His Toy

He went to her room. Today was her lucky day. He was home and going to fuck her all day. He had brought many toys and planned to use them with his own hung body. He brought her from a foreign country and married her when she was just f******n. He used her for his pleasure and she obeyed.

She knew when he entered the room to strip for him. At night she was always to sl**p naked. When he was home during the day he would fuck her so many times no one could count. He told her to bend over and spread her ass apart. When she was spread wide he inserted a thick plug all the way in her. Next he inserted another plug in her cunt. He then turned on the vibrator to both but just low to get her warmed up for his monster cock.

He pulled down his pants and told her to lick his cock and balls. As she licked him his cock grew large and hard and leaked the cum she tongued from the tip. He then grabbed her by the hair and plunged his cock deep down her throat and began to fuck her mouth hard as he yelled for her to suck hard on his shaft. As he fucked her mouth she sucked really hard on his big cock. He had taught her just how he loved his cock sucked and she was good at pleasing him. It was not long before as she kept sucking he filled her throat with his cum and watched her swallow every drop.

He then told her to push her tits to his mouth so he could suck each one. When he first got her she had tiny tits but they had grown to a nice woman size and he loved sucking them. Sometimes he sucked them so long the nipples would be raw. He loved kissing and biting her big globes as he sucked them. He loved when she ran a nipple across the slit in the tip of his cock. She would rub till he covered her round nipple with cum.

He now turned the pussy plug on high to vibrate her cunt for just a minute. He told her to spread her legs and he pulled the cunt plug out and put his face to her pussy. He found her clit and sucked on it pulling it till it was double in size. He liked that she had a nice big clit. He loved to suck and chew it. He then began to lick her pussy from the cunt hole to the clit. He felt her cum over and over. He laughed at the fact he could make her cum so often and so many times by just licking her cunt. His tongue then found her hole. He took his hands and spread her open so he could ram his tongue deep in her cunt. He loved to tongue fuck her and feel her cover his tongue with her sweet cum. He spent a long time tongue fucking her today.

He pulled his tongue from her wet hole and replaced it with first two fingers. He pushed the fingers clear to his hand. He finger fucked her moving the fingers fast and deep. Soon he had all four fingers in the small hole. He then really fucked her making her cum and scream. With his fingers fucking her cunt he then removed the butt plug and poked two finger into her ass. Now he had her hips raised and was fucking her cunt and her ass with his fingers. She was so turned on and moaning and screaming making him fuck her harder and harder. He loved to keep her cumming faster and faster. With the fingers fucking her he then grabbed her clit with his teeth and began to once again suck her clit. Now she was screaming and his fingers in her cunt were soaking wet. She loved him to finger fuck her and today he kept her cumming for over an hour.

He pulled his fingers out and spead her legs as he pushed his cock to her fuck hole. He raised her hips and pushed his cock deep in her hole. He had a big cock as all the men in his f****y were blessed with monster cocks. When he first began to fuck her with his cock the pain for her was unreal. She was young and tiny and had to be stretched wide to get him in her. Now she was able to accept his long thick cock and could fuck him hour after hour. He loved to fuck and could never get enough of her pussy. Last night he fucked her ass and cunt at least ten times and she sucked his cock several times. He fucked her all night and now today he was planning to fuck her more. Her cunt was still sore from last night but she said not a word. As he plunged his cock deep in her hole he began to fuck her hard. He was pounding her cunt like never before. Then he would push all the way in her and hold it there deep before he would fuck her more. He then grabbed an already sore nipple with his teeth and bit as he fucked her hole. The harder he fucked the more he chewed her round marble nipple. He switched back and forth between the two nipples. He pushed his cock deep in her hole and held it there as he now bit down the sides of her tits. He loved to see his teeth marks on her tits after he has fucked her hard.

Soon he was filling her cunt with his load of cum. He pulled his cock out and told her to nipple fuck the slit of his cock. He loved this and it would get him hard faster. She rubbed her nipple over the slit and pushing it into the slit. After several minutes of the nipple fuck his cock was again hard and he was ready to fuck her again.

He told her to roll over onto her knees and get her ass high in the air for him. With her ass raised he began to kiss the nice round cheeks. He kissed and licked them loving how smooth they were. He then began to take short nips at her ass making small bruises in the white skin. He covered her ass with the tiny bite marks then spread her ass far apart and found the hole he loved to fuck. He pushed his cock deep in her and then finally had the big rod deep up her ass. The pounding began as he fucked her ass. He loved how tight her ass was and could feel it on all sides of his big cock. This made him fuck harder and rougher in her sweet hole. As he fucked her ass his balls beat against her pussy. Today he could fuck the ass a long time as he had already spilled his load several times. He loved being able to fuck her ass for long long times. As he fucked her he looked at the bruises he left on her white ass cheeks and loved seeing them knowing as she walked naked he would see his marks on her ass and tits.

Hours had passed since he started fucking her this morning. He was able to fuck all day and all night and he loved to fuck his young bride. She knew it was her job to please him and let him fuck her as often and as long as he wanted. She also knew when he pulled his pants down she was to suck his cock just how he liked it. Many times a day she sucked his big cock. He loved pushing it down her throat and keeping it there as she sucked him hard. Today she would remain naked all day for his pleasure. She knew it was a day he would want to fuck all day and then again all night. Her cunt would be so sore but she never complained. He brought her here to be his sex slut wife. He loved her firm tits and her sweet cunt and tight ass. He taught her to be the best fucker and cocksucker in America. She also loved to be fucked by his big cock.
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4 years ago
great story!
4 years ago
Right! If one brings in a young girl from abroad, one needs to take responsibility for her needs! ;-)P