He had been watching her for a long time. She was sexy and loved to flirt. He was thrity years older than her but still was handsome and loved kinky sex. Today she walked by with that thin tank top and no bra with her chest pushed out and her huge tits for all to see. He was hard just looking at her. He waited for her to come back by to make his move.

He went out in his yard with just running shorts on and as she walked by with her chest raised and the big tits almost nude he asked her to come in for a drink. She looked at his handsome body from head to toe and liked that he only wore shorts and said yes. He told her to sit and relax while he got them a drink. She was so hot and sexy and he could not wait to get his hands on her body. He brought back the drinks and sat beside her. He looked at her huge tits and said "would you like to kiss me?" She smiled and leaned over and kissed him deep exchanging her tongue with his. He then grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to him and kissed her tonguing her mouth and sucking her tongue. As he kissed, he ran his hands over her tits and felt the large mounds. She did not object. He pulled the tank top up over her tits and looked at his hands as they caressed them. He then took one in his mouth and licked the nipple before he began to suck it. He sucked each tit loving the erect nipples.

He pulled her top over her head and threw it on the floor. He started to really suck her tits one at a time as he ran a hand down to her crotch. She wore flimsy shorts and no panties. He put a finger in the leg and found her shaved pussy. He ran a finger up and down the slit as he continued to suck her nipples. Her hand reached over and found his hard cock and began to rub him. "What a nice big cock you have" she told him. He then raised up and removed his shorts letting the cock spring into the air. She kept stroking his cock as he sucked her nips and fingered her pussy. "Put your mouth over my cock. Suck me." he told her. He pushed her head to his cock and she first licked it then sucked the tip before she sucked him. As she sucked he pulled her shorts down to gain more access to that shaved pussy. Her mouth covered his cock and was sucking getting him harder as he grabbed her head and pushed her all the way down his cock making her take every inch and gag. "Suck my cock hard. Take all of it before I cum down your throat." He held her head as he pushed the cock deep and held it there as he filled her with his cum. "You are a great cocksucker. Now let me eat that pussy and see how it tastes." he told her as he pushed her back into the couch and spread her legs.

He had her legs spread and his face between them and said "Nice sweet pussy. Lets se how you taste." He then began to eat her like a starving man. He licked and sucked and tongued feeling her cum again and again. "That pussy likes to be licked and sucked doesn't it? Your cum tastes sweet so now I am going to tongue fuck that love hole." He pushed his tongue into her hole and began to tongue fuck her fast and deep as she came many times on his tongue coating it.

"Now lets see how that pussy likes my huge cock." and he moved on top of her and pressed his cock to her opening. "Yes, tight hole just like I like. I love to stretch tight cunts." He began to push in her tight cunt as she lifted her hips to help him in. "Lift those hips and let me fuck you. I will show that cunt how a man fucks instead of a boy." With his shaft pushed in her he began to ram her hole. He would pull almost out and then ram back in. His long thick cock stretched her tight cunt as he pounded her. He felt her cum several times. "Do you like my big cock? he asked her. She replied, "Yes, fuck me harder and harder. Stretch me as you fuck me. Give me every inch of that huge cock." He then fucked her hard and buried his cock all the way up her cunt. The man was able to go a long time fucking the young pussy. "You will never want a young cock again." he screamed. After an hour in her cunt he finally pushed in all the way and held his cock in her as he filled her tight cunt with his cum.

"Your sexy body loves my big cock." he stated. "Yes, I want more of it I want to come over every day and get fucked with that monster cock. I want it in my ass too." He replied, "Come over and I will fuck you so many times you won't be able to walk. I will fuck that cunt and then your ass. Cram my cock down your throat. You will be a great cum slut for me. Obey me and let me do anything I want to your body. Lick my cock after I fuck you cunt and ass. Now bend over and let me see that ass of yours." She bent for him and he grabbed her hips and then began to spank her ass. He gave her over twenty smacks and watched her ass turn red. When it was beet red and on fire, her spread her ass apart and looked at the sexy hole. He put a finger in her ass and pushed it allthe way in. then he added a second finger and pushed both all the way. He heard her moan as it was not comfortable. "Get used to my fingers because soon you are going to get my big cock up that nice ass." He then added a third finger and watched her ass stretch. "Yes, after i finger fuck your ass a few times then I will switch to my cock and watch it stretch your hole for me." He then took two fingers from each hand and pushed them in her ass and stretched her ass as wide as he could. "That is one hole I am going to love to fuck."

After stretching her ass for several minutes, he let her up. "Now you are going to entertain me. Walk across the room and back and sway that ass and bounce those tits." She walked for him then when she got back he told her to sit and spread her legs so he could see her pussy. "Now pull that pussy open so I can see what I fuck." She obeyed. "Now finger your clit and let me watch you." She obeyed. "Finger your cunt till you cum. Give me a good show. I want the fingers deep and pounding." He wathced her cum as she fingered her self. He then said "Now suck those cum filled fingers for me. Lick your cum." She was going to be a fun toy for his entertainment and pleasure. He was going to keep her so she was here any time he needed to use her. He then handcuffed her so she could not leave and chained her to the post to keep her naked and available.
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4 years ago
loved it cant wait to read more
4 years ago
always wanted an older man myself.. Who needs boys when i can have a MAN!
4 years ago
very good start for one of your sweet stories
4 years ago
nice story, can't wait for part 2!