The sex club

The sex club was new and the best around. Anything would go. She was excited to be here tonight. She was horny and needed cock. She parked her car and walked to the door and paid to get in. Once inside every one was to leave there clothes in a locker and from there forward it was all nudity. She had a body that she loved to show off. Men loved her sexy big tits and sweet round ass. And she was wild and kinky.

When she walked in she noticed the center stage where the public bed was had a couple fucking like wild people. He had her legs over her head with his cock banging her ass. Soon a man with a huge hard on came up and shoved his cock into her mouth and began to fuck her ramming his cock in and out deep. The man fucking her ass would finger her cunt and sometimes slap it. When he slapped her wet cunt every one could hear it slosh as she had cum so many times. She liked it rough and he enjoyed spanking the wet cunt as he fucked her ass hard. Suddenly he started spanking the cunt fast and hard making it beet red and then filled her ass with his cum as the man's cock in her mouth pushed deep gagging her and filled her mouth with cum. When they stood up, she anounced she was going to the gang bang room and any one who wanted could fuck any hole. A dozen men followed her. She was quite the fuck slut.

The new gal looked around for some big cock. A man came up and rubbed her tits before he found her cunt. She looked at his cock and it was enormous just how she liked it. "So baby, you looking for big cock tonight? Want that sweet cunt fucked till you can not walk?' he asked her. "I am looking for a nice big cock that can fuck all night and get kinky." she replied. He then kissed her sharing his tongue with her and then began to massage her large tits. "Nice tits. I love to chew them and bite those big nipples." She then grabbed his balls to feel how big and hard they were. They were loaded and that was a good sign. She pulled and twisted them as the man winced. She grabbed his hard cock and pulled him over to a vacant couch.

He sat down and pulled in front of him. "Let me see that nice cunt of yours.' he said as he spread her legs then her pussy lips. "Now bend over so I can check yor ass hole." As she bent he spread her ass and pushed a finger into her hole. "I bet you like big cock in that fucking ass hole don't you?" "Tonight you will be my fuck slut. I am going to fuck you with this big cock till you scream" He had a cock about twelve inches long and thick like a log. The head was big and the pee hole gapping open. "Now spread those legs slut baby. Daddy is going to feel you up." she spread her legs and he wasted no time fingering her pussy and making her cum on his fingers. His fingers then found her clit and began to twist and pull it. "Nice clit. I am going to bite it later before I fuck you."

He then turned her to see her huge tits. He started to suck them and had the nipples double in size. He then bit the side of each tit leaving his teeth marks for her to remember him. He moved to the nipples and chewed them loving how big they were in his mouth. "You are quite the mouthful with those big melons." he then slapped each tit several times.

He then layed her on the couch with her head over the side and straddled her face shoving his cock so she could lick his balls. "Lick my balls and get my cock hard before I fuck your mouth and ram my cock deep down that throat till you gag." She sucked first one cock then the other into her mouth. He had nice large balls and she loved how full they were. As she sucked the balls her finger found his ass and pushed into him. His cock jerked as she finger fucked his ass and sucked his balls. "Now I am going to make you my cock slut and let you suck my big shaft while I fuck your mouth deep." he pushed the cock into her mouth and it was huge. As he cock fucked her mouth and gagged her she pushed more fingers into his ass spreading him wide. He loved his ass fucked and soon she had fingers from both hands in his ass stretching him wide open. He started to fuck her mouth hard with his big cock and gagging her as it went in deep. Soon he was ready to cum and as he spurted his cum she grabbed a ball and squeezed it hard. He screamed as he shot cum down her throat.

"Wow, you are a rough little slut. You crushed my balls. Now I am going to fuck and punish your cunt." He grabbed her by the waist and mounted her and spread her legs and pushed his cock in with no warning. She felt like she was split in two with the big cock fucking her without mercy. As he f***ed every inch into her cunt he began to pinch her already sore nipples. "You like it rough don't you bitch? I am going to split that cunt open with my cock." He then began to fuck her hard. He rammed her cunt over an hour before he filled it with cum. All that time he tortured her nipples till they were sore and raw.

"Now jack my cock till I am hard so I can fuck that tight ass of yours." She grabbed his cock and began to stroke it fast feeling it get hard again. She found the tip and ran her finger nail over the pee hole. She played with the hole pushing her nail into it and then back out. She was able to get a tip of her finger into the hole. She wished she had brought the gold spikes to poke down the hole. Men loved that. She used her finger to keep playing with the pee hole getting more of it into him. "Mmmm I found something you like. You like the pain as I finger the pee hole." She then pushed more finger into him. With the tip of her finger in him she now twisted it around and could hear him moan in pain and pleasure. She then used the tip of her finger to fuck his stretched pee hole. He was leaking cum fast as she fucked him. He loved this cock torture.
As she fingered him she leaned over and grabbed his lower lip with her teeth and then bit him. As she did that his cock shot cum into the air past her finger in his hole.

She leaned over and licked his pee hole tasting that it was sore and raw. She knew he loved the torment she just gave him. He would love wearing a spike with a jewel down it. She had lots of the spacers for his hole back at her house. She knew he was sore so she decided to invite him back to her house for all night pleasure. She grabbed him by the cock and led him to her car. Neither bothered to put on clothes as they would just have to get undressed at her house.

At her house she led him to her bedroom. "Now cock master, lets see how much fucking and pain you can take tonight.Fifteen hours later they were still fucking al the available holes.
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wonderful story i loved it
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Excellent story, thank you! xxx