One long night

She was young and beautiful. She met him at a party and he knew she would be a fun toy for him. He liked erotic and forbidden. His sex drive was high. He loved orgies and bondage.

He invited her out for an exciting evening. He was taking her to THE PALACE. It was a favorite place and the public sex was wild and non ending. There was anything you wanted there and he loved it all. The place was jumping when they arrived. He got them a booth in the back where it was dark. They ordered a drink and he began to kiss her. The kisses were deep and turned her on fast. She was always horny. He put his hands under her top and played with her tits. She arched her back loving his hands over her. He pulled the top up and began to kiss all over her tits till he found the nipples and sucked them. "Take your top off" he told her. and he pulled the top over her head and liked that she wore no bra. He kissed and sucked and chewed her tits as others watched them. They watched as he sucked and pulled the round nipples.

He put his hand under her short skirt and rubbed her pussy thru the skimpy thong as he continued to suck her tits. She spread her legs and he pushed a finger up under her thong. His finger found her slit and he ran the tip over her and then back to the clit. He took the clit between two fingers and rubbed and pinched till she was moaning. He then told her,"Lets get these panties off." By now he was rubbing her pussy hard with his large hand then found her love hole. He poked a finger in her and at once she climaxed and he kept fingering her. He added another finger and fucked her hard and deep till he had three fingers in her. His hand was soaked with her cum. By now the tables around them were watching and many were masturbating or fingering each other. Many were nude.

He then laid her on top of the table as one thing he loved was to be watched. He removed her skirt and tiny thong. Then he got naked and his cock was already hard as a rock. "Tonight we are going to be the big show" he told her. He pulled the table out so they could be seen and he then spread her legs to show her pussy. "Spread your pussy lips and show your snatch to every one. I am going to fuck your mouth and I want you to finger your cunt as you suck my cock." He then straddled her face as he aimed his cock to her mouth. "Lick my cock before i ram it down your throat. You will take every inch even if you gag." She then began to lick every side of the cock and the balls. She sucked a ball in her mouth and heard him yell for more. He pushed his cock into her mouth and moaned, "suck me and finger your cunt. Show every one what a slut you can be. Suck my cock hard." He rammed her mouth in and out with his cock pushing it deep in her throat and holding it there as she gagged. He then let her breath before he rammed her deep again. He loved to push the cock deep in her mouth and see how long she could go gagging on his size. All this time she was fingering her cunt as the crowd got bigger and every one watched.

He then grabbed her head and held it as he pushed the cock in all the way and held it there as he shot cum down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow his cum and the cock went deeper. He pulled his cock out and covered her mouth with his hand. "Swallow every drop because there is much more for you tonight."

He then pulled her to the end of the table and spread her legs and pushed them over her head spreading her wider and wider. He began to lick her cunt and grabbed her clit with his teeth. He pulled on the clit then licked more. His tongue found her fuck hole which was wet and he licked it and then shoved his tongue in her. His fingers pinched her clit as he tongue fucked her hole licking her cum as she multi came again and again. He then replaced his tongue with his fingers. He had three in her fucking her hard as the crowd cheered. He had her screaming she was cumming so fast with no let up.

He then turned and grabbed his cock and showed the crowd his big member before he thrust it deep in her cunt. He heard her scream as he rammed deep into her and began to fuck her. In and out he pounded her wet cunt. His big rod stretched her wide as he fucked hard and rough. The crowd began to chant "Fuck the slut, fuck the slut" as he rammed her for a long time. Finally he released his cum in her and filled her hole. Cum was running out on the table. He always could produce huge loads of cum. He pulled out and spread her cunt open so every one could see the cum in her hole. "I fucked her good and filled her with my juice" he told all of them.

He then turned her to lick his cock clean. "Lick my cock slut and clean me up. You will love the taste of both our cum mixed together. "She then licked him and soon he was clean and hard.

Next he told her, "On your hands and knees. I want that tight ass up in the air." She got on all fours and he slapped her ass several times before he spread her open. He wanted every one to see her small ass hole and then he rammed two fingers in her. He finger fucked her ass as he gave her butt cheeks a good spanking. When her cheeks were red he then kissed them with a finger still in her ass and took a couple nips leaving light teeth marks. He got behind her and spread her ass and took his cock to her opening. She braced herself as she knew he was large and would stretch her ass to the limit but she did love her ass fucked. As he pushed the hard cock in her ass he heard her scream. He was thick for the petite ass but he kept going. He knew she could stretch and he loved a tight ass. He loved her on her knees with her ass in the air and her tits hanging down. He got his cock in her deep and told her, "now I am going to fuck that ass till I cum and make you my ass slut for all to see. I am going to give you every inch and stretch that ass hole wider than ever." He then began to fuck her ass hard. In and out he stroked his cock in her. "You like my big cock don't you slut?" As he fucked her he gave her ass a few more spanks and then pulled on her tits. It was a perfect position to ravage her body.

As he fucked her ass he then fingered her cunt. "Oh that cunt is wet. You like my big cock don't you?" He then inserted three fingers in her cunt and began to finger fuck her hard as he rammed her ass harder and harder. He soon had her cumming amd moaning and begging for more. "fuck me hard. I want more cock. harder..harder" she screamed. "Make me cum." He banged her hard. Even he could not believe she could take such a pounding tonight. He knew they would cum back here often and public fuck and then go the the orgy room. He loved the orgy room. He could fuck for hours and loved the variety of cunts. and she would be a big hit there also.

As he began to fill her ass with cum he pushed in all the way. Her small ass took all his huge cock. He pushed in and held it deep as he shot another big load in her body. After a few minutes he pulled out and spread her ass so the crowd could see her full of his cum. He leaned over and kissed her cheeks still red from the spankings.

He then spread her pussy so they could see cum in her pussy and her ass. He had done a good job fucking her for the crowd tonight. He stood her up and got behind her naked body and reached around and lifted her tits so every one could see her sexy mounds as he tweaked the nipples. He loved her body and he loved fucking all her holes. He played with her tits for the crowd as he thought about how much he would fuck her when he took her home. He then took her naked to the car for the ride home.
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awsome story!