Look at Me

She loved to be naked. But most of all she loved for any one to look at her. Today she took her camera out to her back yard and was ready to film her naked body. She had arranged a blanket and a stool. She turned on the camera and posed first grabbing her tits and squeezing them together and then tweaking the nipples. She played with the nipples pulling and twisting and rubbing them between two fingers. She flicked each nipple with the tip of her finger. Her nipples grew large and hard. She pulled stretching them out as far as she could. She then grabbed her nipple jewels and attached them to each nipple. As she did this she rubbed the large mounds showing the jewels for the camera.

She then noticed that some one next door was peeking thru the fence watching her. This turned her on and she loved that she would be watched as she made her film. Soon she noticed that there were two faces peeking thru the fence. It was the father and his teen son. She smiled as she thought about what they would get to see today.

Next she turned and showed her ass to the camera. She rubbed her butt cheeks and swatted them a couple times. She pinched each cheek and then spread them showing her sweet bud to the camera and the lookers next door. She played with her ass for a while circling it with her finger and spreading it wide. She then picked up her ink pad and stamped each ass cheek with a picture of a rose. She then picked up a flower and pushed the stem into her ass. She bent so the camera could get a view of her decorated ass. And the neighbors. She loved showing the camera the flower in her ass.

She then laid on the blanket and spread her legs. This gave a full view of her pussy. She took her fingers and spread her pussy cheeks showing the pink flesh. Two of her fingers grabbed her clit and began to rub it. As she rubbed the clit she moved her hips loving the sensations she was giving her now swollen clit. She played with the clit several minutes and enjoyed her fingers on it till she was able to cum for the camera.

She then moved her fingers to her cunt hole. By now it was wet and needing the attention of her fingers. She found the hole and ran her finger all around it before plunging a finger deep in it. She finger fucked her cunt as her legs were spread and felt herself cum. Her cunt was now wet and she took her fingers and sucked them into her mouth. She loved to taste her own cum. She finger fucked her cunt a few more times loving how many times she would cum and each time lick her own cum.

She next picked up the string of anal beads and one by one inserted them into her cunt. The beads were the size of golf balls and there were several on the string. One by one she pushed them deep into her cunt. Each bead was a bright color and would show up good for her camera. She had about six shoved inside her and then decided to make herself cum so she then fingered her clit till she was screaming and moaning as she climaxed several times. She pulled the beads out one by one as she watched them covered in her cum. She then rubbed the beads over her tits wiping cum on her huge mounds. She rubbed the cum over her tits and then began to insert the beads one more time. As she inserted the beads in her cunt she moaned loving the feel of the cool beads in her.

This time she left the beads in the cunt and several handing on the chain. She got up and bent over so the beads would hang down showing them dangling from her cunt. It was a great pictue with the string of beads hanging out her cunt and the flower poked in her ass. She then got up and turned off the camera and looked at the fence and waved to her neighbor and his son. She smiled to herself thinking what a good show they got today as she knew they had peeked at her many times when she was naked in her back yard. Some day she was going to invite the dad over and make a video letting him fuck her over and over or her sucking his cock. But that is another video.
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4 years ago
loved this one!
4 years ago
awesome story I wish that I was the guy looking at you, and I hope there is a second part.