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She was hot and sexy. She offered a service to all the fathers for their sons. She taught them how to fuck a girl. The fathers had used her and knew she was a maniac when it came to sex. When the boys left her they were hot lovers and knew all there was to know about sex with a young girl.She showed them a naked female body and how to do oral, anal and at least twelve sex positions.

Tonight John brought his son Ben to meet her. He would leave him and pick him up in the morning. The son was handsome just like his father only innocent.She wore a see thru robe and nothing else. The young boy could not take his eyes off her huge tits nor could his father. She walked the father to the door and kissed him pushing her tongue into his mouth. He instantly got hard for her. She told him, "save that for me and in ther morning we will do a 3-some with your son." He patted her ass and left.

She then went to the room Ben was in and told him to relax that he was going to have a lot of fun all night. "Now lets get you naked and see that cock of yours." She first removed his shirt and licked his nipples then sucked each one. Next she unzipped his pants and pulled them down. He wore no underwear as instructed. She took his cock in her hand and rubbed him. He got hard and stood stright out. "Nice cock, at least nine inches. The girls will love to fuck you. I am going to love to fuck you."

"Now that you are naked, take off my robe." He removed her robe and let it fall to the ground. "Now lay in the bed with your legs spread wide and let that cock stick straight up in the air for me." She then straddled his head and took his hands to her pussy. "Now spread my pussy lips apart and look at my pussy. Rub it with your finger and play with it." He spread her pussy apart and ran his finger thru the slit. "Now find my fuck hole and put your finger in it." He then pushed a finger in her cunt. "Nice, now push it in and out fucking me with your finger." As he finger fucked her he felt his finger get wet. "You are doing good. Now stick your tongue out and lick my pussy as you finger my hole. Yes, now suck my clit." He was eating her pussy as he finger fucked her. "that was great."

She then slid down to his very hard wet cock. "I am going to suck your cock and lick your balls. I am sure you will cum fast the first time and I will swallow all your cum." She licked his cock and balls and could see the young boy was ready to explode. She pushed her mouth all the way down over his cock and began to suck and instantly he came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of his cum.

She wanted to get him hard again so she rolled on her back and told him, "now suck my tits til your cock is hard and ready to fuck me. As you suck my tits finger my cunt like you first did. Suck the nipples like a baby being nursed by his mom." The young boy latched onto her nipple and sucked as his finger found her hole and entered her. He sucked hard on the huge nipples as his finger slid in and out of her cunt. "Two fingers in my cunt and fuck hard as you bite my nipples. Yes, bite me like a man. Bite then suck then bite then suck." the boy was a fast learner and loved her big tits. She reached down to feel his cock.

"MMMM, you are hard and ready to fuck. Get between my legs and put your cock where your fingers were." He spread her legs and aimed his cock to the opening to her fuck hole. He began to push inside her warm wet hole. "Now push all nine inches in me then come almost out then go back in and do this again and again. Fuck me deep." He pushed his big long thick cock all the way in her then pulled almost out and did this several times. "Now tell me you like to fuck my cunt. Talk dirty to me." He then told her, " I love your nice tight cunt. I love to fuck you. I want to make you cum as I fill you with my love juice. I want to fuck you all night." She replied,"Fuck me sweet boy. Fuck me like a man. Ram that cock deep into my cunt." She loved this boy fucking her. They fucked for several minutes as his huge cock rammed her hole. She had already cum many times and loved his stamina. Soon the boy was ready to cum and he pushed in deep and held his cock in her as he filled her full of his warm cum.

"Oh baby, you fuck so good." "Now lay on your back, spread your legs and let me suck that cock till your are hard again. Then you will fuck my ass. I love anal sex and so will you." He spread his legs wide for her as she licked his wet cock and balls. She sucked each ball deep in her mouth and then licked to his ass. Her tongue circled his bud and she kissed him before she came back to his cock which was starting to get hard again. she only wanted to suck him till he was hard as she wanted him to cum in her ass not her mouth. She then went back to his ass and started to lick his hole to get him real hard. She pushed a finger up his ass and then spread him and replaced the finger with her tongue. She tongue fucked his ass as she stroked his balls and cock till his cock was rock hard. "Mmmm you are now ready to fuck me again."

She then got on her hands and knees and told him to get behing her and she lubed his cock and then told him to push his cock into her ass. He got his cock to the entrance to her ass and started to push in the tight hole. "Push in me all the way. I love a big cock up my ass." Slowly he pushed his cock into her ass. Soon he had all of it inside her. "Now fuck me hard. Ram that cock in and out of my tight ass. You will love fucking an ass." He replied, "Your ass feels so tight on my hard cock. I love fucking that ass." She said, "now fuck me hard. I want every inch of your huge cock in my ass. Fuck me, fuck me." He was really fucking her, ramming his big cock in and out of her ass when she told him, "grab my tits as you fuck me. Slap them." He reached around and slapped her tits hanging down in front of her. "Yes, slap them hard. Pull the nipples." As he fucked her ass he smacked her tits and pulled and stretched her nipple causing her to cum many times. "Now spank my ass. Make it beet red." He then started to spank her ass as his cock rammed into her hole. Seeing her ass get fire red made him so horny and ready to cum that he soon filled her ass with his cum.

They laid side by side on the bed and he told her, "I love fucking your ass and when I spanked you it turned me on so much." She told him, " when you fuck me doggie style, you are allowed to spank me hard. It is very erotic for both of us. Now suck my tits and spank my cunt till I cum and then I will teach you a lot more about sex tonight. I am going to make you cum all night long. Now spank my cunt and suck my tits because next you will fuck me as I put a plug in your ass to make you cum harder."

They fucked all night and when his father showed up the morning day he showed his father just how much he had learned and then the both of them had a 3-some with the sexy lady and neither left till later that evening. That is in my next part of this story.
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4 years ago
awsome! all fathers should do this for their sons!
4 years ago
4 years ago
welcome back, you've been gone too long
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Now thats hot!! More please!!
4 years ago
its luvly evey boys dream hehe , wish it was me witht he lady lol luv it
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
very good