Something in my drink, the captive part 2

So there I lay face down in the floor, hands bound a ball gag in my mouth and cum dripping from my mouth and ass, those tranny bitches really did a number on me, and left me like this in the floor in a dark room, exhausted and still confused from the mickey in my drink I feel asl**p.

I did manage to get some good sl**p, and I awoke to Tara giving me a sponge bath, my hands still bound, and a collar around my neck chained to the rails behind me, I was still a captive with no options. Tara was being much more gentle to me this morning, even feeding me breakfast, brushing my teeth, and putting me in a nice robe after my bath. After feeding me and cleaning me up Tara lead me like a dog with that chain to a bedroom and chained me to the wall, but did let me lay on the bed, she then said "look if you try and escape or fight, kick or anything, we will hurt you, we may kill you, but if you play nice and do what you are told, we will let you leave here in a few days, so are you going to be a good boy?" Yes I replied, she then leaned over and softly kissed me, first I just laid there, but quickly started kissing her back, she then pulled away and freed my hands, and said "remember what I said". I leaned forward and pulled her head towards mine and kissed her passionately, she moaned with pleasure and I was so turned on, my heart was racing as I kissed my way down her body, sucking on her small tits, while running my nails up and down her sides, her back arched as I slid her t-shirt over her head, I then proceeded to kiss my way down her tight body to her little shorts that I slid down to see these cute flowered panties with her cock already bulging through them, I quickly pulled them off and took her cock in my mouth, I started very slowly just compressing my mouth tightly around her lovely prick, she ran her fingers through my hair while moaning and pulling my face tighter towards her the base of her cock, I didn't gag at all, I was so excited yet so relaxed, I just sucked that dick like a porn star, only stopping to lick her tight little asshole...she threw one leg over my back and began to thrust her hips andpull me back with her leg, it wasn't long til she exploded in my mouth, I didn't flich, I caught every drop and swallowed it all. After Tara had been drained I layed beside her, kissing her softly, and caressing her breast and now limp cock, she then sat up and turned over, and said "you did well bitch, now your gonna fuck me".

I didn't waste a second, diving behind her, I started eating her ass, she quickly dropped her arms, fell on her face, and leaned her ass towards me, I stuffed a pillow under stomach so she could relax, now that she was in position and her ass was nice and soggy with my saliva, I quickly got behind her and slid my throbbing cock deep in her ass. Once inside Tara, I leaned up and she turned her head so we could kiss, as we were kissing my pace picked up and I began to work my cock in and out quickly, she seemed to love it, and it wasn't long til I was ready to cum, and with a grunt, and a hand ful of her hair I unloaded deep in her ass, at this point she was pressing her ass back towards me with every thrust..I collapse on top of Tara, kissing her more, when all the sudden I hear..."WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Anna was back and she wasn't alone...

to be cont.
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4 years ago
4 years ago
Wow you almost had me cumming too thanks
4 years ago
waiting for you for the next step...
4 years ago
love it keepthem cumming,