A Seaside meeting

Ever since I was a boy I have loved visiting the seaside, the excitement of seeing such an expanse of water, the fun in the penny arcades and the taste of fish and chips. But when I visited recently it proved to be a very special visit one like no others and my excitement was found in a completely new sea side activity. I have written the story that follows because it helps me relive the passion, allows me to revisit my pleasure and my dreams come alive once more in the sights, sounds and smells so unique to this seaside story.

I travelled South for a business meeting, or at least a succession of meetings which would culminate in the winning of a large business deal. I would have to stop over night and had meetings booked for each morning and late afternoon. I prepared well for the meetings and arrived in Bexhill Surrey late on a Tuesday night, with nothing to do except eat and sl**p I settled into the guest house and had an early night. The next morning saw me strolling down the sea front towards Cooden, it wasn’t an area I knew but it was a lovely June morning and I was just enjoying the early morning sun. with a presentation in my mind I returned for breakfast, changed into a suit and left for the meeting. After waiting for an hour I was finally able to present. This was the first of 3 meetings and I knew I had to be on top form. I was good not brilliant but ok, I presented well and fielded the questions confidently, I left confident that I might get a second meeting and walked to the sea front with a bounce in my walk. I know needed to stay local and hope to receive a call in time to invite me to another meeting later in the afternoon. It was 11.30 and I guesses I had 4hours to kill, so what could I do. Fish and chips, how could I resist.

I bought my fish and chips and walked over the road to a bench. It was one of those where it has a canopy and faces in four directions. I of course wanted to face the sea this was too good to miss and with the sun shining on to the bench I plonked myself down. Close to me was a rather pretty looking lady, quite small an petite she smiled as I sat down and answered with an even better smile when I said hello. Being a sucker (oops that was quite apt) for a smile I looked again at her mmmmmm she looked in her late 50's very neat with black boots and a tweed skirt. As I was feeling confident from my meeting I asked her if she wanted a chip and as I did I wondered what had brought her to this the quiet end of town. Surprisingly she said yes, thank you I would love a chip and I slid closer to her to offer the packet. She was very pleasant, lovely in fact and we got talking very quickly. Although she ate very few I enjoyed sharing with her and she seemed to be getting more friendly. We quickly passed the conversation about the weather and agreed it wa a wonderful day. Like me she was having a good day and was revelling in my attention. I finished my chips and looked for a bin, safely deposited I turned to sit back down. I was very surprised to see she had moved even closer to where I was sitting, a sudden buzz passed through me as I saw this as a very positive move. When I sat down I made sure I was close to her, without needing to I sat so our legs were touching, expecting her to move away I was excited to see her press her leg ever so slightly towards mine. Wow I was now feeling very, shall we say warm. I placed my arm on the bench behind her and she just smiled, her eyes sparkled and her mouth slightly opened but said nothing.

I have a very strong attraction towards mature ladies, not young myself I had long found the beauty in a mature woman, the way they touch, the softness of their bodies and the knowledge that have about men and themselves mean by preference I would choose such a lady. Suddenly nervous I placed my other hand in my lap, wanting to slide it over and touch her tweed skirt. in a briefest moment I was wondering if I dare. Her hands were clenched in her lap and I made my move. My hand moved on top of hers and I leaned towards her. I just needed to see some encouragement, this was a complete stranger and I had no idea if she would be offended or take flight. She held her position but let me place my hand on hers. Her mouth opened slightly more and she turned to face me again. I took the chance to steal a kiss, a soft kiss not long but on her pinkish lips. As we parted she said that I had surprised her, she was not used to being kissed by a complete stranger, but when I said did she enjoy, she said yes but don’t stop now.

