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She went to the bar dressed like a slut. She wanted to pick up a man but not before all the men could see her sexy body. Her shirt was sheer with only one button and she did not wear her bra. She had big full DD tits. She wore a short short skirt with no panties. She had shaved and lotioned her cunt for tonight. She pinched her nipples to make them big and hard just before she walked in the smoky bar.

As she entered, the men started to stare at the almost naked slut. She went to the bar and ordered a drink and then took a table at the back where it was the darkest. She sat with her legs spread just to get more attention. Two men approached her and could not take their eyes off her tits. They each sat on either side of her. "You are hot and sexy' one guy told her. Then he kissed her. As he kissed her tonguing her mouth he found her tit under her shirt and began to feel her up. The other guy ran his hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy. When she felt his hand she spread her legs wider and grabbed his hand and rubbed it tight to her pus. He then began to finger her pussy pinching her clit before he found her fuck hole. "Finger fuck me" she told him and he began to push his fingers into her cunt. It was not long before he had her climaxing on his fingers.

The other man pulled her shirt open and latched onto her big swollen nipples sucking and biting it. He kept a mouth on one nipple and his hand and fingers on the other giving them a rough work out. As he bit her nipples and sucked them he took his hand and slipped it under her ass and found her pucker. It took no time for his fingers to invade her ass. He then began to finger fuck her ass as her sucked her huge nipples in his mouth.

She then took each man's cock in her hand an began to jerk them off inside their pants. She rubbed and stroked the cock as she squeezed the balls. They were doing every thing but cock fucking the slut in the back booth. She was jerking the cocks as they finger fucked her ass and cunt.She had cum many times on the fingers in her cunt. Her tits were numb from being chewed and bitten and had swollen to double the size of her nipples.

She reached down to one guy and found his ass and pushed a finger in him as she jerked the other guys cock. The men then began to moan as they were so turned on with the play of the sexy slut. She then began to really jerk the cocks and soon they were shooting cum in their pants.

She then asked them if they wanted to go to the storage room and fuck her. They of course could not get there fast enough. In the storage room she pulled their pants down to their ankles and sat on a box and began to jerk and suck them. The men had huge cocks. One was about ten inches and the second was twelve. As she sucked the ten inch cock, he grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. As he pushed the huge cock down her throat, she gagged but did not give up. As she sucked she squeezed and pulled his nice big full balls. Then she found his ass and fingered fucked him and soon he was shooting cum down her throat. she licked him clean then turned to the second bigger cock. she sucked him as deep as she could while she crushed his balls and then fingered his ass. She loved his big cock and could not wait to get it in her cunt or ass. She loved huge thick cocks. She kept sucking as the other guy found her cunt and began to push fingers in her. He soon had all four fingers in her cunt fucking her.

As she sucked one cock the guy traded his fingers for his now hard cock and plunged it into her cunt. He pushed her legs up over her head and was fucking her hard as his buddy was ramming his cock down her throat. She loved the cocks fucking her and she loved sucking cock. The man pulled his cock from her mouth and was now going to push that huge cock into her ass as the other guy fucked her cunt. She was going to have both her ass and cunt filled with the huge cocks. As they DP'd her the man in her cunt pushed his four fingers in her mouth to suck. They were pounding her cunt and ass hard as they fucked the sexy slut. On and on they fucked her with the ten and twelve inch cocks.

The men had been fucking her for about twenty minutes when the door flew open and a big burly man walked in and saw what was going on. He looked shocked then laughed and dropped his pants and pushed his cock in her mouth. "Suck me bitch" he yelled. The slut now had all three holes getting the fucking of her life. The burly man had a cock thick like a pop can. and he was ramming it down her throat. "Suck that cock bitch." he kept yelling. He grabbed her hair and pushed her face all the way down his cock. Then he began fucking her mouth fast and hard. "Take my cock you slutty cock sucker" he kept yelling at her. He then grabbed her nipples and began pinching and pulling the big round globes. "Nice fucking tits."

The men kept her in the storage room for over two hours fucking her every hole over and over. "Tie her up and keep her here so we can fuck her day and night." the burly man said. "I want to put my thick cock in her ass and see if she can handle a big rod like I have."

They kept her tied in the room for the rest of the week end fucking her again and again. They fucked her ass and cunt and her mouth. Then two of them fucked her cunt at the same time as the other fucked her mouth. When sunday came they decided to let her go and she was full of cum and piss. They had sprayed her with cum and also pissed all over her. When they turned her loose, they told her any time you are ready they would fuck her more and she smiled and said, "next time fuck me harder. I will be back Friday."
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2 years ago
loved it till the piss bit which always ruins a good story for me
4 years ago
4 years ago
wow what a slut i love it!