Mother and Daughter

this is about Joe...

Lisa was 44 but looked like 30. She was sexy and horny all the time. She also had a daughter Mae. Mae was amazing like her mom. Both had great figures with DD tits and firm round asses. But their best asset was that they loved to fuck and they loved to do threesomes together. They were always looking for a hung young male. One who loved to fuck and could fuck them for hours or all week end.

They got their chance. I sent Joe over to their door and told them they would love his thick nine inches and he could fuck like a machine. His cock was big and thick and always hard. He wanted a mother and daughter so bad. This would be a no clothing fuck fest for all of them.

He arrived at their house about three in the afternoon. Lisa answered the door in just a bra and thong. Joe thought she looked amazing. The bra barely contained her huge tits. As she pulled Joe in the door her daughter came around the corner. She wore just a thong. Her tits were bare and also just as amazing. Youth was good to her as the young tits were perky and pointing straight ahead. The nipples were thick and looked delicious. Joe could hardly wait to get them in his mouth and suck.

They took him into the bedroom and began to undress him. As the mother removed his clothes the daughter licked the bare skin. She sucked and licked his nipples getting his cock hard. As his pants were removed and he was naked the mom felt his cock and stroked it. She then rubbed his nice big round balls. But the cock was what she liked the best. It was big and thick and rock hard. She loved a big thick hard cock. She was a great cocksucker. She kept stroking his cock as Mae got on her knees behind him and began to kiss his ass. Her fingers went up his ass crack and she spread him open and then licked the ass pucker. She licked and sucked his ass inserting her tongue into his hole while the mom now began to suck his hard cock. Lisa was certainly a good cocksucker. She had no problem with his monster cock. She loved cock and could suck huge ones. As mae licked his ass Lisa licked his cock and his balls. Joe was loving getting his privates licked and sucked. But he could not believe it when Lisa took every inch of his cock deep into her throat and sucked like he had never felt before. He heard a scream as he shot cum down Lisa's throat and realized it was him. His cock came and filled her as she swallowed every drop.

Joe then pushed both women onto the bed and spread them wide open. He buried his face in a pussy as his hands groped the tits. The pussy was smooth and he licked and sucked as he pinched the nipples on the big tits. He found the clit and sucked making it double in size. Lisa had a nice big clit made for sucking. He then found her cunt hole and pushed his tongue deep in her and tongue fucked her till she was cumming too fast to count.

As he tongue fucked Lisa his hand then went to the pussy of Mae. The harder he fucked the mom with his tongue the harder he finger fucked Mae. He had both women moaning and twisting and cumming either on his tongue or fingers. He had his tongue all the way in Lisa's cunt and three fingers fucking Mae's hole.

His cock was now hard again and ready to fuck so he placed it to the mom's hole as he pulled Mae over and sat her pussy over her mom's face and told the mom to eat the daughter for him. As he watched lisa eat Mae's pussy he began to push his big cock into Lisa's cunt. He pushed every inch up her hole and then began to fuck. He was ramming his cock in her deep and hard and Lisa was tongue fucking Mae. As he fucked he grabbed a tit and nipple of Lisa's and squeezed. She had amazing tits and he wished he was a baby and could suck milk from them daily. He rolled the nipples between his fingers as he continued to fuck Lisa's hot cunt. He felt Lisa cum and every time she came her cunt grabbed on to his cock making him fuck faster and harder. He loved feeling her cunt walls pulse on his big shaft. After a long fuck session he filled her hole with his warm cum.

Joe rolled over on his back and pulled Mae to his cock and told her to lick him clean. As Mae licked his cock and balls his mind was already thinking of fucking her till she screamed. He then rolled Mae on to her back and spread her legs wide. She had a great looking shaved pink pussy. He played with her clit as he placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt. Before he pushed inside of Mae he had the mom get on her hands and knees next to Mae. He pulled her ass over close to him and then began to push his cock deep into Maes cunt. Mae was tight and warm and wet. She felt so good around his hard cock. As he pushed in and out of her hole he then found Lisa's ass with his finger and began to finger fuck her. Her hole was tight and warm and he soon had three fingers fucking her ass as he fucked Mae harder and harder banging her deep. He was pounding both women one with his cock the other with his fingers and they were moaning and squirming and cumming faster and harder with every stroke he gave them. The women were horny nymphos. Just how he like his women. He like big tits and loving to fuck.

Joe was able to fuck Mae for a long time as he had cum at least twice and he loved being in her tight hole but he finally did fill her full of his warm cum. He pulled his cock from her hole and pushed her mom to Mae's cunt and told her to lick Mae clean as he pushed Mae to his cock and demanded she lick his cock and balls clean at the same time. Having Mae licking his cock and watching Lisa licking Mae's pussy really turned him on.

He was now ready to make it sexy and erotic as he grabbed his satchel and pulled a banana out of it. He told Mae to lay on her back and lift her legs to her chest with the knees spread wide. He peeled the banana and pushed it into her cunt. He put the mom between Mae's legs and told her to eat the banana from the cunt. As he watched the mom eat the banana out of Mae's cunt his cock started to get hard again. He straddled over Maes face and shoved his cock down her throat. He watched the mom eat the banana as he fucked Mae's mouth hard and deep.

After getting his cock sucked he pulled it from Mae's mouth before he came and got behind Lisa and pushed the cock to her ass. He spread her ass cheeks and began to enter her hole with his monster cock. He had to go slow but watching her eat the fruit from her daughters cunt made him so horny that he pushed all the way in stretching her ass and began to fuck hard and fast. He was pounding her ass loving the tight hole. Now the mom was rubbing her lips against Mae's pussy as she ate the fruit and Mae was screaming and cumming. The mom now had to suck the fruit from the cunt in order to keep eating and Mae was screaming loving the sensation. Joe then pushed in deep and blasted her ass with a huge load of cum.

All three were by now exhausted and needing to rest. As Joe laid back he turned on his side and put Lisa with her tits against his chest. Then he put Mae with her tits against his back. It felt like heaven with the big tits crushed into his front and back. He felt the pussy of Mae against his ass also and he then felt his cock get hard so he put it between Lisa's legs rubbing her cunt. After they rested a few minutes he was going to have both of them rub their tits all over his body and then lick every inch of his body with their tongues. He loved his ass licked and tongued. One could lick his ass while the other tittie fuck his hard cock. Then he was going to watch them suck each others tits as he ate pussy. He was going to stay all week end and fuck them non stop. He had many surprises left to entertain himself with these sexy cum lovers.
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2 years ago
Good, but it "went by" so fast it was difficult to describe afterwards.
3 years ago
Well written, loved it from start to finish(saved in my favorites). Would love to be the guy in the middle of a mom/daughter sandwich.
3 years ago
excellent would like to hear about the rest of the weekend
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
sexy story
4 years ago
Love it!
4 years ago
i wish i can fuck them myself
4 years ago
holy shit that was hot! u definitely need to write about what happens over the whole weekend!
4 years ago
My long standing dream.
4 years ago
very hot and sexy
4 years ago
Great story.