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I was happy with the sex I was getting a mixture of on off relationships and some long term friends who basically just wanted no strings attached fun at their and my convenience. I was however wondering what it would be like to have some fun with a young female. I was now 45 years old and although I was in good shape felt that teen sex was something of a memory. I decided to entertain these feelings and they grew and grew in my subconcious. I was the type who ususally picked up their hoes at the night clubs in town but this time I decided I would frequent the younger trendier nighspots with the xpectation that I would be laughed at but also with the hope that I would somehow be lucky.

I went out on the Saturday night and had a few light beers then went into the highclub where I found hundreds of young poosey just bursting out of their clothes. Maybe it was my age but I felt rejuvenated by these sights and the more I looked the more I wanted to touch. This place was just wall to wall poosey of the tender veriety. toward the end of the night I spotted these two young things behaving chracteristically youghful and in a non beligerant way teasing. I got into the swing of things laughing at what they laughed at and taking a swig of my drink at the same time they did. This helped to get us chatting. To cut a longer story short as the night wore on and we at least recognised one another the time came to leave and I went to to the pair and addressed the slightly older looking one who was just sprouting mature boods that seemed in my imagination to drip nector. The other one wore yellow shorts and I avoided getting cought looking at the outline of her young poosey. Anyway I was about to open my mouth and address the pair when the older one looked at me and right away knew that I was an oldr guy who desperately wanted some young cunt. She looked at me and blushed, I could not tell if she was also turned on in her little world but I sort of was relaxed and knew that the cards were on the table.
Outside I suggested we have a small drink at my place and to me amazement they both agreed, though one was rather d***k and was led by the older of the two. Getting into my place I imediately enquired about their ages they both laughed and blushed I introduced the idea of me feeling them and if that was of interest to them...they blushed some more but in no was where hostile to the idea.
With this green light I lived out a fantazy I've had during the week... I said that I would need to chack if she the smaller of the two girls were of age an that there was a simple way for me to do this. I went over to her, undid the button on her yellow shorts and pulled them down then I pulled down her white knickers, knelt down and sniffed her little fanny/cunt hole. I could hear her giggle uptop and flinch here and there as my lips and tongue felt into her small glistening little pink lips.
I sat her then on an arm chair and turned to the oldr girl who had these wonderful sprouting tits. I went over to her and took her blue tee shirt off and then her small bra and then sucked on her little tis, then standing side on I ran my hand down onto her bum and began to caress her there and with the other hand gently grabbed her little snatch all the time rubbing and grinding my my hips into her side whilst sucking her tits.
After a while I sopped and asked them to undress and they began to do so. I helped in tis task and also undressed myself likewiseI pushed the couch back to the wall and lay down on the new carpet and invited to girls to join me. I immediately mounted the older looking one and began to pump her in the missionary style, I was so turned on it was all I could do, it was enough because here I was fulfilling me fantazy. My balls were bursting as my cock rifled into this young tart, also I was fingering her friend as she lay beside us supposedly waiting her turn for a good fuck.
I stood up and had both girls kneel in front of me then I wanked a load of jiz onto their faces, they were so embarrased and at the same time excited. They wee cleaned off and then we sat about drinking coffee and laughing of what had taken place I was late but I was just waiting for my balls to once again engorge so I could fuck them agaain in another way...this I did for a few more times, doggy style on the smaller one and hearing her cry out and moan was great. I fucked the other with her long legs aroung my headwhile the smaller one on all fours pocked and played with her ass hole right in front of me. I licked both girl shit holes with the taste of the young cum juice on my lips had them both suck my cock till my load went all over them which was not long waited for and til this ay I haven't seen sight nor sound of those two young cunts but anyitme I was to come I just think about them I boom I'm awaay.
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Fuck those young whores!