Smoking Fetish

you knew it was time for me to be coming home from work. you were in the kitchen, watching out the window. dressed in your short cut offs, and a flannel shirt, tied right below your breasts. i pull in the driveway, you light a cigarette and go to the door to greet me. as i open the door, you have just taken a long drag from your cigarette, with slightly parted lips you kiss me, exhaling slowly, i suck the smoke in as my tongue slips past your lips. our tongues touching. as our kiss gets deeper and more passionate, you are grinding against me. i look down to see your hard nipples straining against your shirt. i pull away from our kiss to lick down your neck, as you take a drag from your cigarette. my tongue slips into your cleavage as i untie your shirt. i now have your shirt wide open as i kiss and suck on your erect npples, a moan escapes your lips as you exhale a cloud of smoke. i go to my knees and unbutton your cutoffs and slide the zipper down. i push them down, and bury my face into you. my lips are gently sucking your hard clit, then my tongue slides deep into your warm pussy. my hands are on your ass massaging your cheeks as you push my face deeperr into your pussy. you are moaning loudly as you smoke your cigarette. i am devouring your pussy with my lips and tongue. i turn you around and have you bend over the kitchen counter. i spread your cheeks apart as i start licking between them. my tongue pushes into your ass licking and sucking. as i slide my tongue dep into your ass, my fingeris sliding in and out of your pussy. soon you are moaning loudly as you begin to cum. i bury my tongue deep in your ass as i rub your clit hard. as your orgasm subsides, you say, now its my turn

i stand up and you reach down and give my hard cock a squeeze through my jeans. you light a cigarette and unzip my pants and they fall to the floor. as you squeeze my cock a large drop of pre cum glistens on the head. you lick it off with your tongue as you exhale onto my cock. this is almost too much for me, but i manage to hold off. soon your lips are around my hard cock as your tongue swirls around the precum soaked tip. i look down and watch as my cock slides in and out of your smokey lips. your hand is cupping and carressing my full heavy balls. soon you are licking and sucking on them as my precum trickles down my shaft. you lick it all up and start sucking me hard and fast. i cannot take it anymore, with just thehead in your mouth i explode and spurt my thick hot cum into your mouth, your sucking hard, milking every last drop from me. with your mouth full of my cum, you take a long deep drag from your cigarette, and begin kissing me passionately, we are swapping and snowballing my cum with our smokey mouths.....................
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