Our lips came together again only this time with passion, at first with mouths closed we soon began to explore each others eager embrace. with no one in site I let my passion run riot as I gave her the most passionate kisses and she returned them with even more intensity . It was like unlocking a caged a****l and she wrapped her arms around me and allowed me to press against the bench. She was like a living doll as I squeezed her tight and pulled her close to me. My hands run up and down her back as I felt her body shaking against mine and she quivered as I touched her nylon covered leg. I was aware that we was in public but I ignored the passer by and her encouragement made me even more horny. My hand slipped between us and I thumbled a little to find her beautiful little nipples, I was able to cup her small tit in one hand and I could sense her pleasure from small moans. With still some caution I looked around to see we were alone and I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and slipped my hand inside. her token resistance was easily overcome as I reached inside to touch her soft yet still firm titty. My hand was able to creep under her bra and she continued to moan as I squeezed her nipple. she stopped breathing long enough to say "take me somewhere and fuck me" "but not here". I could see how aroused she was from the look in her eyes and her hand had moved down and was clutching my hard cock. I held her hand and guided it to the zip which she eagerly opened and slide her hand inside. Now with just underpants stopping her she expertly moved them to onside to grab my cock. Oh my god could she touch and she proceed to stroke my cock in full view of anyone that may pass. Although hidden by the closeness of our bodies I had a feeling she would fuck me there and then. She was already making my balls tight against my cock and she eagerly squeezes and played with them. By this time I was so turned on, I just had to feel her but she stopped me and said "wait". But when I thought she meant for privacy I was stunned as she leant down and took my cock in her mouth. she suck at me and used her hand to make me come so close. I was aware that people where passing and now it was obvious to everyone what she was doing. Fearing an imminent arrest I blurted out "we need to move" . She had one last long suck that pulled the cum from my balls and filled her mouth with sticky spunk, I could see her swallowing as she lifted her head and there was spunk dribbling from her mouth as she kissed me with her tongue pushed into my mouth. " Now take me somewhere and fuck my arse" she said. We adjusted our clothes and walked towards Cooden, I could see some beach huts and I just hoped we could find somewhere more private.

As we walked I received a text, yes, I had made the next meeting and I had 2 hours left before I needed to leave. We walked talking as we went, I learnt a little about her and how she had lost her husband and was sexually very frustrated, although she had toys she missed the real thing of a throbbing cock driving between her legs. I didn’t doubt that this beautiful lady was a perfectly respectable lady in the community but I knew she wanted some dirty sex now. we came to the beach huts and tried some doors, of course they were locked , well that is except one. I was surprised that when I tried the umpteenth door it creaked and opened. The small hut had a lounger on the floor placed in the centre and there was light filling the room from the high windows. I beckoned her in and eagerly followed her. As I went to shut the door she said "no leave it open". Who was I to argue and I moved her onto the lounger where I could see her so well. my hands were quickly pulling at her blouse and my lips eager for her kisses. as we kissed she sucked hard on my lips and I could feel her nails digging into my back. I managed to open her blouse and pull her bra so that I could see her perfect titties. The nipples were erect and she moaned as I sucked on them, every so often I felt her convulse as I tipped her over and moved her one step closer to letting her orgasms take over. We lay on the lounger and were oblivious of the people passing, without a doubt they could see me as I undone and pulled down her tweed skirt. I could see her white lacey pantys and tan stockings being held up by matching suspenders. Now it was my turn as first I run my hands up her sensitive legs and I felt her quivering as I pushed ever closer to her pantys. When at last I allowed myself the pleasure of touching her I felt her wet pantys as they had soaked up most of her juice. The remaining juices were dripping down her legs and I could not wait any longer to lick her legs. My tongue pushed under her pantys and into her gaping pussy. Without a hesitation I pulled her pantys down to see her hairy pussy and she opened her legs so wide I could see the pink pussy within. My head was back down on her and I felt the full f***es of on of her orgasms as she came in my mouth. By now so wet I struggled to keep my tongue inside her, with fingers I explored her clit and was rewarded with a second almost instant orgasm. My fingers squeezed her bum cheeks and I let my finger find her arsehole. Carefully first one finger and then two I pushed my fingers inside her and loved her movement as she moaned even more. As she took my fingers she said "now shut the door and fuck my arsehole". Without loosing touch of her arse I slammed the door shut and dragged her towards me. turning her over so roughly I gazed at her gaping arse hole before plunging my hard cock straight inside. immediately she had the biggest orgasm yet and I pumped her arse like there was no tomorrow. I lifted her onto me my lap, I laid her down flat I had her over and over again and every time my cock gave in she took it in her mouth and sucked life and hardness back. I fucked her cunt and her arse, I had my fingers tongue in every hole and she was still eager for more. Eventually we collapsed onto the pool of juices below us, we were completely shagged and just lay hugging. I guess we didn’t move for sometime before we staggered to our feet. I glanced at the time and was pleased to see I had time to get back and clean up. as we left the Hut I burst out laughing as she gave me a key and asked me to lock up.

Hehe what a woman, what a slut she had used me, played me like a puppet, but boy was she good and as for the smell sounds and taste of the seaside wow that was the best ever trip to the sea side.

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4 years ago
great :) i can hardly wait for summer to go 'peeping' again.
which number hut was it?
4 years ago
very nice.. always wanted one of those huts
4 years ago
fanatstic story honey xxx really turned me on xxx