Wow what a threesome

Just got back to college from winter break, and still very horny from my first man to man experience, I was only 19 and it seemed that I had just found my penis for the first time so you can imagine how bad I wanted to use it, living in my own place helped this along, as I was able to feed all my new indulgences from shaving my whole body, to dressing up, and playing with all kinds of new toys I had been picking up, but I had yet to meet up with anyone since my first encounters, and I was getting very antsy for the real thing, I had began to meet people online and had a few close calls but I was too scared to meet just anyone, when I saw a posting on a meet-up site.."2 guys coming to town, looking for a 3rd"
Intrigued I opened the posting to find out that this was a couple of guys who owned their own business, and had come to town for some sort of convention, they seemed clean and safe so I agreed to meet them at their hotel for drinks the next night.

The next day came and my heart was pounding, I took a shower, and dressed normally, but packed a "goodie bag" full of toys, lube, and some sexy attire, I got to the bar to see a guy in a white shirt waving me over to their both booth, I was impressed at first, both guys looked hot, and I still didn't think I was attracted to guys, they were both in their mid-thirties, and in good shape with nice hair and cloths, I felt instantly good about my choice to meet them.

As we had a few drinks they told me how Alex was a total top, and that Rick was versatile, but hadn't fucked anyone in a very long time, I told them that I saw myself the same, and was just looking for a good safe time, I told them I was into dressing up, and they both said great, "the kinkier the better" I was very nervous and very turned on.

We finished our drinks and went to their room, I ducked into the bathroom to get dressed, I was wearing a Baby doll teddy, and heels, a blond wig and a little bit of makeup, I thought I looked pretty passable for just staring to dress, as I opened the door, I saw both me wearing nothing, and making out on the bed I walked right over and kissed them both, and worked my way down to their cocks, Alex was bigger than Rick about 7" to Rick's 5, I began sucking Rick while jerking off Alex, I looked up to see them kissing, I was going back and fourth between the 2 cocks, when they pulled me up to kiss and lick, as Alex slid to the headboard I crawled up to suck him off, Rick then knelt down behind me to lick and finger my ass, I almost came, Rick's tongue was so strong and went so deep, before I knew it Rick was behind me pounding the hell out of me, I was gagging on Alex's cock, while Rick was shouting instructions, "That's right slut work that cock" Alex was looking at me like, just you wait, I was so excited, it didn't take Rick long and just before he came, he pulled out and shoot in my mouth, while cleaning him off, Alex pulled onto of him and kissed me, I leaned back and sat up to sit on his big thick cock, It hurt but felt so good at the same time, I was riding him like I had been doing it for years, and just when I thought he was going to explode, he turns me over and rams my ass so hard I screamed, Rick quickly covered my mouth with his hands, and just said "shhhh it's almost over" and it was, as I had tears coming down my cheeks, but wanted to keep going, Alex let out a huge moan and unloaded inside my ass, then tossed me onto the other bed, as I lay quivering, Rick came over and said your turn, and began licking my ass again, as Alex sucked me off to completion, I came very fast, we all lay there exhausted til morning, I washed up and went home..sore as fuck, but what a great night.
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