Daddys time alone

She loved to sit on her daddys lap and now that she was older it was a turn on for her daddy. Today she wore a tank top with no bra and short shorts. Her dad was reading the paper and she came in a sat on his lap. She put her arms around him and kissed his cheek. He in turn kissed her cheek. He noticed her big tits in the tight tank top and it made him so horny. He had a very sexy daughter and as he looked at her his cock got hard. She could feel his cock and wiggled knowing it would make daddy horny and harder.

He told her, "baby, you are getting too big to sit on daddy's lap. You are developing into quite a lady." All she did was push her tits to her dad bare chest. "I love you daddy and I like to sit on your lap." "Do you like my adult body." Her dad told her, "yes, it is very sexy." She then said,"well daddy please touch it for me." and then she pulled off her top.

Her tits were firm and perky and she placed her dad's hand over one of them. "I like you to touch them for me dad." She took dad's hand and rubbed her tits with it. The nipples got hard fast. Daddy played with the tits for quite a while loving the full set. He pulled and pinched the nipples as she arched her back for more.

She then stood up and removed her shorts and then straddled her dad's lap. "Kiss my titties for me daddy." she said as she arched her back to his lips. "Oh baby girl, I love these big titties." "Let daddy suck them for you." He then began to lick and suck the large mounds. He grabbed a nipple with his teeth and sucked it deep into his mouth. The daughter leaned back and enjoyed dad's mouth over her tits.

She then began to rub her pussy against dads crotch over his pj bottoms. She felt his cock get harder and harder. She then managed to pull his cock out of the pjs. She was amazed that daddy had such a big member. As he sucked her tits, she rubbed her cunt over his cock. Then she reached down and began to jerk his cock with her hand. "Oh baby that feels so good on daddy's hard cock." he told her.

"Touch my pussy daddy while you suck my titties." she asked her dad. Her dad wasted no time finding her shaved pussy. His fingers rubbed her clit and pussy lips before he found her wet love hole. "Put your finger in my pussy, please daddy." she begged. He pushed a finger into her wet cunt and began to finger fuck her. "Oh baby, you have such a nice tight cunt. Daddy wants to lick your cunt." and then he placed her onto the sofa and spread her legs and put his face over her sweet pussy. He licked her clit and sucked on it as he worked his way to her love hole. His tongue found her hole and he then began to tongue fuck his daughter. He felt her cum and she yelled, "daddy that is so good. I love your tongue in my cunt." He continued to tongue fuck her as his fingers found her clit and tweaked it causing her to multi cum on his tongue. "Baby, your cum tastes so good on my tongue." "I love your sweet pussy."

Next she told her daddy, "Put your cock in my pussy hole for me." "I want my daddy to fuck me." "I did not know you had suck a big cock and I want to be fucked with it," Daddy then spread her legs farther apart and pushed his cock to her wet cunt. "This may hurt the first time as daddy has a big cock for your small cunt." "But when it gets in you will stretch and love my cock fucking your hole." He slowly pushed into his daughter and he heard her moan in pain as he invaded her tight hole. Soon he was in her and he asked her, "are you ready for daddy to fuck you now?' "Yes, please fuck me daddy." He then began to fuck in and out of her small hole. He had never felt anything so good. Even her mom had not been as tight as the daughter's cunt.

They fucked for several minutes and he felt the daughters cunt pulse as she came on his cock. "Now I am going to cum and fill your cunt with my warm juice," he told his daughter. And soon he yelled as he pumped cum into her hole. "Oh baby your cunt is so nice and I loved fucking it." "Thank you daddy, I love your big cock too." "I got birth control pills so you can fuck me every day many times." "Yes, baby girl, daddy will teach you many things about good hot sex. How to fuck many different ways and places."

"I want to fuck your ass and i want you to suck my cock." "You need to be able to swallow my cum so you can suck me as I drive you places and I will finger fuck that tight pussy of yours." "Yes, daddy, i want to have lots of sex. I think about it all the time. I read and found out I am a nympho and can not get enough of a cock." "Yes sweetie, I love your nympho body. Now lay down and spread those legs while daddy fucks you again. Daddy loves lots of sex and he wants to fuck you several times today to get that tight cunt stretched for my big thick cock."

Every day he fucked his sexy daughter and sometimes all night long. Soon her cunt could take his cock with ease. She gave up wearing clothes as she liked to be ready to have her dad fuck her or play with her any time he wanted. He could not walk by her with out grabbing her nipples or fingering her pussy. She got to be a great cock sucker and would drop on her knees and suck her dads cock several times a day. He also got her ass broke in and would bend her over and ass fuck her daily. He was so glad he had this horny sexy daughter who could not get enough sex. He loved seeing her naked body around the house all day. It kept his cock hard and ready. They could not even keep track of how many times a day or night they fucked in some way.
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6 months ago
great story, well written, full marks lol
6 months ago
I love it
1 year ago
daddy likes
3 years ago
Wish I had a daddy like that
4 years ago
you can sit on my lap anytime
4 years ago
loved the story a very sexy horny daughter
4 years ago
i want my dad like that
4 years ago
excellent wonderfully hot & erotic. but what happened to mom & this is just pt 1
4 years ago
Mmm this sure does seem familiar,
did it happen to me or was it just a daydream

actually it sounds a bit like what we were talking about, daddy just needs a woman friend to come over and help him teach his lil girl to be a good slut.
4 years ago
great story very well written
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great story, I so enjoy so much these stories of incest
4 years ago
Very very hot hard cock after reading it fuck a baby into her next time
4 years ago
god that was hot
4 years ago
very hot story. Good job