The twins had been hard to handle since they were young. They had tried every thing and since they reached eighteen they had got into sex. They loved to seduce men and have a 3some. They loved to fuck and loved it kinky. Tonight they were meeting a forty year old man for the first time. He was thrilled to be with two sexy young girls. He loved kinky and anything would go with him.

They went to his apartment at eight o'clock. When he let them in he was surprised that they had come naked. They laughed and said,"well we need to get your clothes off." They then began to strip the man. One stripped him as the other licked him. She licked his nipples and his stomach and his ass cheeks then his cock. His cock got rock hard. "Now you have a nice big cock for a man your age. We love big ones." The other twin said, take us to your bed.

In his bedroom they layed him on his back and one twin began to kiss him and fondle his cock as the other quickly tied him to the bed post. They put a blindfold on him and then a gag ball in his mouth. One twin then whispered in his ear "you are going to love all we do to you tonight." Then they both laughed. They then got out twine and bound his balls. After that they bound his cock but first put a cock ring on him tightly. They took turns licking his cock and balls. His huge cock was sticking straight up in the air. With his legs tied and spread they found his ass and fingered it till he was moaning and jerking. "Nice sexy ass. Later we will fuck it for you." the twin told him. She then pushed a butt plug in him.

They pulled out the gag from his mouth and each one took turns letting him suck their tits. Then they sat on his face and let him lick their pussy. "Tongue fuck me bitch" they told him. "Tonight you are our bitch. Our slut to fuck and suck and use." as one rode his face the other stroked his cock. She then found his piss hole and licked it till it was oozing cum. "Oh, he loves that piss hole played with." she told the other twin. She then pulled out a cock spacer and inserted it in the piss hole. She pushed it in and out several times before she left it in there while she sucked his cock and balls.

They then pushed several pillows under his ass to lift his hips so they could see his ass and the plug in it. They were going to ride his cock as one fucked his ass with a huge dildo. One pushed the dildo in his ass and began to fuck him as he screamed. The other inserted the gag ball in his mouth. She then mounted his cock which still had the spacer down his piss hole. She began to ride him and pushed his huge cock all them way in her cunt as she told him, "Fuck me hard and cum and push that spacer into my cunt as you shoot your wad. Then I will find a bigger spacer for that huge cock." She loved the big cock deep in her hole and soon was riding him hard. She felt his cum fill her hole and the spacer came plunging into her cunt. When he was done cumming she bounced off him and pulled the spacer out of her fuck hole. She removed his gag ball and sat on his face. "Lick my cunt clean." and he began to clean his cum out of her cunt.

Several minutes later the bedroom door opened and a man walked in naked. "We have a surprise for you. Ed wants to give you your first gay treat." Ed then walked to the man and began to suck his cock as he rubbed his balls. Ed was a gifted cock sucker and was able to take every inch of the huge cock down his throat. Soon the old man's cock got rock hard. The twin said" wow he loves Ed's mouth sucking his cock. Look how hard he is." Ed sucked and licked the hard cock and the swollen balls as the old man seemed to enjoy the blow job. Ed then sucked the tip of the man's cock and now the man was moaning and wiggling as it felt so good and he was ready to cum again. Ed sucked him deep into his throat as the old man shot his cum down his throat.

By now Ed's cock was rock hard so he now pulled the dildo from the mans ass and replaced it with his thick cock. He shoved every thick inch up his ass. Then he started fucking him fast and hard. As he fucked the man the man's cock once again got hard. Ed fucked him till he filled his ass with cum. "Now old man, you owe me a favor. I turned you on so now you get to pleasure my ass." Ed told him. Then Ed straddled the man and pushed the mans hard cock into his ass. He than began to move up and down over the cock and enjoyed the ass fucking. The old man was able to fuck Ed's ass quite a while before he heard Ed moan and cum as the old man then filled his as with the warm cum.

By now the twins were licking each others pussy and enjoying the show. They told Ed to finger fuck them till his cock got hard then they would each fuck one of the men. Ed fingered the twins till he had them screaming in pleasure. The twins removed the gag ball from the old man's mouth and told Ed to push his cock down the man's throat. Ed mounted the man and shoved his cock in his mouth. "Suck that cock or we will punish you and whip your cock and ass." The man began to suck. Ed had a big long cock and he leaned over the man and pushed every inch down his throat. "Suck me bitch." he yelled. "Show us how you like sucking cock." "Be a cum slut." As he sucked the cock of Ed his cock got hard again. The one twin then jumped on the hard cock and began to fuck him as he sucked cock. Ed then yelled, "come on cum slut, suck me dry, suck that big cock." As the man sucked the cock hard, Ed filled him full of cum which he swallowed. Ed then told the twins. "He is a good cock sucker."

It was time to end the sex party so they untied the old man and let him get up. Ed was still there naked and as the twins got ready to leave, Ed told them he was staying the night with th old man. He laughed and said, "he sucks great cock and has a huge shaft." The twins smiled and left. It was a great fun night and one of their better adventures. Even the old man enjoyed it.

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4 years ago
wasnt nuts about the gay action but loved the beginning of the story!