Man Wanted

She advertised in the personals column for a man. It read...Wanted: single male, must be endowed, willing to be the sub, live in...Send nude pictures.
She received three that she was interested in of all the applications. One was an eighteen year old boy, the second was a forty year old man and the last was a seventy year old man who was wanting to be a sugar daddy to a young girl. All three were good looking sexy and very endowed. She made arrangements to have them each come to her home one at a time.

The first was the eighteen year old boy. When he arrived she greeted him wearing a black see thru silk dress and nothing else. Just inside the door she told him to undress. When he was naked and standing infront of her she rubbed her hands over his body. She grabbed his semi hard cock and stroked it getting him rock hard. He was very endowed and she liked that. He also had big round hard balls. She turned him to look at his ass. "Bend over and touch the floor so I may exam your ass" she told him. As he bent she felt his tight ass cheeks. She spread his cheeks wide and looked at his ass hole. She loved his nice round pucker. She then ran her finger around the rim and then began to lick his ass. She kissed his pucker as she then sucked his hole. Without a warning she inserted her finger deep in his ass and began to fuck him. "Do not cum" she ordered.

She then told him to lie on his back. She removed her sheer dress and straddled his face. "Now lick my pussy and eat me" were her next instructons. As the boy licked and sucked on her pussy she rubbed her pus all over his face. As she began to cum he was told to lick her and lick every drop. She filled his mouth with her cum.

She then turned him over on his stomach and began to spank his ass. As his ass got red she told him to get on his hands and knees with his ass in the air and spread his legs. She bound his balls and wrapped his cock with a cord and tied it to his legs. She shoved a vibrating butt plug up his ass and continued to spank him. She brought out her soft whip and whipped his ass as the plug vibrated the young boys ass. She could tell this was getting him hard and aroused again.

She then untied his cock and got beneath him and began to suck his cock. She sucked over nine inches in her mouth as she now spanked his ass with a ruler. She was sucking cock and the vibrator still in his ass as she spanked the boy. She would grab his balls and stroke them as she sucked hard on the huge cock. "Now cum for me. Fill my mouth with your cum and let me taste you" she yelled at him. He then did just that and filled her with a heap of his warm cum. "Oh I knew you would be able to cum hard with lots of cum for me. Now I want you to get hard again and fuck my cunt hard." She sucked and played with his cock and it took just a moment till he was hard again.

"Now fuck me hard and fill my cunt with your cum or I will tie you and whip you all night long. If you fuck me good we will fuck all night long instead." He pushed his big long cock deep in her cunt. "Yes, I love that huge shaft, now fuck me hard. I want it rough. The rougher the better. I want to fuck all night" The boy pulled her legs apart and rammed his big cock deep into her. He pounded her cunt with his huge cock. He was young and able to fuck for long periods of time. There were times she felt her cunt was being split in two but she loved it. In the next two hours he filled her cunt with his cum twice. He sucked and chewed her big tits and nipples. Her tits had his teeth marks all over them and also bruising hickies. He loved sucking and biting the huge mounds of her tits. As he sucked and bit one he would slap the other. She loved the pain of it all. She could take it as much as she could give it.

After they fucked for hours they took a nap and she told him that when they awoke she had more surprises for him. She planned to keep the young boy around for a long time.

Part two and three to come as she decides which man she will keep.
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i'd be your live in sub anyday
4 years ago
love it
4 years ago
veryyyy naughty i like it cant wait to read what happens next!
4 years ago
very good