my second time

after failing to loose my virginity,i decided to try again. my man friend love to fish and would make his way to inch early every sat morn. being a creature of habit he always returned at the same time. one sat evening i accidently on purpose bumped into him on his way home. standing at the side of the road he stopped and offered a lift. knowing rightly what i was doing i told him i was just out for a walk. asking if i was ok after our last encounter and seeking reassurance, i told him that i really would like to do it again.he told me that he hoped id say that and he had a surprise for me at home. i then told him i was dressed underneath. back at his home, he led me to the back garage he showed my pressie and asked me to try it on. it was a little black dress. i stripped down to my red bra n knickers(my s****rs) and her spotted black tights,slipped on the dressand he zipped me up. wow i just loved the feeling of the dress flowing just above my knees as i paraded around for him. the bulge in my pants showed through my new dress. seeing this he approached me, my heart was pounding,he walked around me loooking me up and down. standing behind me i thought this is what i wanted to do as he lifted up my dress and rubbed my ass. he slid his hands inside my pants and moved in close kissing me on the back of my neck9didnt like his stubble but i didnt say ) his hands moved round to my cock. he began to stroke it and rub it. i could feel he was getting hard. he told me to kneel down and took out his cock, he told me to kiss it gently and use my tongue on the shaft before opening my mouth and taking him in. he began to tell me how to suck his cock. in and out slowly.i must ave went to far as i gagged, he laughed out loud. i was a bit embarrased and seeing my redner he told me to go again.he pulled his foreskin back put his cock in my mouth and i started again.he told me to use my hand and pull at the same time, which i did. i was loving this, i was hopeing for him to say bend over, instead he put his hands on the side of my head and began to thrust, he stopped suddenly and i could feel my mouth fill up with his cum, i almost chocked aa i coughed he held me tight and some of the cum went on his balls ,legs and my chin. as he finished he relaxed his grip saying that was great. he told me to swallow, which i did,then he said all of it, i said i did, he pointed to my chin and his balls,i slipped my tongue out to lick his balls clean and usad my hand to clean my chin,making sure i swallowed it all. then it was his turn. he put me down on the rug again, taking my pant and tights down to my ankles he began to suck me dry. but this time he spat on his finger making sure i saw him. as he beigan to suck he began to touch my ass and getting close to my asshole he gently inserted his finger. it was sore and i jumped slightly. he stopped and told me to relax. i tried to relax but it took a while. once he got going with his finger it felt great and i asked him to fuck me. he wouldnt saying that it would hurt to much and i would need to learn to relax and bbuild up to it and it would take time.i was almost pleading with him but he refused and said it will come. he assured me and then asked to finish me off. i felt the heat of his mouth once more and again his wet finger going inside me and a few thrusts later i exploded into his mouth. "good vintage he said" it felt so good.
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7 months ago
that would be something I love todo again and again