Our First Experience At A Swinger's Club (Tru

Being Friday afternoon, my wife and I wanted to do something fun, erotic, sexually charged. We decided to post an ad on our local website to see if we could drum up another man for our sexual appetite. Tonight we were looking for a man with a very large cock. So I wrote up an ad, put in the pictures, and had my wife approve it. This is what we said, “We are a couple in search of a third for sexual fun. She is 40wf, BBW, redhead, 42DD's, shaved smooth, and loves oral (giving and receiving. I am wm41, 6'6", 290#, average size cock. We want to photograph our occasion, no face shots. We love DP, DV,. You must be white or Hispanic, well hung, D&D free, play safe."
After she approved the ad, I posted it on the website. We received some responses, but nothing that really grabbed our attention. I was getting tired of looking and waiting for something to jump out. By this time the afternoon was over and it was late evening, and we had nothing set-up. We found a couple different ones that were okay and we tried responding to. They ended up being flakes. So here it was almost nine in the evening and nothing to do. We were both really horny and wanting something extra. She started questioning me about the swingers clubs in town, and asked if I knew of anyone who had been to one, or knew how they worked. It just so happened Seth a co-worker of mine was talking about his experience at a place here in Vegas not too long ago. I made a phone call to him, and asked him if he would be willing to tell us about the club he went to. Seth was more than happy to give us the low-down on the swinger club, but Seth suggested another place instead of the one he was talking about at work. My wife listened in on speaker phone, so she too would get the full scoop on how it worked. After our conversation with Seth, she was convinced, she wanted to try it. I was in disbelief..."Really" I said, she was horny and had a few drinks in her, so she was good to go.
She began to shower and get ready for our adventure into the unknown, I was map questing where this place was here in Vegas, and then I too began to get ready. She was dressing into this short black dress, short enough if she bent over you saw ass, she had on my favorite sexy blue lace panties, and a bra to match. She looked hot, and ready to find her some dick... I was dressed in loose fitting slacks, and a t-shirt, I wasn't sure what to expect of this place. My wife packed the condoms, and the lube into her small purse, and we headed out the door. Thoughts were pouring through my head, all the different scenarios that could take place, all of which excited the hell out of me… She has never been with a black guy, we see black guys advertise on the website with huge 10+ inch cocks, but she doesn’t seem to interested in them. She lived in Mexico for 6 years before we were married, so she doesn’t mind Hispanic men… I think she just needs to open her mind up a little more, and let it happen. I wasn’t sure, but I figured there would be men of all races at these kinds of places.
We get to the club and it’s pink and red colors were glowing from this place, after parking the truck we sat for a moment, held hands, and made sure we were both okay with this. We exited the vehicle and slowly walked up to the entrance hand in hand. There were several people leaving. They were all smiling, laughing, and having a great time… this was a good sign. Upon entering the club we had to pay a donation fee to this nice older gentleman who apparently with his wife owns the place; he welcomed us with a smile and a handshake.
We walked through the place checking out all the different things going on, we grabbed a couple of waters from the bar area, then we sat down at some tables watching the live band and half naked people dancing on the dance floor. I spotted this room that appeared interesting, so we walked over and through this archway into what was a room full of beds placed around the edge of the room, and one in the middle, where a couple were hard at it fucking their brains out. People were standing around watching, some were stroking there cocks, and some women were rubbing themselves… my wife and I sat on a couch that was big enough for her and I, and one other man who wandered in and sat next to my wife. He was an Asian man there for his first time. He struck up a conversation with my wife as we all watched others fucking and sucking in several of the beds… I caught him a couple of times checking my wife’s tits out, and he appeared to be very interested. As we sat watching, I maneuvered myself so I could moved her legs apart some, enough so he could sneak a peek when he would lean forward and look back at her. At this point I knew he was very interested in seeing more… So I stood up, took her by the hand, and led her to one of the beds off in the corners. It was slightly darker, and harder to see, but I figured she would be a little more comfortable there. As we began to walk towards the bed, I looked over my shoulder and asked if him if he would like to join us?
He said he would love to, he said he would return in a moment he had to grab something, and so he walked out of the room. While he was gone, I began to kiss my wife and I slipped her dress off, and undid her bra, laying them on the floor next to the bed. She got on her hands and knees as I pulled off my pants and released my cock; she took me into her mouth and sucked me deep. She took me down her throat in and out so smooth; I was barely able to contain myself. Then the Asian guy returned, he slipped off his clothes, and got up on the bed with my wife. I turned her around so her ass was towards me, and she could suck him while I fucked her from behind. With all the excitement, and people watching the three of us, I came fairly quickly. She was sucking him, and by the sounds of it he was really enjoying my wife’s mouth. Then another guy climbed onto the bed on his knees next to her head, and he took one of her hands making her stroke him as she sucked on the other cock. She was in heaven, so was I. Then, the Asian guy came, then he got up, and the guy who was on his knees took over the Asian guy’s spot. She sucked him like there was no tomorrow. Then another guy came up next to me, and started running his hands on her ass, he started to finger fuck her pussy, and she came hard with him doing that, and the guy she was sucking off came in her mouth. He moved off the bed, and the guy fingering her pussy moved in where he could get his cock sucked.
While all this was going on I was laying next to her touching her, letting her know I was right there. Then it happened… These three black guys came over to her while she was sucking a cock; they started rubbing her ass as they were stroking their hung cocks… Then one by one they slipped on a condom and took her. She got the guy off she was sucking as he came all over her face, then she really started moaning when she felt her first ever black cock penetrate her pussy. They pounded her pussy from behind and she took every inch of what they offered… I think the last guy had to be at least 9-10 inches in length, it was dark, but enough light to see some… She was enjoying herself fully as one of the black guys slipped around and got under her enough she could suck him… he grabbed the back of her head and was making her take his long thick shaft down her throat. She slobbered all over this black dick; he made her beg for it, telling him “shove that black dick down my throat.” He finally after 10 minutes or so he came a huge load all over her tongue, and face… Once the last black guy penetrated her pussy, he fucked her good as he shoved a couple of fingers into her ass, she came even more… Then he finally shot his load into his condom and pulled out of her… I actually thanked these three guys as they made our night. By now it was 2am and the place was getting ready to close. She was worn out to the max… I was all sorts of excited, we arrived at home, I got her into bed, and she was asl**p in seconds… I was still so aroused I laid there and ran my fingers and hand on her as I stroked my cock to orgasm… What a great night we had, and I hope to do it again…

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18 days ago
Thanks for sharing this exciting story of yours; it gave me an erection and then some.
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks
3 years ago
Great Story
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3 years ago
Freat story thanks for sharing