Teaching Him

She loved the men young and old. Her job here at the academy was perfect. Lots of men and few women to satisfy them. She loved sex. Nothing was too kinky for her and she loved lots of it.

Today in class a young man was watching her. She had on a pink sweater which showed her huge tits. She wore no bra and also her skirt was above the knee and no panties. As she sat in her chair her legs just slightly spread he could see her shaved pussy and his cock was getting hard. As the bell rang ending class, she said, "Tim, I need to see you in my office."

Ten minutes later he entered her office and looked her over. She was so sexy and lots of talk that she loved to fuck every one and he hoped today it would be him. She stood him in front of her and asked "Did you enjoy class today?" He nodded that he did. "And what did you like the best?" she asked him. He replied," I liked seeing your tits behind that tight sweater and your cunt when you sat down." "Would you like to see me naked?" she asked the young man. "Yes,I would love to." he stammered. "First let me strip your clothes off. I want to see your cock then you may undress me." She then removed his shirt and then pulled down his pants. "She rubbed his hard cock. "My you have a thick cock for such a young man." "Turn and let me see your ass." The naked boy turned to show her his ass. She rubbed his ass checks and down to his crack. "You have a nice sexy ass." "Now undress me." He pulled her sweater over her head and and her perky big tits were unveiled for him. He then unfastened her skirt and slid it down to her feet and she stepped out of it.

"Do you like what you see?" she asked. He replied "Yes I like it a lot." She told him, "Touch me and kiss me. Lick me all over." He rubbed her full tits and began to suck each one as he fondled the other. He took turns sucking and kissing each huge mound. She in turn played and stroked his cock. "Now want to see my pussy?" He nodded his head so she sat on the chair and spread her legs for him. She then put a leg over each arm of the chair and told him, "come close and look at my pussy. Touch me then lick and kiss it." He got on his knees and ran his finger thru the slit of her pussy looking at the plump lips and big clit. "Kiss my pussy." she told him. He then kissed her wet pussy. "Lick me." "Spread the lips and suck my clit." she instructed him. He was busy kissing and licking her pussy and sucking her clit when she began to cum. "Find my cunt hole and put your finger inside." she instructed him. He found her hole and pushed a finger in her. "Now finger fuck my hole as you suck my clit and I will cum for you." she rasped to him. He finger fucked her as he sucked on her clit and soon felt how wet his finger was becoming from her cunt hole.

The young boy made her cum several times and could tasted and smell her sex. His cock was rock hard. She then pulled him up and kissed his mouth and ran her tongue deep inside his mouth to taste her cum on his lips. She then told him, "put your hard cock inside my cunt. I want you to fuck me." He stood up and pushed his cock to her cunt hole and eased inside her. She felt warm and wet on his hard cock. "Push every inch of that cock in me. Then fuck me going in and out with your hard rod." She loved his thick cock. He pushed in all the way then pulled out and went back in and fucked his teacher hard. He loved the feel of her warm snatch. "Now when you cum stay in me and keep fucking and you will get hard again and we will fuck longer next time. I love that big thick cock of yours and want it to fuck me again and again." As he fucked her hole she began to multi climax and it felt wonderful with this young hard cock fucking her hard. Soon she felt the heat of his cum as he filled her and she said "Keep fucking me. Get hard again. Suck my tits and it will help you get hard fast."

Soon she felt his cock grow in her and it felt good fucking her fast and furious. She knew this time he would last and would really fuck her hole. She loved to be fucked and could fuck for hours. His mouth got a tight hold on her nipple as he continued to fuck the sexy teacher. He could feel her cunt pulse against his hard cock. He pushed in and out fucking her hard feeling the sides of her warm cunt on his huge cock. She then screamed, " fuck me boy, fuck me hard with that big thick cock. Ram that cock in me all the way." As she talked dirty to him he fucked her harder and harder. "Bite my tits. Chew my nipples.' she yelled to him. He then began to bite the sides and bottom of her tits. then he grabbed a nipple in his teeth and chewed them as he started to bite the sides again. She reached around a swatted his ass as he fucked her. Then she found his crack and rubbed his bud. As he fucked her, she then pushed a finger into his ass. She now was finger fucking his ass and knew he like this as he was fucking her deep and biting those big mounds of hers. Soon the finger in his ass made him excited and he began to cum inside her and he once again filled her with cum. Now the cum was running out of her cunt and down to the chair. She was filled with the white liquid.

She then grabbed his face and kissed him tonguing the inside of his mouth. "You are a perfect little fucker. You know how to use that big thick cock. I want you to fuck me often after you eat my pussy and I suck that big cock of yours. I need you to fuck my ass. Tomorrow I will meet you and teach you to ass fuck. You will love that too." Every day that week and all month they met and fucked in every way possible. She made him a young pussy lover.
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4 years ago
the expert guidance of a good teacher
4 years ago
Every young man needs a talented teacher like her, if he wants to make a good start in life.
4 years ago
nice story and a favorite fantasy of many school boys , the sexy teacher that teaches live sex ed
4 years ago