The Cumming of the Dolls

Masturbating is quite exhillarating, as we all know. I sometimes
use dolls. Whether it's Barbie, or Madame Alexander, if she's a
boinkable doll, i'm all over her! This is my story of a certain
doll in my past!


she was a bride doll, stuck in a wooden cabinet, staring out behind
a glass door. She never did anything. She just sat there. She
never was played with. She very rarely was even touched. She
looked so lovely! She was 18" tall. She had long blonde hair, a
cloth body, and a very pretty rubber/vinyl head, arms, and legs.
When i saw her everyday at my aunt's house, i wanted to play with
her, but in a very sexual way. I wanted to masturbate with the
doll, creaming her beautiful face, making it a gooey mess. I never
could get in that doll cabinet, though. My aunt was always around,
watching tv, or whatever. I needed her to get lost for a while, to
go for a drive, or a walk. If she left the house, i would fuck the
doll, and have it cleaned up and back in the cabinet before she
returned. Well, my luck was good one day. She told me she was
going out of town that weekend, and she wanted me to house sit for
her. She had a cat, and needed me to feed and water the cat
everyday while she was gone. I told her i would, in a heartbeat! I
was so determined to make love to her doll! It was so great,
because it was just a day away when she would be gone on her little
excursion, and i would be making a sexual mess on the dolly's face.
Well, we said goodbye, and she took off on her trip. I walked
slowly back into her house. I didn't wanna just boink the doll, and
that would be it. I wanted to sex the doll up all weekend! There
was time to do that, and so i didn't rush. I took things slow and
easy. I did wanna check the doll out, so i went into the cabinet,
and i opened it up. I squeezed the doll's head, and it felt so
squishy and soft. Before i knew it, i was hard for it! I brought
the doll to the couch, and sat down. I sat the doll onto the bulge
in my pants. The bulge was throbbing, and i could no longer take
the anticipation. I needed it to stop, so i undid my pants, pulled
down my boxers, and there it was, a rock hard erection. The doll
needed to be on it! So i sat the doll down near my erection, and
cuffed her arms around it. I maneurved her hands up and down on my
cock, slow and easy. After a few minutes or so, pre-cum was seeping
from my hardness, with an erupting volcano to follow. I rubbed the
wet head of my dick against the doll's face, seeing the creamy
residue on her lips and cheeks. I pushed my dick into the doll's
face, collapsing it, and the pulled it back out. The doll's face
pushed back outward into the normal position. I noticed even more
wetness on the doll's face this time, as i saw quite a drip of
manjuice slowly run down my purple helmet. I continued forcing my
cock into the doll's face, a little bit faster this time. Even more
wetness appeared on her pretty little face. I continued, and felt a
wild and warm feeling shoot through my dick. I looked at the doll's
face, which was not recognizable at this point. The doll's face was
almost covered with cum. It was rolling down her cheeks, down her
chin, her lips, and onto her dress. I pushed up on her hands, for
another repetition, and i felt more of a rush. Her face was really
a wet, gooey wreck! My body shuddered. The doll's legs were
straddling the base of my cock, as her hands were around the shaft.
I pushed up and down on the doll again, as more of my manjuice wet
the doll. A pretty good cumshot wet her bangs, flew onto her dress,
and onto my shirt. I wanted to keep cumming on the doll! It felt
so beautiful! I manuvered her hands around my shaft and then back
up a few more times, the cum rising to the surface of my cock, and
onto the doll's face. I kept going, over and over, slowly creaming
the doll. She felt so great on my cock! i could stay like this all
night! I was really making a huge stain on her dress. I was making
sweet love to that doll, and i didn't care. My aunt never brought
the doll out of the cabinet. She seemed to just stick her in there,
and forget about her. I was at least making use of the doll. My
aunt should have just gave her away. After a while of being in the
afterglow, i sat the doll down. I walked into another room, and saw
a cabinet, with LOTSA dolls in it! I couldn't just leave them in
their cabinets without playing with them, so i brought them all
out. They were about 8 dolls all together. They all were like the
first doll, and were very beautiful. All night long, i fucked
them. I loved sexually overpowering them, and cumming on them. I
had a memorable weekend, as i almost non-stop masturbated with those
dolls. I slept in the nude, and they were strewn all over the bed
when i awoke the next morning. I made quite a mess of them, but
early monday morning, i did clean them up really good and place them
back in the cabinets. My aunt returned from her trip, and thanked me
for housesitting for her. She told me that she wanted to go out of
town the next weekend, and of course, i told her i would housesit
for her again, as many times as she wanted. I would do anything to
boink her dolls into submission again, and for a long time, i did
just that!

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10 months ago
sounds like fun!
1 year ago
Nice story. Sounds like a lot of fun! :)
1 year ago
I have had fun with my sisters dolls, love the ones that are life like and full size.