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She was just eighteen but had a very adult body. She loved sex any kind. Men wanted her and she was easy to pick up. She had DD titties and a nice firm round ass. She really like the high school football team and had fucked almost all of them. She loved 3-somes with these energetic boys. They could fuck long and they got hard again fast. She invited the best ones back again for more hot sex.

She dressed with her tits barely covered and her ass cheeks in plain sight when she was on the hunt. She made no secret she was looking for a hard cock to fuck her. She waited as the team got done with practice and wanted Bo and Rob to come home with her. They had huge cocks for such young boys and they could fuck all night. She was going to take them to her place and keep them hard all night in her bed and any other place they may fuck. She also planned to teach them another trick to please her. They were fast learners and loved the hot sex.

When they got in her car, she told Bo to drive and unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. She got busy sucking his large cock as she told Rob to finger her cunt. It did not take Bo long to cum in her mouth and soon Rob was eating her pussy like he was starved. She then pulled Rob's cock out of his pants and started to suck him till he too filled her mouth with his cum. She then straddled Rob's hard cock and began to fuck him as they drove thru town. She was kissing him plunging her tongue in his mouth and he was sucking her tongue as he fucked her with his long cock. His hands had her by the ass moving her up and down on his cock. He had shot his wad in her pussy before they got to her house.

At her house she told them to get naked. They stripped fast for her wanting more of her sweet cunt. She loved to see their big cocks that could cum all night long. They were standing before her with hard cocks pointing in the air. She got on her knees and pushed the cocks together rubbing them on each other and rubbed tip to tip smearing cum on each of them. Then she began to suck each one going back and forth. Between sucking she would rub them together as she loved to see the cocks smear the cum on each other. She licked each cock and suck their balls as the young boys dripped cum from the slit in their cocks. She rubbed cum from one cock to the other and then spread the cum from the other over each one. Then she would lick the cum off the hard cocks. As she deep throated one cock she would jack the other till the one down her throat would cum filling her mouth then she sucked the second cock deep in her throat till her would cum for her.

She then layed them both on her bed with their cocks in the air as she stripped what little clothes she had off her body. She spread her legs so they could she her pussy and then she rubbed her nipples making them rock hard. She then layed between them and this was their time to do as they wanted to her body. Bo went to work on her enormous tits sucking the nipples and chewing the sides of the big mounds. He would switch from tit to tit. He was a tit man and loved her huge globes. Rob spread her legs and began to lick and suck her clit and pussy lips. He loved her shaved pussy and could lick it all night. He also had learned to shove his tongue up her cunt hole. He had a nice long tongue and made her multi cum. She loved having her tits sucked as her pussy was licked and tongue fucked.She would cum several times for the young boys.

She then told Rob to get on top of her and fuck her pussy while Bo kept sucking her tits. She chose the two boys because they had man size cocks. Rob was about 9 inches and thick like a log and Bo was almost ten inches and great thickness. They could also cum over ten times a night and she loved to fuck all night.

As Rob entered her wet hole he shoved every inch deep into her and began to fuck her hard. As he he fucked her Bo was giving the tits a sucking and chewing that would leave them red and sore but she loved the rough treatment. Rob had his cock all the way in her cunt and was really pounding her feeling her cunt muscles pulse against his hard cock. His thickness filled her wet hole. Bo would grab a nipple with his teeth and pull it stretching it far and then sucking it. As his teeth tormented one nipple his fingers were pinching and pulling the other. He loved her big thick nipples the size of g****s.

Soon Rob was ready to cum in her and filled her cunt with a huge load of juice. As soon as he was done filling the cunt, he than began to lick her hole and suck his cum from her. He loved the taste of his cum with hers. He licked her hole clean then sucked her clit till she came again for him.

Next it was Bo's turn to fuck her and he mounted her and rammed his ten inch cock deep into her cunt. He liked it rough and showed no mercy as his thick cock spread her cunt wide for him. He then began to fuck in and out showing her how his big cock could rule her cunt. As he fucked her rough and hard Rob was kissing her trading tongues with her. He loved his tongue deep into her mouth just as he loved it deep into her pussy. As he kissed her she was multi cumming against Bo's cock making Bo fuck her harder and harder. Just as Bo was ready to shoot her full of cum he reached up and slapped her huge tits watching them bounce as he slapped them around. He loved rough sex as she did. When his cock had emptied in her he also began to lick her cunt cleaning his cum from her. He also loved the taste of the two cums mixed in her hole.

She then laid them both beside her and began to jack them to get them hard again. When they were hard she was going to teach them DP on her. She put Bo on the bottom as he had the biggest cock and layed on him and pushed his cock in her cunt. Then she had Rob lay on top of her as her entered her ass. It felt so good with both her holes filled with the big cocks. She then told them to fuck her hard. "I want your huge cocks all the way inside me and fucking me harder then you ever have." she told them. and the two young boys then began to fuck hard. They were almost splitting her as they fucked her cunt and ass. Rob could feel Bo's cock against his as the two pounded her ass and cunt. This was a first for the two boys and they loved the thrill of fucking her together. They loved how horny and how much a slut this sexy woman was. They loved to fuck her all night. Now they had a new way to fuck. The girls at school would not let them do what this sexy woman let them. She loved to fuck and loved it hard and rough. And she had a body that kept their big cocks hard all night.

They double fucked her for almost an hour till the young boys began to shoot their cum in her. They still layed on her as they took a short break. Soon the cocks were hard again and they began to fuck once more. This time they got rougher as they fucked her cunt and ass. They had the hang of the DP and loved both being in her together. The cocks were long and did not fall out of her holes so they could fuck hard going in and out of her holes. As they fucked her the cum ran out of the holes from the first fucking they gave her. They were able to fuck a long time till they could fill her with cum and fuck her as they did. Her ass and cunt was raw from bing fucked for so many hours that night. And her tits were also sore from being pinched and pulled by Bo, but she loved sex with these two boys with the huge cocks and all night stamina.

As they filled her with cum, she then let them pull out of the holes and lay beside her. It was six AM and time to take them back to their cars. She jerked their cocks all the way back to the school making them hard and horny. As they got to the school they raised her shirt and each began to suck a tit. They loved to suck her tits and they wanted to stay longer but she knew they had to go home. "I will pick you up next friday." she told them. during the week she would fuck another team member each night. She did love football!!!!!
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4 years ago
You are such a hot had to be fingering yourslf the whole time you wrote this story...
4 years ago
beautiful wonderful
4 years ago
would love to read more! would be really hot to read about her taking on the whole team!