Uncle Bob

My life was grand untill one day my mom was killed in a car wreck. I had no father so the state was looking for a relative to take me in. I was sixteen and could not live on my own. They finally found Uncle Bob. He lived in Montana up in the hills on his ranch. I took the plane to him and he met me at the airport. He was not a bad looking man but was not happy to be stuck with a teen ager. When I walked to him he looked me over from head to toe. I was built like my mom with great tits and nice ass. He said, "no one told me what a looker you are" It gave me the creeps.

All the way back to his ranch he kept looking at my body like he was undressing me. When we got in his house he told me that things were going to be different for me. Little did I know how different they would be. He gave me the bedroom next to his. I was told to never shut the door. Also we shared the same bath room and again I was told never to shut the door. This was strange for me.

The first day there I put on a pair of shorts and a t=shirt. He came in and told me I looked very sexy. "You have a great adult body." He always looked at my tits or my ass. I was there for over a week before he made his move. In the middle of the night, he came to my room naked. He pulled back the covers and got in my bed. "What goes on here will never be told or I will sell you to some sex peddlers" he told me. "I want you to remove your night gown and panties and every night you will now sl**p naked." When I was naked, he began to feel me up. He played with my tits telling me how big and wonderful they were. Then he rubbed my pussy and said how he loved a young pussy. He put my hand on his cock and told me to stroke it for him. He did have a nice big thick cock. As i stroked it, he told me how good it felt.

He began to suck my tits as I stroked the big cock and he did make them feel so good. He switched between each nipple and as he sucked my stomach got a funny sensation in it. Almost like I didn't want him to quit. "Well tittie girl, let me taste that hot pussy." He then went down and began to lick all over my pussy. He took my clit in his mouth and made it jerk as he sucked it. He licked lower to my love hole and licked it all around the outside and then pushed his tongue in it. He moved his tongue in and out in a fast motion and before I knew what was happening I was screaming as my cunt began to cum hard. "You like that don't you? You will be a great fuck slut for me.Now spread your legs and let my cock into that tight cunt of yours." He then pushed my legs far apart and brought his big cock to my cunt hole and pushed the tip in me. "Now open up slut girl and let this big cock fuck you." he told me as he kept pushing into my tight hole. It felt like he was splitting me in two with his huge shaft but soon after much pain he was in. He then moved in and out very slow to lube me up with my own cum. "Yes you feel so good. I love your tight snatch." he moaned in my ear. "Now lift those hips as I fuck you hard and fill you with my cum." He then began to fuck me hard and my body liked it as I came more than once. I soon felt the warm juice fill my hole and he then rolled off me.

"After we fuck a few times your cunt will stretch and it will be easier for me to ram in you. Tomorrow you will sl**p in my bed naked so I can fuck you any time I get the need and play with your pussy during the night." He then put two fingers in my cunt hole and went to sl**p. I awoke before dawn with him finger fucking me and sucking my nipples. "Spread your legs, it is cock fucking time." He then pushed my legs apart and mounted me shoving into my sore cunt. He fucked me for only twenty minutes before I felt the warm cum fill me. He then got up and showered and got dressed and told me he would meet me in the kitchen.

I showered and dressed and went to the kitchen. He pulled me over where he sat at the table and felt my tits. "I do not want those tits covered by a bra. I want to be able to lift your shirt and feel and suck your tits any time I like. Now take it off." I removed my bra as he watched me and he felt my tits then sucked each one. "Now lower your pants." As I lowered my pants, he saw my panties. "Also no panties either. When I pull your pants down to fuck you I do not want panties in the way. Remove them now," He watched as I took off my panties and before I could pull up my pants he leaned me over the table and pushed his cock in my cunt. "See that is easier and faster. You are a fuck slut and I can take you any time I want." He then pulled me over his lap and spanked my bare ass. It was beet red when he let me up. "Any time you do not do as I say, I will spank that ass and it will get harder the oftener I have to spank you. Now bend over and let me see that round ass hole of yours." I leaned over and he rubbed my red sore ass before he spread me open and ran a finger over my round pucker hole. "Nice asshole slut. Wait till i fuck your ass with my big cock. Then during the day you will bend over for me to fuck it often as I like." He then pushed his finger up my ass and began to fuck my hole. He fucked it fast before he removed it and let me stand.

