought her hand back down to my waist and my nipple ached for the return of those wonderful fingers.

The line wound around some more and then the beat changed again. At this point everyone separated back into partners and I told the guy I was dancing with that I needed a rest.

We started squeezing our way through the dancing bodies, but I made sure to pass right next to the girl. As I was going by I nervously let my hand glide across her heart shaped rear.

She was wearing a short silky summer dress and when I touched her I swear she had nothing on underneath. The material of the dress was so thin that I could tell there were no panties, only skin.

As I stepped off the dance floor I felt my whole body heat up with excitement as it hit me what I had just done. I could feel my nipples standing out trying to push their way through the thin material of my bra and dress.

We went back to the bar and the boy who had stayed behind immediately handed me the drink that he had bought and I guzzled it down trying to quench the fire that was burning inside me.

As I set down the glass, my husband came walking up which was a relief because I wasn't sure how to get out of the situation with the two guys.

I immediately introduced him as my husband which was a bit awkward because I didn't even know the names of the two college boys. After thanking the guys for the dance and drink we went off to find a table. We found a little booth off in a corner, which a couple had just left so we grabbed it.

As I sat down my husband scooted in next to me and pulled me close. When I turned to look at him, he leaned in and began to kiss me in a way that made me burn red with embarrassment at kissing like this in public.

As he was kissing me he took my hand and placed it between his legs. I was shocked to find him hard as a rock. I could feel the heat coming through his slacks. Did just one kiss arouse him that quick?

Then it hit me, and I burned even hotter with embarrassment. He must have seen what had happened on the dance floor, even though I had felt positive that no one would notice.

My embarrassment now turned to excitement at the thought of my husband knowing about the play between myself, and the young girl.

I squeezed his hard cock through the material of his pants as our kissing continued. I felt his hand touch the inside of my thigh and begin traveling upward. My legs slowly opened with the desire to be touched in my most intimate spot knowing that people were all around us.

As he ran his fingers through my panty covered lips I couldn't help but moan in pleasure around my husband's sensuous tongue. He broke the kiss and brought his mouth to my ear and whispered that he couldn't believe how wet I was.

I could only moan in pleasure as he pushed the sheer panties between the lips of my pussy hitting my swollen sensitive clit. All I wanted to do now was to drag my husband up to the room and make love, but his next comment took me by surprise.

He said that I must have really liked the boy I was dancing with in order to get so aroused. He then asked what the boy had done to get me so excited. Now I knew what had gotten him so hard. It was his favorite fantasy involving a husband and wife with one or more strangers.

I had admitted that some of the stories that we had read together on the net did get me excited but I could never really do something like that. Now with the evidence at his fingertips how could I explain what it was that really got me so aroused.

With his fingers still stroking through the wetness between my legs he reminded me of the terms of the bet which I had just lost. Before he could go any further I leaned in and while rubbing his hard cock, told him all about what had happened on the dance floor with the girl.

I knew that this was also one of his fantasies and as I told the part about her fondling my nipple I swear his cock grew another inch.

The telling of the girl touching me and my husband's fingers now had me so hot that I didn't care if we were in public or not. I needed to cum.

I closed my eyes and leaned against my husband's shoulder as visions of the girl danced through my mind.

What took me over the edge was when I began to imagine that it was the girl who had her fingers rubbing my clit.

I grabbed the girl's hand as my hips pushed up to meet her beautiful probing fingers. I could feel my whole body tense as wave after wave of pleasure shook me to the core.

If it wasn't for the fact that my mouth was buried into her shoulder, I know I would have screamed out in pleasure.

As my orgasm came to an end my clit became so sensitive that I had to pull the girl's fingers away. At that moment of total bliss she kissed me. As her mouth closed over mine I could feel her tongue gently searching, then finding mine as they entwined like two lovers in a moment of passion.

As the kiss ended I opened my eyes and smiled at my wonderful husband. I couldn't believe how aroused I still was even after having one of the best orgasms of my life.

I began to push my husband out of the booth telling him we should go upstairs and finish what we had started, but he just smiled saying that he had a better idea.

Suddenly I remembered the bet and curiously wondered what my husband's dirty mind was coming up with.

A waitress came by and we ordered two drinks. I really liked the tea drink that I had so that's what we ordered. I was just now starting to feel the affects of the first drink that I had guzzled down.

As the waitress left to get our drinks my husband turned to me and kissed me again. He was obviously very aroused by everything that had happened so far tonight.

My husband now wanted to see which girl had been feeling me up on the dance floor so he suggested that we go dance so that I could point her out.

Just then the waitress came back with our drinks and as my husband was reaching for his money she told us that the drinks were compliments of the couple at the bar.

