The Dinner Party

Tonight was her dinner party for about ten guests. She had worked all day to make it special. They would start with drinks then nice wine during the meal. An old boyfriend was coming with his new date which happened to be a friend of hers. She wanted to show him what he was missing.

The dress she chose for the dinner party was a hot pink in silk. It scooped in front to give a teasing peak of her tits. It was short and swayed around her legs as she walked. She wore no bra but just a sexy silk thong. She looked classy and sexy. She did not have a date tonight as she wanted to just show her guests what a great hostess she could be.

During dinner she sat her "ex" across the talbe from her where he could see how sexy she looked tonight. Every one was relaxed and had drank several cocktails before sitting down to wine with the meal. Her "ex" could not take his eyes off her all night. He kept looking at her tits in the hot pink dress. She hoped he was sorry for leaving her for her frumpy friend.

The meal turned out delicious and every one ate till they were full. She told her guests to enjoy the wine as she cleared the table and prepared the desert. She started packing dishes to her kitchen and turned around to see her "ex" standing there with a load of dishes. He remarked "Just thought I would help you. Dinner was wonderful and you look so beautiful in that pink dress." He then walked over to her and sat down the dishes and grabbed her and kissed her feeling the round firm tits in her dress. He then ran his hand up her leg and under her dress. "I knew you would be wearing a sexy thong." and as he talked to her he kissed her tit and ran a finger inside the thong to find her pussy. "I have missed your sexy body and the great sex we had" he moaned.

She then reached down and grabbed his hard cock and told him "Yes, I see you have missed me." She then undid his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. She sat on her kitchen table and spread her legs. "You get your desert first. Now eat my pussy like only you know how" she told him as she was out of breath. She then grabbed his head and pushed it down between her legs. He wasted no time licking and sucking her moist pussy. He found her swelled clit and began to suck it as he heard her moan. His tongue then licked down to her fuck hole and he licked before he plunged his tongue deep in her. He felt her cunt pulse several times as he tongue fucked her. But soon his cock was aching and he needed to be inside her and release his fustration.

He pushed her onto her back and placed his cock to her cunt and rammed inside her. She felt warm and tight and his cock felt at home in her wet hole. He pumped in and out fucking her deep and hard. He had missed the sex with this pretty sexy lady. He kept fucking her not worrying about any one coming in and catching them as all were still drinking wine and laughing. Soon he released his load of cum in her and filled her tight cunt. "On my God you feel so good" he told her. "I just want to fuck you all night." She replied, "Well take your date home and come back. Let me make you beg for mercy all night" she laughed.

They straightened their clothes and prepared the delicious chocolate desert for the guests and took them into the dining room. She told the guests,"Sorry I was gone so long. Jim was sampling the desert for me." Then she laughed. She then looked at Jim and smiled thinking about how much fun the evening would be when the guests left and Jim came back. Or she may even fuck him one more time before he was able to leave.
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4 years ago
a part 2 this is a very good start
4 years ago
you definitely need to write a part 2 for this one
4 years ago
I hope there is a second part to this story.
4 years ago
there has to be a part 2 to this one