Something in my drink, the captive part 1

So I'm new to Southern California, and I stop in this club for a few drinks, I meet this tranny, she didn't tell me but I could tell, I didn't plan on taking a run at her, just having a few drinks and chat. I let it slip that I had just moved to Socal and didn't know anyone..the next thing I know I blackout and wake up naked and tied up face down with my mid-section resting on a small stool. I woke up terrified with no clue where I was, or who had done this to me.

Just when fear had taken over I see this stunning girl standing in front of me, she spoke and said "you have two choices, one fight and scream and suffer..or have an open mind, and enjoy what will happen, these are your only two choices. Do you understand?" I nodded in agreement..she then said I think you know Tara(the tranny that spiked my drink) Tara leans down and kisses my mouth and bites my lip, she then proceeds to kneel behind me and lick and finger my ass..I flinched as this was new to me, but I knew I was out of real options and just decided to let it happen, as she buries her tongue deep in my ass the other "girl" who had been watching walked over and pulled up her short shirt to expose a rock hard cock, I knew what she wanted and at this point I was down for Tara had made a sloppy mess of my ass, I began to suck that cock like a pro..or so I thought at the time, I took it all with no gagging as she fucked my face, my a handful of my hair..I then heard Tara say "Anna, can I fuck him now?" Tara said yeah baby, turn this bitch inside out! Tara then stood up and kissed Anna, they both looked down at me sucking Anna off.."Good boy" Anna said, Tara then pushed her dick in front of me and I took it all in while still stroking Anna off...quickly Tara pulled away and got behind me and f***ed her way into my hurt like fuck and I even bit down a bit on Anna's cock, for which she slapped the shit out of me, then with two hands pulled me by the hair and gagged me with her cock, I didn't bite again..all the while Tara is pounding my ass..still hurts but the pain is being overrun with the pleasure..I feel Anna's cock welling up and she unloads her hot load in my mouth, it starts to run out of my mouth, she pulls me tight, and says, "swallow every drop..and I Anna is slowing down her on the face fuck, Tara is blasting my ass at a high rate of speed..Anna pulls away to watch Tara fuck me, it's not long before Tara unloads in my ass..with a grunt it's over, and Anna puts a ball gag in my mouth, before they both leave the room for the night.

to be cont.......
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10 months ago
Hot story.
1 year ago
mmmm nice
4 years ago
Now that was super hot it made me very horny thanks
4 years ago
good start,,,hope there's much more to cum.