Leaning out of our booth to look in the direction of the bar we saw the couple who had been on the dance floor. The girl smiled so sensuously at me that I felt myself blush as if she knew all of my most intimate secrets. My husband waved for them to join us so they left the bar and slid into the empty bench across from us.

Introductions were made and I now knew her as Amber and her husband as Andrew. We all began conversation about where we lived and what we did for a living. The whole time I could feel the heat beginning to burn between my legs as I would sometimes make eye contact with Amber and she would smile, making my body tingle all over.

When we were on the dance floor before, I really hadn't paid much attention to Andrew, but looking at him now I saw that he was very attractive. They both appeared to be in their mid to late twenties.

They lived about 45 minutes south of San Francisco. We also learned that they came up to the city quite often. They told us that they loved the lifestyle here, but I really wouldn't know what that meant until later.

As I finished my second drink I needed to go to the bathroom. When I excused myself, Amber said she needed to go also. As we neared the bathroom that was just outside the bar, Amber slipped her arm through mine and told me that there was a better bathroom because this one was always too crowded.

When we passed I could see that she was right as there was a small line of girls waiting to go in. Amber walked me through the lobby and past the elevators. We went down a set of stairs which led us to a hall with meeting rooms on either side.

Being that it was late at night the rooms were all closed and the hallway was empty. Finally we came upon the women's bathroom. As we went in, my heart was beating so hard and fast that I was sure Amber could hear. The palms of my hands felt moist, but not as wet as I felt between my legs.

Before I could go into one of the stalls, Amber turned me around to face her. Her eyes were so alluring as she looked at me, then leaning in she brought her lips to mine.

The touch of her lips seemed to drain all of my doubts and fears. I felt weak as her lips softly moved upon mine. I had no choice but to put my arms around her waist, as I surely would have collapsed when I felt her lips gently open and her tongue slide sensuously into my mouth.

Kissing another woman was so different from a man. The only way to describe it is soft, gentle, and erotic. My whole body was tingling as our mouths made love. When I felt the tingling move down between my legs I was reminded that I needed to use the toilet.

I pulled away from Amber's hungry tongue and quickly stated that I needed to pee. I rushed into the stall and pulled my panties down just in time as the stream nearly exploded into the toilet. I swear the two drinks must have run straight through me.

When I had finished I reached for the tissue and discovered that the roll was empty. Totally embarrassed I had no choice but to ask for Amber to help me out of this predicament.

I heard her go into the stall next to mine and pull off some tissue. I was waiting for her to hand it to me under the wall when she suddenly opened the door and stepped in.

I looked up in complete surprise as Amber knelt on the floor in front of me and eased my knees apart saying that she wanted to help.

It happened so fast that I couldn't even respond until I felt her swipe the tissue from my rear up between my lips and then across my clit. The second she hit my clit I felt my body shudder with pleasure completely out of my control.

Amber folded the tissue in half and began a second swipe only this time much slower. When she hit my clit again I couldn't stop my hips from arching up in pleasure.

Looking up at me with lust in her eyes Amber dropped the tissue and brought her hands around to my ass and gently ran them down my thighs and grasped my panties. She slid them past my knees off one foot and then the other.

I watched as this beautiful girl leaned in and gently kissed my inner thigh. I felt her mouth open and her tongue began to trace small circles as her lips moved softly up my thigh.

As she moved higher she was slowly pushing my knees apart. I had never really considered having sex with another woman but now here I was in one of the most erotic situations of my life and there was no way that I was about to stop it.

As Amber neared my pussy I felt her softly blow on my clit and I could wait no longer. I put my hands to the back of her head and pulled her in. As soon as I felt her tongue my hips arched in pleasure as I ground into her searching mouth.

She flicked her tongue back and forth across my clit as she began to ease two fingers up into my pussy. As soon as she had them as deep as they would go I came. I have never really been very vocal during sex but tonight I could not keep the moans from escaping as I arched in orgasm.

My whole body was trembling as I pulled her mouth even tighter to my throbbing clit. I had no thoughts except of pure unadulterated pleasures. Wave after wave shook my body as Amber never let go of my clit.

As my orgasm began to slow, Amber pulled her fingers from inside my pussy and gently began to lick everywhere except my too sensitive clit.

Being a woman she knew exactly how to prolong my pleasure with her sexy lips and tongue. I was in heaven as she slid her tongue as far as it could go, sucking up all my hot juices.

When I felt Amber pull her tongue away I looked down to see this beautiful angel smiling up at me. As she got up off the floor I was again pulled into another sensuous kiss but this time I could taste my own orgasm all over her tongue.

While I was still sitting there with my panties down around my ankles, Amber broke our kiss and slowly stood up. I was mesmerized by her beautiful blue eyes looking down at me as she began to pull up the front of her dress.

