food fest

She loved it hot and kinky. She was a freak at great sex. No one left disappointed. Tonight Ron was coming over for a great fun evening which would go all night. She had shopped and was ready for him.

He arrived on time and she met him in just a thong and bra. She grabbed him and french kissed him long and hard while sticking her hand down his pants to feel his soft cock get hard. "Oh baby, that cock wants Sasha." she laughed. She then pulled his pants down and off so she could see his now hard cock. She loved Ron for his huge thick cock that could cum and be ready again in just a few minutes. And his oral skills were the best in town. He had a nice long tongue and knew how to use it.

They walked to the bed and he said,"lets get you naked and showing off those big tits and pink pussy." He then removed her bra and thong. "Now spread those legs for me." He loved to look at her nice pink pussy and finger it before he went to work tonguing her. "Sit on my face pretty lady while I give that big pussy a workout." She straddled his face while he licked and grabbed her clit with his teeth. He felt her cum several times before he rammed his long tongue into her hole. She loved him to tongue fuck her.

Soon she wanted to give his cock a treat and suck him to the balls. She laughed and sprayed his cock with whip cream. "Yes, baby, I am going to lick the cream from your cock and balls and suck you till you scream." she then began to lick his balls then moved to his cream covered cock and began to suck it. He was thrusting his cock into her mouth as she sucked him deep. She could suck cock the best in the city. She latched onto the tip and sucked hard making him start to spurt his cum and she then took every inch of his monster cock down her throat so he could cum deep in her mouth.

She then took a jar of honey and began to rub his cock with the honey. When he was coated with sticky goo she started to suck him and lick him clean. He got hard fast and went crazy as her tongue licked him and soon he was ready to fill her mouth with his own cream once again. "I love sucking your monster cock and drinking your cum." He replied, "you are a great cock sucker, the best. No one can suck me and make me cum as often as you do."

"Now turn over so I can see that great ass of yours. I have a treat for it." As he turned over she spread his legs far apart and began to massage his ass cheeks. "You have the best ass and you love it kissed and licked." She then began to kiss the cheeks before she spread them and licked his ass hole. She played with his ass hole as he began to get hot and bothered loving her tongue on his pucker. She spread his ass wide and inserted her tongue up his hole. As she did this he yelled, "yes,tongue fuck that ass for me." With almost her whole tongue in his ass , she then pulled out and grabbed the can of whip cream. She took the tip and poked it into his ass and began to fill his ass with the white cream. "Now does that feel good baby? I am going to lick the cream from around your bud then dip my tongue in and lick it out while I jerk your cock till you scream for mercy." She then licked his ass and started to poke her tongue in licking the cream out while she found his hard cock and began to jerk him fast as she sucked his ass making him cum and scream but she did not stop till he came twice for her.

She then laid over on her back and spread her legs. "Are you hungry for pussy badboy?" She then peeled a babnana and pushed into her cunt. "Now eat my banana right down to the love hole." With two fingers working over her clit he began to eat the banana pulling it from her cum soaked hole," He told her, "that was wonderful. I love the cum soaked banana." She then grabbed a strawberry and rubbed it over her pussy and pushed it in his mouth. She next sprayed her cunt with the whip cream and rubbed another strawberry over it and fed him. She rubbed a few more strawberries over her whip cream cunt and fed him. "Now lick the cream off me." she instructed and he went to work licking her pussy and cleaning the cream from it.

Next she took two g****s and shoved in her cunt and told him,"suck the g****s out of my pussy." He then sucked her pussy as the first g**** came out then sucked harder as the second g**** came out and he ate both of them. "You love those cunt g****s don't you baby boy?" she told him. "Lets add more g****s to Sasha's cunt for you before the next surprise." He continued to suck g****s from her cunt and eat them loving the taste of her cum on them.

"Now grab the jar of honey and fill your two fingers and rub my cunt hole with the honey. Fill it with lots of honey for your tongue to lick out for me." He then pushed the honey up her cunt till the honey was running out down her ass. "Now take your long tongue and lick that honey out of my sweet hole." As he plunged in her hole with his tongue he loved the sticky honey there and soon the honey was mixing with her cum as she came many times. "MMMM can you taste my cum and that honey? Stick that tongue all the way in and get all of the honey." He tongue fucked her for close to an hour with her cumming many times on his long tongue. She loved his tongue up her cunt and he loved to tongue her cunt.

She then rubbed his hard cock with warm cinnamon oil. The oil heated his cock and felt good but a little painful. She then rubbed his balls with the oil then gave his cock another big dose. "Now stick that huge cock in my pussy and as you fuck me, the friction will heat up the oil and both will go out of our minds as it wll intense the sex. Now fuck me hard and fast 'cock boy' " As he entered her cunt she could feel the cinnamon oil burn her cunt walls but it felt very sensual. "Now fuck me hard. Push that big cock deep into my pussy." As he fucked her the rubbing really heated the oil and they both were soon screaming and ready to cum. He had never felt anything so erotic on his cock before. This is why he loved to fuck this sexy lady. She kept his cock hard all night and always had surprises.

She then pulled his cock out and got in the 69 position so they could lick the cinnamon cum from each other. His cock was on fire and he just wanted to fuck her non stop. He rammed every inch of his cock down her throat as he fucked her mouth. Her cunt was also burning and she loved his tongue deep in her licking the oil from her. She was ready to fuck his thick cock all night long. She had never felt so horny and knew he felt the same way.

After they cleaned each other, he told her,"get on your hands and knees. I am going to fuck that tight ass of yours for hours. My cock needs ass and pussy all night." She replied, "my ass and pussy are waiting to be fucked hard. Show me what your big cock is made for. Fuck my ass."
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4 years ago
now there is a food fight id deffinitely like to get in on!
4 years ago
maybe we should try this some time ;)