Two hours later he was in the house and ordered me to strip naked. "I am going to fuck your cunt then teach you to lick my cock. Get on your knees slut." as I knealed in front of him he took his cock and held it by my mouth and told me to lick it up and down. I did as he said but I did not lick fast enough so he turned me over his knee and spanked my ass over twenty times as hard as he could. He then spread my legs and spanked my pussy. "Now lick me like a lollipop. Do not make me spank you again as you will not sit for several days." My ass and cunt were on fire and I did not want another spanking so I really licked his cock making it harder and thicker. "Open your mouth." As I opened my mouth he put his cock in and told me to suck the big shaft. I started to suck tasting the cum leaking from it. He then grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock all the way down my throat. He took my hair and used it to push me up and down the big cock. I gagged a couple times and he told me to quit or her would double the whacks to my ass. Soon he grabbbed my hair and thrust his cock deep and held it there as he filled my throat with cum. He watched me swallow every drop. "You are a good cocksucker for your first time. As we practice, you will get better and better. You will drop and suck me any time I command it."

"Now let me please your sweet cunt as you have done good today." He then put two fingers in my cunt and fucked me till I came the second time. "You are a good cunt slut." All day he came in every two hours and fucked me. Either with his fingers or his cock. My cunt was so sore but he did not care. He just wanted sex. One time he just had me suck his cock again. A couple times he fingered my ass then rubbed where he had spanked me earlier. My ass was still sore from the two spankings.

In bed that night I layed by him naked. He pulled the covers off me to see my naked body. He told me to spread my legs so he could see my pussy that he had fucked so many times today. He loved to look at my pussy and today he had me pull my pants down and sit with my legs spread so he could see my pussy as he drank his coffee. He played and fingered my pussy for a while then he told me to sit on his face. As i straddled his face he watched my pussy glide down on him. He than began to lick me. He licked and sucked my clit making me cum then his tongue found my cunt hole and began to tongue fuck me. His tongue did feel good in my sore cunt and soon I was cumming many times. He licked the cum out of my cunt and kept tonguing me. He then pushed me down and told me to suck his cock. As I sucked his long cock he began to fuck my mouth ramming the cock deep in me before he filled me with cum. He was ready to sl**p and once again he slept with his finger in my cunt and tonight he took a nipple in his mouth.

Every morning I awoke being finger fucked before he fucked my cunt. The day was the same, he would fuck me on the table before he went outside to work the ranch then come back very two hours to fuck me in some way. I got to when I saw him enter the house I would begin to remove my clothes for him to grope and then fuck me.

After two weeks he took me naked to the barn on the ranch hands day off and sat me on his horse backwards and then got on the horse and told me to ride his cock. He then rode around the ranch fucking my cunt on his horse. He even got the horse to gallop as he fucked me ramming me as we bounced on the horse. We rode for over an hour with his cock in my pussy. "I always wanted to fuck as I ride my horse. This was wonderful. We will do this every Sunday when the ranch hands are not here. Now get off and bend over so I can finger your ass out here in the open. I like having you naked out here. Every Sunday you will walk out here naked and let me fuck you and walk back and return every two hours. I will see your big tits coming and your hot ass going." And every Sunday I walked naked to get fucked in the huge barn many times.
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3 years ago
My Favorite, Just love it.. Makes me wet every time i read it (which is pretty often)
4 years ago
very fucking hot story!
4 years ago
I like uncle Bob
if I was a rich cowboy I would do the same.
4 years ago
good story
4 years ago
very good story excellent reading
4 years ago
nice stories, i'm looking forward to the continued reading...
4 years ago
amazing story
4 years ago
Good one
4 years ago
damn your good
i cant wait to read more
4 years ago
mmmmmm. i wish i had a dad like that
4 years ago
wow great story i like it
4 years ago
very nice and hot
4 years ago
I like it