The spanking

She was waiting for her dad to get home and get her punishment. She knew she was in a lot of trouble. Her mom had caught her naked in the barn with the neighbor boy and they were giving each other oral sex. A few minutes longer and he would have had his cock in her pussy.

She heard her dad pull up and then heard her mom talking to him. Ten minutes later he opened her bedroom door and came in and shut it. "So you like to be naked" he said to her. "Well take all your clothes off for your punishment and hurry." She did not want to undress in front of her father and she just stood there. He gave her a minute then grabbed her hair and told her once again to strip or her punishment would be twice as hard. She first removed her shirt. Next she slid off her jeans. "All your clothes. I want you naked like in the barn." When she removed her bra she heard her father gasp. He had no idea she had such wonderful tits. They were large with big full nipples. They were firm and perky as a young girl would be. No wonder the neighbor boy was wanting to get her naked.

Next she removed her panties. Again he was surprised as she had shaved her pussy. It was bald and looked so smooth. He walked around her and looked her over. She had a firm smooth ass. His daughter had grown into quite a sexy woman and he had not noticed til now. "Do you like being naked? Do you like to show your body?" he asked her. He then took her by the arm and took her to the front door. He opened the door and pushed her out to the porch completely naked. "Now stand there and show the people passing by how you like to show your naked body."

After fifteen minutes he let her back in the house. "Did you like the people looking at your tits and pussy?" She shook her head. He then pushed her back to her bedroom and shut the door. Behind the door he removed his pants and sat in a chair. "I want you to lay across my lap with your ass in the air. I am going to spank that ass for your bad behavior." As she laid across his lap he could feel her tits brush his leg. He positioned her and picked up the thin paddle. "Now spread your legs so I get the full swing on your ass." She spread her legs and he landed the first whack. She cried out as it hurt just like he wanted it to. It also left a red mark on her white ass. He gave her five more whacks and her ass showed marks from each hit. She was now crying as her ass hurt so much. He was going to give twenty more and so he rubbed her ass to get her ready. Her ass was hot and soft. He felt over each mark.

Then he whacked her five more times. Once again he rubbed her ass. This time he could feel his cock getting hard. He rubbed her ass several minutes before he whacked five more times. He kept whacking her ass and then rubbing it loving the sexy feel of it. When he had given her all the whacks he planned he rubbed her ass for a long time. As he rubbed he ran his hand between her ass cheeks and down her legs and close to her pussy. He wanted to finger her pussy so bad. He then reached over and got the bottle of lotion and squirted it in her ass and rubbed the cool ointment on to her ass. "This will make you feel better." he told her. "Do you like me rubbing the lotion on your ass?" "Yes daddy I do like you rubbing my ass." she replied. He rubbed lotion over her ass and down her legs. He rubbed her legs up to her pussy. He lightly brushed against the pussy.

He then told her to get on her knees in front of him. "I now want you to show me what you and the boy did today in the barn. Do not lie or I will spank you with my belt next time." She replied quietly, "he showed me his cock and then I sucked on it till he came in my mouth." "Well since you like sucking cock, suck mine like you did his. Do not make me get my belt out." he then pulled down his briefs and his hard cock popped out. "Now suck me little girl. Lets see how good you are." She took his cock in her hand and stroked it up and down before she put her mouth over it.She ran her tongue over each side and started to suck her dad. As she sucked him she reached for his balls and massaged them. He could not believe how good she was at sucking cock. He now knew she had done this more than a few times. He then took her head and pushed her all the way down his cock. Every time she would pull up he would push her back down and f***e her to take his cock deep. Soon she was sucking every inch in her mouth and he had never felt anything so wonderful.

Several minutes she sucked and licked his cock and played with his balls till soon he groaned and shot a load of cum down her throat. It felt so good and the young daughter swallowed every drop of his cum.

He then pulled her face up so he could see her and asked her "now what did he do to you?" She answered "He licked my pussy till he made me cum." "Did you like him licking your pussy?" her dad asked. "Yes very much" the daughter replied. Her dad then told her. "Lay down in your bed and spread your legs wide." When she did her father then got between her legs and said "I am going to do what he did and see how you like it." He spread her pussy lips and rubbed her clit. She squirmed as she did like the way it felt. Then he started to lick her clit and suck on it. He licked down to her fuck hole and he ran his tongue over the opening. "Yes, that feels so good" she told him. He kept licking and sucking on her clit and pussy till he felt her pulse and cum drained out her hole. He then licked the cum from her and kissed her pussy all over.

Next time I will not spank you before I eat your pussy. Soon I will fuck you with my big cock and teach you all about great sex. After your mom is asl**p I will come in your room and play with your sexy body. sl**p naked for me and enjoy the pleasure. That was the start of her daddy coming in and fucking her naked body every night.
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4 years ago
very good story
4 years ago
naughty naughty
4 years ago
fiction or not your stories are hot!
4 years ago
Bit naughty but nice, we all know it's fiction