He is a Freak

I actually met Mike and Pam one Saturday at the adult book store where I was buying a few toys. I wore my shortest mini skirt with a skimpy thong and a tight low cut t-shirt with no bra. Quite a few men watched me shop as I have D tits and my nipples were hard and showing thru the shirt. It was fun to get all the stares. But Mike came up to me with Pam behind him and asked if I was interested in being with his wife. I looked her over. She was cute and a small girl with C cup tits. She was letting Mike do all the talking. I asked what he wanted and he told me just wanted to see Pam with a busty lady and he only wanted to watch but maybe instruct her what he wanted to see. I agreed as that seemed fun and exciting I loved to be watched and I also loved pussy and lesbo sex.

We met later that day at their house. Mike told Pam to get naked and so did I. He had a bed fixed with a chair in the room so he could sit and watch his wife and I. He told me he wanted her to kiss me and then we would lick and kiss and suck all over taking turns. He said Pam was new to this but she was eager to please him. Pam and I laid on the bed and began kissing and exchanging tongues and it got real hot fast. I took her hand and placed it on my tit as we kept kissing. As I pushed my tongue deep in her mouth she got with massaging and rubbing my tit and my nipple. I love a woman's touch as it is softer than a man.

I pushed her head down to my tit and she knew to open her mouth and take in as much as she could and suck. She was good for a beginner. She sucked one tit then the other and did some serious high power sucking on each nipple. I was getting wet from the tittie sucking. I pushed her on her back and put my hand between her legs as I leaned over her and let my tits hang over her head so she could still give me that great sucking she was doing. I could tell she was a nipple lover. When my hand went between her legs she spread them and hubby could see me play with his wife's pussy. I took her clit between two fingers and rubbed till I had her moaning out loud. She then began to cum and I felt her hole pulse. I then ran my hand down to find her wet hole and pushed a finger in her. She moved against my hand and sucked on my nipple harder telling me she wanted her pussy finger fucked.

I fingered her and had her bucking against my hand and then gave her more fingers one by one. I soon had four fingers in her deep and was really fucking the pussy as she kept climaxing. I figured by now she needed a tongue and a good licking so i moved down her body to her wet and horny pussy. I licked her clit and she raised her hips to me loving my tongue and lips. I knew by now she liked to be fucked so I moved my tongue to her fuck hole and licked and shoved my tongue in her and then I heard her scream and start to thrash and cum. I ate and tongued her pussy and let her cum many times before I looked up at her husband. He now had his pants open and his cock out and was stroking his long member hard. I looke dat his big hard cock and was impressed with the size.

I knew the hubby wanted action so I then pushed the wife back and mounted her face. She began to lick me but her hubby asked for her to get between my legs so he could see her tongue lick me and fuck my hole. So I laid on my back and she went right for my cunt. She licked and sucked my clit making me cum a couple times then she fingered my hole as she kept sucking my clit. I went wild and came so fast and often I was pouring cum out of my hole. I then felt her tongue go to my hole and first she licked my cum then pushed in her tongue. She gave me the best tongue fucking and I was covering her with cum. Her face was wet from me but she kept tongue fucking as I could tell she loved pussy as much as hubby liked watching her eat a pussy.

After over an hour of pussy licking her hubby came to the bed and pulled his wife from my cunt and he wanted to then fuck me to get rid of his pent up frustration as he watched. I was happy to fuck him as he had a nice big cock. Pam switched to my tits as Mike fucked my cunt and I loved his big cock. As he fucked me hard and deep it did not take him long to fill me with his cum. He pulled out and pushed Pam's face to my hole and she began to suck out the cum as her held her face tight to my pussy. He then took Pam by her hair and rubbed her face all over my cunt. He looked at me and said, "she is a pussy slut and I want her face smeared with pussy juice." He held her head as he pushed her to my clit and she started sucking it as he held her tight before he moved her then to my hole. He pushed her face to my cunt as he pulled her ass in the air and rammed his cock into her ass with no lube or moisture.

He yelled at his wife, "lick her cunt you fucking pussy lover. I want to see her cum cover your face." As he screamed at Pam she really began to tongue my hole getting her tongue into me deeper than the first time. I was really cumming and Mike would push her face into the cum so it was covering her cheeks and her nose. Mean while he was pounding Pam's ass rough and hard. We fucked most of the afternoon and Pam was good at her pussy sucking.

Before I left Mike told me to watch Pam suck his cock. "She is a good cocksucker too. But I love to watch her eat pussy. Tongiht I will fuck her so many times she won't be able to put her legs together tomorrow." I knew he was right as his big cock would torture Pam's cunt if he fucked her all night.

Mike walked me to the door and sked if he could visit me as he wanted to have a good fuck with me. I laughed and told him I would love to fuck his big cock. I am meeting him next Saturday.
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3 years ago
Sounds like an enjoyable afternoon. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Sounded pretty nice to me
4 years ago
lucky mike! wish i could meet up with u for a fuck! haha