The Sailor

I was down to the dock early as the ship which had been to sea for almost ten months was just coming in for two weeks. I wanted a horny sailor bad. I could just imagine how they were being without sex for all those months. I wanted him for the whole two weeks to keep naked and play kinky.

I had dressed like I was ready to be picked up. No bra, a flimsy silk top and short skirt wih no panties. I watched as the sailors got on the dock. I was looking for the one who had no one there to pick him up. A loner with f****y in another state. Then I saw him by himself. He looker hot and very manly. I walked to him and said, "I think you are waiting for me." He looked over my slutty attire and replied, "what do you have in mind?" I told him, "how would you like two weeks of sex any way you want it? Your own personal fuck slut." He looked at my DD tits and said, "I hope you are ready for this. I need pussy bad and I have a footlong cock."

I laughed and took him to my car. "We will be home and naked in less than ten minutes. Let me see your cock." He unbuttoned his fly and pulled out this super huge and thick monster cock. "I think you will like this in your cunt and ass, won't you?" he told me. I grabbed the cock and pulled him closer so I could stroke it as I drove. He wasted no time and pulled my shirt up to see bare tits. "I am going to love nursing those big melons of yours. I have not seen a tit in months." Then he moved his hand to my pus as I continued to stroke that huge cock. "Yes, you have a bald snatch. A nice big clit. I am going to eat you till you scream." And then he pushed two fingers in my cunt hole and began to fuck me hard. I almost had a wreck so we cooled the sex till we got to my house.

At my house we did not bother to cover up as we walked to the front door. His cock was still out of his pants and my top above my tits. It made me feel more slutty and ready to fuck. Inside I shut the door and locked it. I wanted no one to bother us for two long weeks. We shed our clothes and looked each other over. He turned me around in a circle to see my body and my ass. He pinched an ass cheek and told me, "You have a great ass. I hope you love my cock deep as I fuck you hard many times. I love fucking a tight ass." I then turned him and looked at his ass and rubbed it. "You can fuck my ass and I plan to fuck your ass. First with my fingers then with my huge strap-on."

"Lets get this fuck fest going" I told him as I led him to my bed. I layed down and spread my legs as he watched me pull my pussy lips apart. "How do you like this nice pink pussy?" I asked him. "Let me show you." he replied as he got betwen my legs and began to eat my like I have never been eaten before. He chomped my clit then my pussy lips and then back to my clit as I came many times. Between his teeth and his tongue my clit was in glory land. Then he slid to my hole and licked the cum and then pushed his long tongue up my cunt. With the tonge at least two inches in the fuck hole, he really began to tongue fuck it. I wanted to bronze that tongue for eternity. When he came up to my tits, his face was covered in cum.

"Now lets taste these huge melons. I love big tits and can suck them for hours." He went right to work sucking and nibbling my fat nipples. He was a master at tit sucking. I then began to cum as he sucked and he then sucked more of the tit into his mouth which made me so horny. His fingers found my cunt hole and he inserted three fingers and as he sucked the tits he fucked my hole hard and fast like I had never been finger fucked before. Soon i was screaming as the climaxes were coming faster and harder each time. He kept this up for over forty minutes and I was not sure if I would pass out.

He then asked me, "Did you like that my horny cunt slut?" "Wait till I use my cock. I may have to gag you to keep you quiet and we have two weeks of this non stop fucking." "Now open that pretty mouth and suck my cock till you gag on my cum." He then straddled my face and slapped my cheeks with his enormous hard cock. "Suck my balls into your mouth and feel how hard and full they are." I sucked the big balls and loved the big size of them. As I sucked them I saw his cock get even harder. "Now lick my cock. Put your tongue in the piss hole and suck the precum." He had sweet tasting cum. I licked his piss hole and I heard him moan. "Yes, I bet you suck cock good." He was right. I loved sucking cock. I can take it deep down my throat. He then shoved the huge cock into my mouth. "Show me what a good cocksucker you are. Suck every inch as I fuck that mouth of yours."

