Man Wanted Part 2

Tonight she was inviting the seventy year old man over. He wanted to be a sugar daddy and she had great plans for him.

He arrived at seven and she let him in and began to strip him naked. She wanted to see his naked body and his big cock. He had a ten inch cock and could fuck but not go all night. Tonight she would use both men, the eighteen year old and the seventy year old for her pleasure. They agreed anything goes for her.

She took him to the bed room where the young boy was tied to the bed. She stood the naked man at the end of the bed with legs spread. She kissed him and played with his cock as the boy watched. She got him hard but careful not to make him cum. She then laid him on the bed next to the boy. She stroked cocks for a while till she saw the precum glisten on the rock hard cocks. Then she mounted the young boy. She instructed him, "fuck me hard. I want every inch of that long cock deep in my cunt. Rough my cunt with that cock." The boy fucked her hard as she bounced up and down on him as the old man watched her fuck the boy. When the boy had filled her with his cum she then sat on his face for him to lick her cunt clean. As he licked her cunt she yelled, "suck my clit, suck it hard. Eat that pussy. Lick your cum mixed with mine," After she came a few more times she untied the boy and had the old man get on top of her and now fuck her hard.

She had the boy come to her face so she could suck his cock and get him hard again as the old man fucked her cunt hole. She then pushed the boy to the ass of the old man and told him to fuck the old man's ass while the man fucked her cunt. The boy spread the man's ass cheeks and found his pucker. He pushed a finger in his ass to get it stretched before he rammed it with his big cock. He then pushed his cock in the man's ass. He heard the man moan as the boy had a big cock for his tight ass. She then told them both, "now fuck hard. I want those cocks buried deep in each hole and fuck till you cum." Both men fucked hard and pushed their big cocks in all the way. The old man thought his ass was going to split but he continued to fuck the lady hard till he filled her cunt with his juice. The boy then filled the mans ass with cum and all three collapsed on the bed. She then sat on the old man's face as she grabbed the boy's cock and began to suck him. She told the old man, "eat my pussy and suck your cum out of my fuck hole." He wasted no time eating her pussy and she was amazed how good he was at eating pussy. As the man ate her pussy she sucked the boys cock deep down her throat. Soon every one was cleaned up.

She then laid down on the bed and told both men to suck her tit. She wanted each one to nurse a nipple. She told them, "suck hard and bite my tits. I want teeth marks on my tits." They sucked and bit the huge mounds. They left teeth marks and lots of bruises on the plump tits. As they ravaged her tits she grabbed their balls and rubbed and squeezed them. The boy had big round balls and the old man had longer smaller balls. She then pulled them closer to her so she could find their ass holes. She began to feel their asses as they sucked and bit her tits. Soon her finger was ramming both asses deep. As they tortured her tits she added another finger to each ass. It wasn't long before she was ass fucking them with three fingers.

She then told both men to get on their hands and knees with their asses up in the air. She started with the old man and continued to finger fuck his ass as she groped his balls. As she fingered his ass she pulled and stretched his balls, and even slapping them. She then let go of the balls and gave the ass a few smacks. She liked seeing her hand prints on the old white ass. She spent the next thirty minutes finger fucking his ass as she spanked his ass till it was beet red.

The young boys turn was next. She finger fucked his ass as she tortured his balls till she had his big ball sacks red and sore. She then picked up the ruler beside the bed and as she finger fucked him she spanked his ass. The ruler left big welts on the young ass. She even slapped the backs of his legs and once she smacked his ball sack. She pushed four fingers up his ass as she continued to spank him. His ass was red and starting to bruise before she quit.

She laid both on the bed and tied them so they could not get up. She brought out cock rings for each and pushed them down on the cocks. Next she took wires and tied their balls tight. She then wrapped wires around each cock and attached the wires together so the men were bound to each other with the wires. She left and came back with a big bowl of ice. She took wires and bound the ice to both cocks and the balls. She next had a long icicle and inserted one in each ass. She kneeled over the old man's face and put an ice cube in his mouth. "I want you to push that ice cube in my cunt with your tongue." she told him. She placed her cunt over his mouth and he took his tongue and pushed the ice cube deep into her cunt. "Yes,now keep your tongue in me and fuck me with the cube up my cunt hole." The man then tongue fucked her for several minutes as his cock and balls and ass got to the coldest they had ever been. "Now suck my clit with your cold mouth and tongue." she told him. He felt her cum as he sucked her clit.

Next she went to the young boy and gave him an ice cube in his mouth. As she straddled his mouth she told him to push the cube deep in her hole and then tongue fuck her. When she had cum again she told him to then suck her clit with his ice cold mouth and tongue. This made her cum again and again.

She slid off the boys and mounted the old mans cock with the ice strapped to it. She slid down the cock just to the ice cubes and began to fuck him. She bounced up and down on his cock till she felt him cum. The ice then melted as they humped. She went to the young boy and mounted his cock and fucked him till she made him cum and his ice also melted. She then brought out very thin icicles and inserted them in their piss holes before she jerked each cock.

She stood up and told them to rest till she returned and then she was going to see what good cock suckers they were as they would suck each others cocks for her as she used her strap on in their asses. "We will play all night long. Then tomorrow night the third man will join us for some erotic surprises I have for the three of you. We will be a fucking foursome for many months to come." Then she laughed as she left the room leaving them tied to each other.
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4 years ago
nasty nasty - I like it
Your writing is always gripping
4 years ago
wow what have been missing thanks
4 years ago
Cant wait for part 3!
4 years ago
very hot..its so exciting! i need the ice in my mouth with a lady on it:)
4 years ago
wow what a story a bit darker than the rest wasnt nuts about all the guy on guy action but well written and very creative