controlled by him

He owned her and had for years. She was to do as he said. He used her in every way. She put on sex shows for any one he wanted her to perform for and sold her body to paying clients. Her regular job was a nude dancer and she was good and made lots of money for him. Her private dances were done for the naked man willing to pay the price. She had a sexy body and perfomed kinky sex.

Tonight she was doing a sex show. She would turn every one on then take any paying man to the back room for a private time. She came out naked and danced showing her pussy and lifting and spreading her legs. The men were taking their cocks out and jacking off watching her. The main part of the show a young girl came on stage naked and she would make love to her in front of every one. the girl would not go to a private room as she was the owners daughter and too young to go yet but one day she would.

As the girl walked out, the men went wild. She had firm B tits and a shaved pussy. The dancer pulled her over and began to kiss her and fondle her tits. The men could see the tongues trade mouths. She then layed the girl on the stage and began to suck her tits. The girl fondled the dancers huge tits as hers were sucked. Then the dancer spread the girls legs and showed the men her shaved pussy. As the men yelled and cheered the dancer then began to rub the girl's pussy so the men could see. She played with the clit and pulled the pussy lips apart. Them men watched as she then found her fuck hole and pushed a finger in it. She worked up to three fingers and fucked the girl till she came many times on her fingers.

The dancer than spread the girls ass and showed the men her sweet bud. She began to rim her hole before she inserted two fingers in her. She finger fucked the ass as she ate her pussy. The girl was moaning and squirming as the dancer gave the men a sexy wild show. She let them see her putting her tongue in her cunt and suck the cum from her. She chewed her clit all the time fingering her ass. The dancer used her experience for a great sex show for the men.

Next the dancer shoved the girls head down to her pussy and she began to lick and suck her as the men cheered. As she sucked the clit, she tongued the cunt. Soon the dancer was cumming fast on the young girls tongue. The dancer got on her hands and knees as the young girl put on the huge strap on and moved behind her and shoved the strap on into her ass. She began to fuck the ass as her other hand brought a dildo and rammed it in the dancers cunt. She now was fucking both holes as the dancer screamed and climaxed multi times. Not a guy in the crowd had a soft cock.

When the show was over the dancer went back stage to clean up. Her owner came back and grab her tits. "You ready to fuck now slut?" "You should make good money tonght." He then told her "your first customer is three men. They have booked a whole hour." She looked worried, the last time she had three men they nearly killed her. Now the owner has a glass to watch her so when the fucking gets too rough he can come in and stop them. And he loved watching her be fucked. She was his slut and she was a high paid whore for him.

When she got in the room with the three men they grabbed her and began to suck her tits. One man started to squeeze them like he was milking her. Then two men began to suck the nipples as the third went between her legs and ate pussy. "Lets fuck her all at once and then rotate keeping her fucked at all times." the pussy man said. One guy shoved a cock up her ass as the other shoved a cock in her cunt and the third shoved a cock in her mouth. Every hole was filled. The man in her cunt had a big thick cock and he was shoving every inch into her and ramming her rough. "Do you like our cocks baby? You will earn your money tonight. We are going to fuck you every minute." Then they all rotated and traded holes and began the fucking again. The man in her mouth shoved every inch in her fucking her deep. His cock was thick and her mouth had to open wide for him.

The huge cock was now in her ass and fucking her with every inch. He had a monster cock and had stretched her wide. The man in her pussy was fucking and slapping her tits. He grabbed a nipple and tweaked them loving how hard they got. They took turns rotating for the full hour and did not cum till just before the time was up and then they all filled each hole with cum. The thick cock was in her mouth and he had a gallon of cum it felt like but she swallowed every drop. When time was up they had already paid her owner but each man put a hundred dollar bill in her cunt.

For over eight hours she had man after man pay to fuck her or get his cock sucked. When it was time to quit the owner came in to her and said. Flush all your holes as I am going to fuck you now. She came back clean for him and he shoved her down and pushed his ten inch thick cock in her with no warning. She was a slut and whore to him and he used her how he wanted. When his daughter was ready to be the slut he would keep the dancer for his personal use. He then shoved his cock down her throat. She was able to take all ten of his thick cock down her throat. As he fucked her mouth he pinched her tits loving to see her wince. Filling her with his cum he told her "Tomorrow you and the daughter will entertain a college faternity and then you will fuck each one any way they want." He was going to go home and count the money his slut would earn him. He also decided he would let just one fuck his daughter.
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4 years ago
would love to read the frat house gangbang!
4 years ago
Hot idea, sexy, but a little rushed. Wouldn't mind reading a sequel, though.
4 years ago
very good & interesting