Blind Date

Tonight she was meeting a blind date. His picture looked very hot and she was anxious to spend the time with him. She was cooking dinner and he was bringing the wine. It should be a grerat time. They would eat and then watch a movie or two. She had bought a new outfit and new sexy lingerie.

At eight o'clock he arrived with the wine under his arm. He was even better looking than his photo. He looked at her and kissed her. "You are beautiful" he told her. They decided to have a glass of wine before dinner. As they sipped the wine he kept kissing her. His kisses got deep and his tongue raided her mouth. He also kissed her neck and the front of her chest as low as her top would allow. As he kissed her he ran his hands down her back and felt her ass and gave it a squeeze. He then ran his hand over her stomach and she began to heat up. He was so sexy and so good looking. He pulled her across his lap and began to rub her legs switching between her legs and her stomach.

It was not long before his hands found her tits and fondled them thru her clothing. His lips then kissed her thru her clothing and he blew warm breath over her nipples. He then unbuttoned her new top and spread it open to see her tits. "You have beautiful tits. Would you let me remove your bra?" he asked her. She nodded as she was so hot and could not wait for him to kiss each globe. First he removed her shirt then unfastened her bra. When the bra slid off he gasped at how sexy her tits were. They were firm and perky with nice big round nipples. His hands rubbed them for several minutes as he looked her over. His fingers found her nipples and rubbed them between two fingers and watched them double in size. He started to kiss each tit as he told her "You have beautiful tits. They look delicious." He kissed over and around each mound before he captured a nipple and sucked. He spent a long time kissing and sucking and massaging her tits. He loved them as he sucked all over the tips.

She now decided to remove his shirt and pulled it over his head. She rubbed his chest and squeezed his nipples. She then kiss and sucked both nipples and heard him moan. He told her "Suck and lick me. I love your mouth over me." as she licked his nipples he then ran his hands over her legs and up under her skirt. His finger brushed against her pussy which was getting quite wet by now. He then rubbed her pus thru her panties. She spread her legs and he once again started sucking her nipples as he rubbed her thru the panties. He pushed a finger up under her pantie and found her clit. He rubbed it between two fingers and felt it grow in size. He played with her for several minutes making her squirm before he started to pull down her panties and toss them to the floor.

He laid her back on the couch and told her "I need to taste you. I want to lick your cunt and make you cum for me." He spread her legs wide and knealed between them as he buried his face in her pussy. He licked and sucked every inch before his fingers found the love hole and he began to finger fuck her. It did not take much to have her humping his finger. As he fingered her she undid his pants and slid them down. His hard cock bounced out and she grabbed it and began to stroke him. He moaned "Yes, jerk my cock. I love your hand around my shaft." He then plunged his tongue into her cunt hole and then tongue fucked her. She coated his tongue with her cum.

"I need to get inside you and cum in you. I want to fuck that tight cunt and make you cum all over my cock." He then pushed his cock into her wet cunt slowly till he was buried in her. She screamed "fuck me hard. I want to fill you huge cock deep in me." That was all it took and he began to ram her tight cunt in and out hearing her scream with each climax. For over thirty minutes he fucked her loving the pulse of her cunt walls. He was then ready to fill her with his cum. As he shot his wad he yelled "Fuck you feel so damn good."

They then sat on the couch and she laughed and said "ready for dinner?" He replied, "Yes but stay naked. I want to watch your body as we eat then I want to fuck you several more times tonight." They ate the dinner naked and after dinner they cleared the table and he once again fucked her on that same kitchen table where they just ate. They went in the other room to watch a movie and they fucked the whole time the movie played.

She asked him, "would you like to stay tonight? I don't want you to leave." He told her "I want to stay and lick and suck you all over before I then fuck you all night long in every hole in your body." "I want to feel my cock go down your throat and also into your ass.I want to fuck that ass that I love to rub and fill it full of my cum. You will be lucky to walk in the morning when I am done fucking that pussy."

He did spend the night and also the next night. The young couple fucked all week end non stop. And both were lucky to walk on Monday morning.
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4 years ago
I wanna not be able to walk. LOVE IT.:)
4 years ago
great story as always :)
4 years ago
blind date - blind fate - happy long weekend love
4 years ago
very nicely written