He then pushed in my mouth and began to fuck in and out going deep with every inch of the monster. As I began to suck hard he started to fuck faster and faster till I heard him scream and blast me with a huge load of cum which i swallowed every drop then licked him clean. "Oh, baby girl, you are the best cocksucker I have ever been around. You are a great cum slut." he bragged to me. I was also looking forward to sucking him again and tasting his sweet cum.

"Now my cock is hard and needs pussy juice. Spread those legs and let this monster in your hole." As I spread my legs he aimed his cock to my fuck hole and soon was sliding it in. "You have a nice tight cunt" he told me as he began to slip all twelve inches in me. "Do you like my footlong fuck rod? he screamed as he then began to fuck me hard. I yelled back, "yes, give me every inch. I love it deep and rough. fuck me harder, harder." He was really pounding my cunt with his footlong thick shaft and my pussy was getting a work out. As he had just cum down my throat I knew he would be able to last and I would get to ride this cock for a long time. It was over an hour he slam fucked my cunt. He played with my tits as he fucked me. Then he rammed me hard and deep and held his cock there as he filled me with a load of cum.

He laid on top of me and said "My god you can fuck and handle my big cock. What a sex slut you are. You have big tits a tight cunt and a great ass. My cock stays hard thinking of fucking you for days." "Let me nurse on your nipples before I fuck your hot ass." He then sucked the nipples on me for over thirty minutes but soon was ready to fuck more.

"On your hands and knees. I want that ass raised in the air so I can ram my cock deep into you as I finger your pussy." I pushed my ass up and he got behind me ready to mount my ass. He rubbed me and gave me several spanks before his finger found my fuck bud. He rimmed me then poked a finger up my ass. "A nice tight ass for my cock to fuck and fill with warm cum." he told me. He finger fucked me for a few minutes before he then aimed his cock to my ass hole. I was hot and horny and needed his cock in my ass and to be fucked hard by that monster. He pushed in slow spreading my ass cheeks so he could watch the cock sink in my hole. "What a sexy ass you have with my cock pushing in you. You are stretching wide for the big fuck I am going to give you." "Lean back and push you ass into my cock. Enjoy my big member as you feel every inch of the footlong shaft." I pushed back as he pushed in and soon every inch was up me as far as it would go. I then screamed at him, "fuck me hard with your huge cock. Fuck my ass and stretch it open. Show me what a good ass fucker you are." he then went wild and crazy fucking my ass and ramming me deep and then pulling out and back in all the way. Just when I was getting fucked hard by this man, he then ravaged my cunt hole. As he fucked my ass, he then finger fucked my cunt. He had four fingers pounding my cunt as he ****d my ass wide open. I was cumming and covering his fingers with loads of warm cum.

We fucked for over two hours. He had stamina but he kept yelling he loved fucking my ass and never wanted to stop. As he finally filled my ass with cum we both collapsed onto the bed. "You are the wildest fucking slut I have ever been around. You love sex and big cocks. You suck the best cock. You love your ass and cunt fucked as long as i will give it to you." he bragged to me. "I want to fuck you every where in your house and outdoors in your back yard." He then kissed he with deep passion. "My ship will be stationed her for the rest of my service time. I would love to live here with you if you would allow me." I answered, "I would love to have your sexy body here with me always. I am a nympho and you are just what I need. You have a huge cock and can fuck for hours."

We took one day during our two week fuck fest and he moved his clothes into my house. We fucked non stop and stayed naked all the time. When he went back to the ship I picked him up when he was able to leave and we played with each other as we drove to our love nest or our fuck haven. It has been three years and we still fuck like horny teens. We stay naked which is a house rule. I was lucky to find him with that footlong cock and the honey sweet cum.
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great story
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this ex-sailor, loves this story!
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wonderfuk sexy hot excellent