My b*****r

John was two years older then Pam. He was sexually active and began to notice how his s****r was growing up. He watched her around the house in her pj's and her skimpy bathing suits. Her tits almost fell out of her white bikini and it was see thru when it got wet. This week end the parents were going out of town for three days and John would be in charge.

Saturday when they got up he wore only his boxers as they ate breakfast. She had a short nightie. He was getting hot and horny. "Want to join me for a swim?" he asked her. She replied "Sure." They went to get their suits. He was relieved when she came out in her white bikini. They jumped in the pool and swam for a while before they got out to lay in the sun. Her suit turned very see thru when it was wet. John could see the brown circle of her nipples and the slit in her pussy. He got hard looking at her. They lay on the loungers and he decided to rub lotion on her.

He squrited the lotion on her back and rubbed her. He rubbed it all the way down to her ass. Her bikini was cut low so he rubbed it on the top of her ass cheeks. She seemed to enjoy his hands. He then smoothed the lotion on the backs of her legs and rubbed up her thighs briefly bumping her pussy covered by the sexy suit. It was all he could do to not push a finger in her pussy.

He then told her to roll over and her would oil the front. He did her stomach and her bikini was low almost to her pelvis. He could tell she was loving the rub down. He then started above her tits and as the bikini bra barely covered her round mounds he was able to get his hands on the tops of her tits almost to the nipples. As he rubbed her he saw the nipple harden. He then reached a hand inside the bikini and rubbed the nipple. She looked shocked at him and he said,"Relax. Let me feel your tits." She didn't move his hand so he kept massaging them. His fingers played with the nipples feeling the hard marbles. He then untied her top and removed it. He watched his hands on her large tits. "You feel so good. You have great tits" he told his s****r.

He then lowered his mouth and sucked a nipple. He heard his s****r moan. "You like me to suck those nipples don't you?" She nodded that she did. He sucked her tits going back and forth between each one. As he sucked his hand rubbed her stomach. He then pulled her bikini bottoms off and she was now naked. He spread her legs and looked at her shaved pussy. His hand rubbed her pussy as his mouth continued to suck her tits. She was moaning and his finger then began to twist her clit as he sucked the nipples. He moaned in her ear "Relax, let me feel that pussy and just keep those legs spread. I am going to make you cum." He then pushed a finger in her cunt hole. "Oh yes," she moaned. He watched his finger in her cunt making her cum and knew he had to lick that sweet pussy.

He put his mouth over her pussy and sucked on her clit. He felt her pulse under his tongue. "That's it girl. Enjoy my tongue. I am going to eat your pussy and watch you cum." He sucked the clit then licked down to her fuck hole. He ran his tongue around the edge before he pushed in his tongue. She was wet and tasted so good. He tongue fucked her feeling her cum and then sucking the cum from her hole. "Oh baby cum for me. Let me taste your sweet juice." He tongued her till she had cum many times.

He then stood and removed his bathing trunks. His cock was hard and long. She gasped as she saw hard big and hard he was. "Touch my cock. Rub b*****rs balls." He took her hand and placed it on his cock moving her hand up and down on the hard shaft. Soon she began to rub without his help. He told his s****r, "Your hand feels so good on my cock. Let me teach you to suck it." He then pushed her down to his hard shaft. "Open your mouth and lick my cock. Lick all four sides." She licked him and he felt the cum leak out of the tip. "Yes, that is good " he told her. "Now open and let me in your mouth then close your lips around it and suck." As she opened her mouth he pushed his cock inside and she started to suck. He moaned "yes suck me like a good s****r." It did not take long for him to cum in her mouth.

He then began to suck her tits and finger her cunt more. He wanted to get hard fast and fuck her with his cock. Their parents would be gone two more days and he wanted to fuck her every day. They could spend the whole three days fucking non stop. He wanted that tight cunt and soon her round ass. He liked to fuck the ass and feel the tight hole.

It did not take long for his cock to get hard and he spread her legs and got between them. "I am going to fuck your cunt and make you cum before I cum deep in your hole' he whispered. He then pushed his cock into her tight cunt. As he pushed in her he said "Your cunt feels so good. I am never going to get enough of it. You are going to learn to love your b*****rs big cock and want to fuck me all the time." In and out he pounded her cunt feeling her cum several times. "That is it. Cum for me." Soon he filled her pussy with his load. He stayed inside her and fucked her four more times that morning. They swan naked between fuck sessions and they fingered fucked her in the water and she sucked his cock beneath the water as he nursed her tits.

After fucking his s****r several times he then told her to get on her hands and knees. He wanted to fuck her ass. "Put that sweet ass in the air for me." he told her. He then spread her ass and found her hole. He ran his finger around the rim and poked the finger into her. He pushed his finger all the way in her. "Do you like my finger in your ass?" he asked. She replied "Yes, now give me your cock. Fuck my ass." He then removed his finger and put his cock to the opening. He pushed in slow watching her ass stretch wide for his thick rod. He was in half way when he told her,"Your ass feels so good and tight around my cock. Now I am going to give you all of it." He then kept pushing in her. As soon as he was all in, he began to fuck her. He stroked in and out of her tight hole. His cock felt so good and he then reached over and felt her tits and her clit. As he fucked her he heard her scream with pleasure. This turned him on and he then filled her as with cum.

They layed and rested wrapped in each others arms. The two fucked non stop till the parents got home. Then at night they would sneak in each others rooms and fuck. They would say they were going to the show and go an park the van and get in the back and fuck for the whole time the show was playing. When no one was looking at home the b*****r would finger fuck his s****r. They could not get enough sex with each other. She loved to suck his huge cock and lick his balls.
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3 years ago
Hot brother and I use to masturbate togther when I was 15 and he was 17...we started fucking when I was 16.....he would take me to parties like we were dating....he knew he would get fucked that way.....
3 years ago hot
3 years ago
brings back sweet memories
4 years ago
Want to play my sister in my dreams?
4 years ago
very hott
4 years ago
Nice story.
4 years ago
Great Story
4 years ago
Hot but things progress slower than that in real life
4 years ago
nice one. :)
4 years ago
You don't fuck your sister in the ass the first time you have sex with her lol Believe me I know from experience! Otherwise a good story.
4 years ago
Hot :)
4 years ago
hot story smile loved it
4 years ago