She moved herself over me as she spread her legs wide so that she now straddled my naked thighs. As if they had a will of their own, my hands moved to her legs and began to caress the backs of her thighs.

My eyes dropped to the hem of her dress which was just below her crotch. It was as if she were teasing me by not letting me see what lay just under her lifted dress.

My own hands took over as I slid them up her legs and pushed the dress up to reveal her hidden treasure. As I said before, I have never been attracted to another female, nor have I even thought about having sex with one. But when I saw Amber's beautiful pussy I fell in lust.

She was completely without any hair. Her lips were swollen with desire and I could see her excitement actually running down her legs.

Her smell was completely intoxicating. There was the light scent of her perfume mixed with the musky odor of sex and I inhaled deeply getting high on this erotic moment. She was so beautiful.

I felt her fingers begin to entwine themselves in my hair and then she pulled me close. I knew what she wanted and for the first time in my life I put my mouth on another woman's pussy.

My tongue pushed out and made a long swipe from the bottom of her sex up to her clit. The taste was so exotic and nasty at the same time. Swallowing her juices I delved even deeper with my tongue.

When I hit on her clit again I felt Amber pull my hair to get me to stay right at her pleasure spot. Her clit was swollen as I gently began a sucking motion that I absolutely loved to have done to me.

This young girl had complete control over me as she again pulled on my hair letting me know that this was something she too enjoyed.

Just when I thought she was building to her orgasm Amber pulled my hair back breaking the lock I had on her pussy.

Again she leaned in and kissed me tasting her own juices this time. Leaving one hand tangled in my hair she reached up and undid the top buttons of her dress. Leaning down she gently pulled me by my hair up to her chest.

Amber pulled her dress aside and revealed her small breasts with some very aroused nipples. She now pulled my mouth up to one of those nipples and without hesitation I sucked it into my mouth.

As I played on her nipple with my tongue, my other hand went down to her smooth pussy. My fingers slid easily into her wet canal. I heard a deep intake of her breath as my fingers went even deeper.

She pulled my hair again taking me off her nipple. Amber was taking her time with this seduction. It was as if she knew this might be my only chance to know what it was like to be completely m*****ed by another woman.

This time after another kiss, Amber stood up and turned around. She still had me by the hair as she pulled my face to her cute little butt that I had touched when we were dancing. Her dress had fallen back down as I began to kiss one cheek then the other through the thin material.

With her other hand Amber began to pull her dress up. My kisses went to the exposed skin and traveled up with the hem of her dress. Soon I was licking and kissing her sexy ass.

Looking back at me she pulled my face to the center of her ass and leaned forward. I have never been interested in any anal play with my husband. He has tried but it just didn't seem right. Under Amber's seduction I didn't hesitate to kiss her on the rosebud.

She pulled me in tighter as I began to tickle her ass with my tongue. She began to rub her ass up and down my face stopping to let me lick at her ass then hump again. I reached between her legs and found her clit. Now she began to moan.

As I worked on her ass and clit at the same time I could hear her breathing getting faster and faster until she suddenly pulled my face tight into her ass and let out the most sensual cry I have ever heard.

Her legs were trembling as she came over and over again. I thought I might be smothered between her ass cheeks as she held me tight to her hole.

Amber finally came down and released her tight grip on my hair. It took her a moment to catch her breath as it did me. I was gently caressing her butt when she finally stood up and turned around.

Pulling me up off the toilet we kissed with a passion that only true lovers can know. This girl had awoken something in me that I never knew existed. Amber had shown me a passion that I had never experienced in my life. Not even with my own husband.

After more kissing and gentle touches we began to try and straighten our selves up. I went to reach for my panties but Amber got there first. She pulled them off one foot and then the other.

Bringing them to her nose she took in my scent and then put them into her purse. I was now to go out in public without my panties. It felt so slutty and wonderful.

When we had cleaned up and made ourselves presentable, Amber took me by the hand and led the way back up to the bar where our husband's were deep in conversation. I don't really know how long we were gone but we just gave the excuse of long lines at the bathroom.

As I sat down my husband leaned over and gave me a kiss which immediately made me think of Amber's sexy sweet mouth. I wondered if my husband could taste Amber's sex or smell her intoxicating scent.

This could end up being a very long weekend what with my losing the bet and all. I wondered what my husband had in store for me the rest of the night. It didn't take too long to find out.

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4 months ago
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loved the story
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Good stuff! Love a reluctant wife!
3 years ago
excellent plaese tell us about the rest of the weekend
3 years ago
Brilliant more please
3 years ago
Great story that i truly enjoyed and imagined it all the way through. Thank you for posting this very erotic event in your life.
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Lovely story,well conceived and related.
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Such an erotic adventure. I can only imagine what else you tried after that