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Good morning all you xhamster........it's been a long time since I have posted a story as nothing really exciting has happened. But this past 4th of July was a very, very memorable one for me. Since I moved to this western Maryland resort of Deep Creek Lake I have been seeing and dating a lot of gorgeous older women who are sex starved divorcees or widows. One of the favorite watering holes I frequent is always crowed with such women. They either come with other women or friends and the majority of them are just looking for a great time or conversation. I have struck out a lot with some of them but this past 4th was just.......how can I say very erotic. Met this woman who was an attorney from Anne Arundel county(MD) and we hit it off almost right away and spent most of the evening listening to the band on the outside deck and drinking and just having a great time together. Well when the band quit she invited me to come back to her lake house for a night cap so off we went. We sat on her deck an watch the fireworks still going off in the middle of the night and one thing led to another and that is where this (true) story gets interesting. Kissing is always something that comes naturally and with that lots of heavy breathing and touchy feely stuff.....and the next thing I know she was massaging my cock and me her lucious tits and wow when she uncoevered them they were just amazing and this woman is 60 years old and her body is that of a 30 year old. The next thing I know we are in her bedroom and naked on her bed when she suggests we shower together which we did and that by itself was something I had never done before but after washing each other she just gently pushed my head down and said please lick my pussy which I did and it was something I couldn't get enough of as it must have been 10 minutes of me licking and sucking her clit and putting my fingers in her when finally she shut off the water and let me to the bed where she sucked on my cock till I came in her mouth and then she lie down on the bed and said suck my pussy again and in the back of my mind I am thinking how my cock went soft and will it get hard again. As I kept sucking her clit I could feel it getting hard again and it got me so excited thinking I had not stuck my cock in her lovely trimmed pussy yet and the more I licked the harder it got till I finally had to get up and she raised her lets and guided in for me. That's when things really got me turned on as she said so many dirty words the more she said them the harder I got and the more intense things were getting. But then she stopped me and rolled over and said fuck me in my pussy and my ass which I obliged her. It was so hard for me to try and keep from cumming but as soon as I stuck it in her ass it only took about 30 seconds till my cock exploded and it was so intense I damn near passed out and was so out of breath that I said baby I need to rest now.......she just kissed me and held me and said she had not been fucked like that for almost 3 years. Just to let you know readers that she was sixty and I had just turned 68 years old but still don't need Viagra or another inducing pill to get a massive hard on. But now for the conclusion.....having spend the night together we showered and she said she was taking me for breakfast so off to Applebys we went and she ran into two of her lady friends for her area and they joined us and we ate and chatted getting to know the other two women better I could sense that they were up to no good (wink) as they kept telling Leslie that she should share this gentleman with them and they all laughed but little did I know what was in store for me later in the morning. We finished and as we were leaving Leslie tells them to stop by her place and we can have a cook out later in the day but I told her I was going to my daughters in PA for a picnic. Well time rolled on and the next thing I know it was after one in the afternoon and I hadn't left for my daughters yet. Then the other two women showed up and my plans went down the drain so to speak. The other two ladies had already been sipping too much wine when one suggested we all get in the hot tub so I uncovered it and said I would join them in a minute or two as I had to go and relieve myself. As I walked out on the deck in a bathing suit there they were already in there and laughing and having a great time and one said what is with the bathing suit and I said well I just thought it was proper and the one woman stood up naked and said well look at me I am naked so down they came and I joined them. Talking and sipping wine led to Leslie telling them how good I was in bed and it embarassed me a little but I didn't show it and then to my complete surprise they all said let's go inside and get more comfy and I thought again to myself what if they suggest we try a foursome or something and that sorta worried me that maybe I couldn't satisfy all of them but told myself I have to keep my thoughts clear and try to enjoy it as best I can and give them what they want. The other two were younger than Leslie and both divorced but what bodies they had for older women(just shows you what money can buy). They pushed me on the bed and one starting sucking my cock as the other one kissed me and then she just sat on my face and said suck me till I cum so I licked and stuck my tongue in and out of her warm pussy and I could hear Leslie in the background encouraging me to really show them what I have. Janet sucking on me and me licking Donna's wet pussy was about all I could take and I said I need to stick my cock in someone's pussy.......with that everyone jumped and laid themselves out on the bed and Leslie said pick one so as her being the hostess I stuck my raging hard cock in her and only pumped for about 30 seconds when the others said give me some cock so I just worked my way down the edge of the bed till I fucked all three and after about 20 minutes I couldn't stand it any longer and said I am going to cum then Leslie said no not yet and pulled me out and said wait a minute.
To my surprise one of them suggested they flip a coin to see who gets to make me cum and Danielle won the toss so she said stick that cock back in me and don't cum till I tell you, but I was just a few short seconds away from a mind blowing ejaculation. I had only stuck it in and said I am coming when she pushed me out and got on her knees and said cum in my mouth which only took about 3 seconds when again I had the most mind blowing orgasm I had ever had. With that they all lie down on the bed in a row and said lick our pussies and and make us cum again. I licked Leslie and it only took about 15 seconds till to my COMPLETE surprise she was a squirter and drenched my face and I was just so surprised and Donna said my turn so I licked and sucked her pussy and fondled her lucious tits for what seemed like forever when she finally just heaved up in my face and came over and over and finally just shuddered and groaned oh my god she said........so to finish this up I can only said things like this only happen once in a lifetime they say but we have made plans to get together next weekend as they are coming back to the lake for the city for relaxation. I just can't say enough how much pleasure this was but it did about drain me of all my energy as that was superior to the other two women I wrote about a couple years ago(which had since fizzled out). So I will keep you posted as this goes on for what I hope is a long time to come....and again this is a very true story.......
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