In from college, my first

I was back home for summer break when I ran into Ray at the grocery store, Ray and I graduated high school in the same class we had always been friendly but not really friends, Ray hugged me and told me how great it was to see me, he was much more feminine than he had been in school, he ask if I would like to come over to his apartment and get high later, I said sure, and thought little more about it.

After I got home and considered why Ray was asking me over I got nervous, and to be honest a bit excited, so I showered up and left for Ray's house, when I got there we had a few beers, and a few bong hits, as I chill on the couch Ray got up and said "Be back in a few, you be here when I get back?" as he said with a grin. Sure I said, as the vibe clear he wanted me, and I was at least open to him.

As I sit watching tv, I see this cute red headed girl standing by the tv, it was Ray in white thigh highs tiny white panties and a push-up bra, full make up and a sexy long red wig.."Ray has left, my name is Lynn"

He walked over and sat beside me on the couch, I kissed him while, he began to straddle me, we made out for a while, as I ran my finger along the outside of his panties, pushing them in on his tight little hole, he let out little moans with each push of my finger..Lynn/Ray stood up and helped me off with my shirt and pants, my cock was as hard as it's ever been, Lynn began to kiss down my chest and took my cock in her mouth, I almost came right then, he knew it as he slowed down, and just held my cock tight in his mouth, as he caressed my thighs, as I calmed my self he gave me the sucking of my life, moaning while deep throating every inch, as he pulls my hips towards him, he lifts my legs and begins to kiss down to my asshole, teasing around it for a bit, "DO IT!" I proclaimed, as he buried his tongue in my ass, I was in heaven, He slid into the floor, and I sat right on his face as he could continue licking my he was face deep, I leaned forward and began to lick his cock, he was completely shaved and got hard while in my mouth, it was my first time but I think I was a natural, while sucking like a maniac and driving fingers in Lynn's ass, he came quickly, I caught it all..quickly turned around and kissed Lynn, his cum running out over both of lips, it was so sensual, as we kissed, I whispered in his ear, bend over the arm of the couch, he quivered but quickly did as I ask, I put my cock in face to lube me up, he did with pleasure, as I got behind, I went to one knee and tongue fucked that tight ass, as it was sloppy and moist I stood up, f***ed my cock into that tight ass, Lynn squealed with pain and pleasure, I went slow until I got all the way in, once I did I didn't last too long, pulling back on Lynn's shoulders, I blew my load in his ass, I'm sure the neighbors heard us as Lynn screamed, as I exploded, as soon as I did I tossed Lynn onto her back, and put my cock in his face to clean it and taste his ass, and he was all for it, sucking every last drop, I fell on to him, and kissed until we went again..if you liked this one I can tell of our next fuck.
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4 years ago
great story!
4 years ago
very hot story
4 years ago
Awesome story
4 years ago
That was so hot, I'm hard as a rock now.
4 years ago
Good story you should read mine than coment on it yours was very good thanks